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Request to add a totally new feature or to enhance an existing feature. Also called Request for Enhancement (RFE)
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CGI Error based on values in tiki_modules
Bugs & Wish list
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Implement a Cronless Cron in Tiki (working out of the box)
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IP addresses can be hidden in wiki history
Bugs & Wish list
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Send notification email to forum moderator when a user posts a message which is queued pending moderation
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_htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is for

Since Tiki4, in tiki-admin_include_sefurl.php, Tiki detects if .htaccess is there and if contains tiki-index.php?page=$1

If Tiki is upgraded, by installing over, there may be issues because Tiki is still using the old .htaccess without informing tiki admin

Have Tiki version number in _htaccess (and thus updated as part of the release procedure)
Test on this, and inform users when they forgot to upgrade their .htaccess file.

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.phar support is needed for Composer
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'Kyiv,' not 'Kiev'
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"Allow others to post to this blog" should be possible to omit as an option when creating blogs
I use TikiWiki as a platform for teaching at the college level, and one of the main things I do is require that students create and maintain their own blogs -- each student has one blog and should post only to that blog. My suggestion is that although I understand why there's an initial option to "allow others to post to this blog" in the blog create dialogue box, it would be a good idea to leave this option's availability and visibility up to the administrator -- in my situation, this option, if accidentally checked by students, creates confusion at posting time. I don't want students to see this come up as an option when they create their personal blog.
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"TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB."
This is the default behavior in search engines like Google

Also reported here: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=166]

I have found that, if I want to find something on tw.o sites, I should disregard TW's search feature and use Dogpile to look things up. The TW search capability is so weak that it is almost "a missing feature." At the very least, "TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB." The plus/minus markers are fine if you're in the know, but they don't work well either. Using the category/group filters renders a whole different set of answers; not GOOD answers, just different. Without those filters, unauthorized users see parts of pages they are not supposed to see at all. Not a missing feature, a broken feature.

Gosh, I hate to be so negative.
Source: ((Major Features Missing in TikiWiki))
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"Translation of this page is incomplete." / "translation in progress"
The phrase "translation in progress" might be confusing for users, who expect to see only text to translate in the field of text to translate.

Plus, it contains code that users might not understand

Plus, it is not part of content, it is a metadata. It should not be in the content field.
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"User's Time Online" Feature Request
A few video games have a feature that lets you see how long the individual has been logged onto the video game for. It also tracks this per session and totals it up into a sort of "total time spent online" total.

Session Time: 2hrs, 20mins, 13sec.
Total Time: 7days, 9hrs, 20mis.

I think it would be an excellent option to see which of your users spend the most time at your website. What do you think?
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"Wiki -> Dump" - just tries to get new.tar and gives ugly error, when dump hasn't been created
In the Menu is an option "Dump" under "Wiki", if you enabled that feature. The link just points to the .tar - what gives a 404 from the Web-server.
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(ISO 9001) Versions Validated and then Approved
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[Feature] Disable File Archive access
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{maketoc} in a wiki page wich contain TABS plugin
Put a maketoc in a page wich contains TAB plugin, and the maketoc produces a table of content of all that is inside TABS, but when you click on an item in the toc, we need to have the right tab active.
It could be great that the clic on the toc would active the concerned tab

I hop I'm clear, I don't know if it's a bug or a feature request, so I put the entry as a request.



PS : e.g. : http://code.renaudrubiano.com/tiki-6.1/tiki-index.php?page=test#Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet
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{toc} with max_depth, file access by name, show_image with random picture of a gallery
I've added the following features to my tikiwiki 1-9-5:
1. added max_depth to {toc}
with {toc max_depth=3} I can limit the depth of the toc created. This is convenient if I only want to show the next level of subsections.

2. get a file by name via tiki-download_file
with galleryId=<id>&name=<?> I can retreive a file by name. If there are files with the same name the most recent is taken. This is convenient as I can reference the files by there name, e.g. schedule, an I can easily update it with out changing pages. Dynamic content would also work but I prefere the name as it is more obvious than 'content id=42'

3. get a random picutre from a gallery via show_image
with galleryId=<id> a random picture of the identified gallery is given.
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Sitemap.xml &pagenum=2 -v- &amp;pagenum=2
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#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x
!#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x

As I can't access in "edit/delete" mode to #3757, I add this one for complements.

