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CGI Error based on values in tiki_modules
Bugs & Wish list
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IP addresses can be hidden in wiki history
Bugs & Wish list
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Send notification email to forum moderator when a user posts a message which is queued pending moderation
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_htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is for

Since Tiki4, in tiki-admin_include_sefurl.php, Tiki detects if .htaccess is there and if contains tiki-index.php?page=$1

If Tiki is upgraded, by installing over, there may be issues because Tiki is still using the old .htaccess without informing tiki admin

Have Tiki version number in _htaccess (and thus updated as part of the release procedure)
Test on this, and inform users when they forgot to upgrade their .htaccess file.

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.phar support is needed for Composer
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'Kyiv,' not 'Kiev'
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"Allow others to post to this blog" should be possible to omit as an option when creating blogs
I use TikiWiki as a platform for teaching at the college level, and one of the main things I do is require that students create and maintain their own blogs -- each student has one blog and should post only to that blog. My suggestion is that although I understand why there's an initial option to "allow others to post to this blog" in the blog create dialogue box, it would be a good idea to leave this option's availability and visibility up to the administrator -- in my situation, this option, if accidentally checked by students, creates confusion at posting time. I don't want students to see this come up as an option when they create their personal blog.
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"TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB."
This is the default behavior in search engines like Google

Also reported here: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=166]

I have found that, if I want to find something on tw.o sites, I should disregard TW's search feature and use Dogpile to look things up. The TW search capability is so weak that it is almost "a missing feature." At the very least, "TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB." The plus/minus markers are fine if you're in the know, but they don't work well either. Using the category/group filters renders a whole different set of answers; not GOOD answers, just different. Without those filters, unauthorized users see parts of pages they are not supposed to see at all. Not a missing feature, a broken feature.

Gosh, I hate to be so negative.
Source: ((Major Features Missing in TikiWiki))
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"Translation of this page is incomplete." / "translation in progress"
The phrase "translation in progress" might be confusing for users, who expect to see only text to translate in the field of text to translate.

Plus, it contains code that users might not understand

Plus, it is not part of content, it is a metadata. It should not be in the content field.
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"User's Time Online" Feature Request
A few video games have a feature that lets you see how long the individual has been logged onto the video game for. It also tracks this per session and totals it up into a sort of "total time spent online" total.

Session Time: 2hrs, 20mins, 13sec.
Total Time: 7days, 9hrs, 20mis.

I think it would be an excellent option to see which of your users spend the most time at your website. What do you think?
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"Wiki -> Dump" - just tries to get new.tar and gives ugly error, when dump hasn't been created

In the Menu is an option "Dump" under "Wiki", if you enabled that feature. The link just points to the .tar - what gives a 404 from the Web-server.
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(ISO 9001) Versions Validated and then Approved
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[Feature] Disable File Archive access
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Put a maketoc in a page wich contains TAB plugin, and the maketoc produces a table of content of all that is inside TABS, but when you click on an item in the toc, we need to have the right tab active.
It could be great that the clic on the toc would active the concerned tab

I hop I'm clear, I don't know if it's a bug or a feature request, so I put the entry as a request.



PS : e.g. : http://code.renaudrubiano.com/tiki-6.1/tiki-index.php?page=test#Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet
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I've added the following features to my tikiwiki 1-9-5:
1. added max_depth to {toc}
with {toc max_depth=3} I can limit the depth of the toc created. This is convenient if I only want to show the next level of subsections.

2. get a file by name via tiki-download_file
with galleryId=<id>&name=<?> I can retreive a file by name. If there are files with the same name the most recent is taken. This is convenient as I can reference the files by there name, e.g. schedule, an I can easily update it with out changing pages. Dynamic content would also work but I prefere the name as it is more obvious than 'content id=42'

3. get a random picutre from a gallery via show_image
with galleryId=<id> a random picture of the identified gallery is given.
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Sitemap.xml &pagenum=2 -v- &amp;pagenum=2
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#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x
!#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x

As I can't access in "edit/delete" mode to #3757, I add this one for complements.

The problem of access to whishlist is reported in : #3767

!!Complements :

!!!To be able to hold [FIX] in language files without direct corrections
The fact to have to commit the full language.php for a language when we have to make a change into an invalid translation has multiple not suitable effects :
*you can't follow changes
*you can't check and think about
*you can't validate

The new changes with array fusion make forbidden the fact to alter the (system) language with custom.php or other

I enhance my proposal with the [FIX]-*-language.php files with are merged and not fused with after all others.

The final aim is to make a merge and automatic rewrite of language.php from the merged array "$lang_$lg" from validated [fix].