The problem of access to whishlist is reported in : #3767

!!Complements :

!!!To be able to hold [FIX] in language files without direct corrections
The fact to have to commit the full language.php for a language when we have to make a change into an invalid translation has multiple not suitable effects :
*you can't follow changes
*you can't check and think about
*you can't validate

The new changes with array fusion make forbidden the fact to alter the (system) language with custom.php or other

I enhance my proposal with the [FIX]-*-language.php files with are merged and not fused with after all others.

The final aim is to make a merge and automatic rewrite of language.php from the merged array "$lang_$lg" from validated [fix].

!!!To files are naturally sorted (normal - UTF8):
# language.php or [SYSTEM]-*-language.php
# custom.php or [CUSTOM]-*-language.php
# [FIX]-*-language.php

the "*" is a part of the name which has meaning (content) and can be sorted.
particularly non yet translated parts can be separated from main [SYSTEM] and marked.
Progressive and controlled (repartition of job for example) translation can be done.

Best regards


PS : I am particularly sensibles on this because I made each day changes and I think not efficient to commit the full French language each day but a little [FIX] with what+date seems a good solution.
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$trklib->list_items(..) shall use the itemid references instead of the real value
See reasoning and details in 3139.
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1-click access to be able to do certain actions (view a page, edit a page, edit user tracker, etc)
Sometimes, we want people to participate to one wiki page, to access their user tracker to update personal information or access a ((workspace))

Right now, we need to

#create a user
#create a group
#assign user to the group
#give permissions to group ( in general or for a specific item)
#inform this person, typically by email, on how to access this page

Instead, I would want to
#add an email
#pick the permissions this person has
#any limitations (works x times, or for x days/weeks)
#an optional message

And the system should send a 1-click login email (an email with a link in it which is unique / very difficult to guess).

Whoever clicks that link
*Would be authenticated with the appropriate permissions and according to the limitations.

Expiry date for group membership

Somewhat related:
Send welcome email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
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1.10 RFE: Add Freetags to tracker items
Freetags would be very nice on other Tiki objects, specially Tracker items, in order to make Tiki more 2.0 compliant... (and since trackers are used by users, which not always find their natural cateogries in the pre-fixed categories by an admin system in Tiki (through categories feature)
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tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automat. send message to item autor
Reported first Using 1.10cvs from mid June 2007. Reviewed and confirmed goal is still legitimate in Jan 2022 (15 years later).

The tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automatically send a notification message to them item autor (and "watchers" of the item, maybe?)

Because subscription field is very useful also in letting people show interest in whatever you offered or requested in a tracker, and might be an easy way to let users get in contact related to that offer or demand... etc.

Thanks Guilles for your nice contributions to Tiki code! :-)

An admiror of yor work, as ((tw:Sylvie)) once said... (:wink:)
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Tracker mail-in (in addition to forum, wiki & articles)
We can already send in content to Tiki via email:

add/edit wiki
add articles
via tiki-admin_mailin.php

and add forum posts via

I would like to be able to add tracker items or a newsletter via email.

Related: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=999
tracker item
Send custom email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
I would like a way to invite people to come to a Tiki site after I have added their login. (different of the use where people self-register)

Right now, I simulate a lost password message (which I customize).

Maybe this could become a new feature available to admins when

1- after a successful user creation at tiki-adminusers.php
2- when administering a user account
3- from : tiki-adminusers.php with the batch command to send to many new users.

The system would send an email with a one-click login and be sent to the user tracker

Person who triggers this email alert should be in BCC. (to have a trace). Even better would be to have this logged somewhere but this could be for phase 2.

We could have a new mail template in templates/mail/welcome_message.tpl or in a wiki page (better!)

What do you think?
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Import phpBB data
phpBB is a popular open source forum software.
Sometimes, a forum is not enough.
So, the data must be migrated from phpBB to Tiki forums...

If you want to help:
Please post links to similar scripts.
ex.: phpbb to invision board, etc
If/when we do a script, we should do for all major forums.
__From kerrnel22 on 11/20/07:__

I have almost completed an integrated TikiWiki forum migration tool for 1.9.8.x and 1.10. Initial release will be to migrate only Tiki forums from one Tiki install to another. However, hooks are in place, and the intention is there, to work on extending the migration tool to importing of phpBB2 (or any other forum software) into Tiki. If you would like more information, email tiki.kerrnel@kerris.com. I expect a general release of the forum migration tool (for Tiki forums only) into cvs of both branches for beta testing by December 1/07. If all goes well, I'll have something released for phpBB2 migration prior to Dec 31.

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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

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