!!!To files are naturally sorted (normal - UTF8):
# language.php or [SYSTEM]-*-language.php
# custom.php or [CUSTOM]-*-language.php
# [FIX]-*-language.php

the "*" is a part of the name which has meaning (content) and can be sorted.
particularly non yet translated parts can be separated from main [SYSTEM] and marked.
Progressive and controlled (repartition of job for example) translation can be done.

Best regards


PS : I am particularly sensibles on this because I made each day changes and I think not efficient to commit the full French language each day but a little [FIX] with what+date seems a good solution.
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$trklib->list_items(..) shall use the itemid references instead of the real value
See reasoning and details in 3139.
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1-click access to be able to do certain actions (view a page, edit a page, edit user tracker, etc)
Sometimes, we want people to participate to one wiki page, to access their user tracker to update personal information or access a ((workspace))

Right now, we need to

#create a user
#create a group
#assign user to the group
#give permissions to group ( in general or for a specific item)
#inform this person, typically by email, on how to access this page

Instead, I would want to
#add an email
#pick the permissions this person has
#any limitations (works x times, or for x days/weeks)
#an optional message

And the system should send a 1-click login email (an email with a link in it which is unique / very difficult to guess).

Whoever clicks that link
*Would be authenticated with the appropriate permissions and according to the limitations.

Expiry date for group membership

Somewhat related:
Send welcome email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
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1.10 RFE: Add Freetags to tracker items
Freetags would be very nice on other Tiki objects, specially Tracker items, in order to make Tiki more 2.0 compliant... (and since trackers are used by users, which not always find their natural cateogries in the pre-fixed categories by an admin system in Tiki (through categories feature)
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1.10: tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automat. send message to item autor
Using 1.10cvs from mid June 2007

The tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automatically send a notification message to them item autor (and "watchers" of the item, maybe?)

Because subscription field is very useful also in leting people show interest in whatever you offered or requested in a tracker, and might be an easy way to let users get in contact related to that offer or demand... etc.

Used for production in shot at:


Thanks Guilles for your nice contributions to Tiki code! :-)

An admiror of yor work, as ((tw:Sylvie)) once said... (:wink:)
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Tracker mail-in (in addition to forum, wiki & articles)
We can already send in content to Tiki via email:

add/edit wiki
add articles
via tiki-admin_mailin.php

and add forum posts via

I would like to be able to add tracker items or a newsletter via email.

Related: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=999
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Send custom email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
I would like a way to invite people to come to a Tiki site after I have added their login. (different of the use where people self-register)

Right now, I simulate a lost password message (which I customize).

Maybe this could become a new feature available to admins when

1- after a successful user creation at tiki-adminusers.php
2- when administering a user account
3- from : tiki-adminusers.php with the batch command to send to many new users.

The system would send an email with a one-click login and be sent to the user tracker

Person who triggers this email alert should be in BCC. (to have a trace). Even better would be to have this logged somewhere but this could be for phase 2.

We could have a new mail template in templates/mail/welcome_message.tpl or in a wiki page (better!)

What do you think?
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Import phpBB data
phpBB is a popular open source forum software.
Sometimes, a forum is not enough.
So, the data must be migrated from phpBB to Tiki forums...

If you want to help:
Please post links to similar scripts.
ex.: phpbb to invision board, etc
If/when we do a script, we should do for all major forums.
__From kerrnel22 on 11/20/07:__

I have almost completed an integrated TikiWiki forum migration tool for 1.9.8.x and 1.10. Initial release will be to migrate only Tiki forums from one Tiki install to another. However, hooks are in place, and the intention is there, to work on extending the migration tool to importing of phpBB2 (or any other forum software) into Tiki. If you would like more information, email tiki.kerrnel@kerris.com. I expect a general release of the forum migration tool (for Tiki forums only) into cvs of both branches for beta testing by December 1/07. If all goes well, I'll have something released for phpBB2 migration prior to Dec 31.

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add nl1 in route.php for newsletter1, etc
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Tracker templates (import/export tracker definitions/structure)
If Trackers had the "tracker template" feature, it would allow for better pre-made extended features for Tiki at install time.
In tw.o forums, some people requested like: address books (imagine with the same basic fields as Mozilla Thunderbird & Evolution, etc. address books, ... Export from you local program (through csv), and import to your address book in Tiki (through csv).

The same for "Offers & Demands (linked or linkable)", that many people/communities would like to use like "out of the box" feature. I do have that kind of trackers made (basic, but working for production already: http://valldelcorb.org/trackers - http://valldelcorb.org/Comparteix (1.9.x) or http://intercanvis.net (1.10.x) using tracker plugins in a general Wiki page).

Since duplicate tracker is already coded in 1.10, and templates concept already exists in Tiki, Tracker templates would be a nice MUST in the MID and LONG run.

Tracker templates should be selectable at install time (in the new installer devs. are thinking/designing -> ((Install)) ), or at a later stage through Mods, maybe?

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12.x - 15.x: Sheet profile Handler doesn't get sheet content added (following lastest available documentation)
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Commit Timesheet data to the linked Tracker doesn't transfer expected duration values, just the text and values from timers
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12.x: Multiple Delete+BanIp for spam registrations (like the feature coded already for Comments)
tracker item
13.x: group permissions seem to be only globally assignable (no object perms)?
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Add anti-spam protection on tracker forms, for anonymous users
When trackers are used for contact forms, they are sometimes spammed.
update by xavidp (Oct 4th 2008): using Tiki 2.1, feb12.css and trackers with mirror tables, an anonymous can insert a tracker item without filling the antibot captcha.
You can test it live on:

All fields are text except for "correu electrònic a moviments.net" which has to be "e-mail"-type.
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15.x: Allow running console.php to apply profiles from behind a proxy (to run new R script to check errors when testing the application on all Profiles on several tiki branches)
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Comments that must be approved before being posted
Comments can be used on wiki pages, blog posts, etc

There is Spam protection (CATPCHA) but nothing against trolls.

A comment moderation feature would be nice.

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See file last modification date and last user that modified the file
I need to see the information about the last modification of files on the File Gallery. Date and User.

two more columns are needed in tiki-list_file_gallery.php. Last modified, User. I don't know if more mysql field are required.
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Adding an IP range option for clients in InterTiki
The server settings for InterTiki do not allow user to specify an IP range of known IP's.

It'd be great if this could be added in the future in situations where the client does not have a static IP.

A quick fix is presented below for someone who really needs it-but I hope we can have a more permanent solution eventually. It allows the user to specify either an IP or an IP range in the server settings and validates the IP of the client accordingly. The IP range should be specified as:
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Modules use should be restrictable with standard permissions
So I could show quick_edit module to users with tiki_p_edit

[wish1783|Menu & modules contextual to category of currently show item (wiki page, article, tracker, etc)]
tracker item
Quick Admin module no longer assigned by default (starting from Tiki 19)
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group category permissions
for example:
5 users in group home
6 pages in category home

I want all public can view these 6 pages in home category, but only these 5 users can edit pages content ( not the objects in the category, it is the content of the page!! ).
I know I can setup the permissions page by page to the home group, but what I am looking for is category to group relationship, not page to group, don't want to do it page by page, or maybe there is one way to do that, but I don't know yet.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

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articles needs aids to fight spam (e.g. admins see tiki-list_submissions.php at info.tw.o)
I looked today at http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_submissions.php and there are nearly 300 spam submissions there so far, and no way to delete them in groups. Maybe that's why nobody noticed my prior submission as info.tw.o editor from last month...

(the user need to be in info.tw.o Admin group in order to see the spam list. If your users is just in the info.tw.o_editors group, you'll see nothing but your own submissions if any.)

A text box to select the amount of rows to be listed would be welcome, and multiple checkboxes to select some or all, like with users, etc.

By the way, how can anonymous spammers post submissions to info.tw.o? They can't through http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-edit_submission.php (at least, nowadays)... Spam hole somewhere?
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Multivalued trackers
Trackers can have many fields.

Multilingual is a way to have multiple values.

Native multi-valued trackers would be useful in certain circumstances.

Another way is to use ((doc:Category Tracker Field)) or ((doc:Items List and Item Link Tracker Fields)) or ((doc:Drop Down - Radio Tracker Field)) with multiple choice option. Probably the best is to build upon the ((doc:Relations Tracker Field)).

We would also want multiple sets.

First Name 1 (field 46)
Last Name 1 (field 47)
Address 1 (field 49)

First Name 2
Last Name 2
Address 2

First Name 3
Last Name 3
Address 3

First Name 4
Last Name 4
Address 4

Could we imagine a new tracker field type "Set of fields":
Fields: List of fields in the set. ex.: 46,47,49
Number of repetitions: ex.: 3

This would create artificial fields (in this case 46-2, 47-2, 49-2, 46-3, 47-3, 49-3, 46-4, 47-4, 49-4)

So these fields could be used independently (ex.: 47-2), but since they are linked, we could have some smarter handling for forms, reports and exports.

We could want the input form to by default indicate only the first set of fields, and via jQuery, show additional set of fields.
We could want a report/export of this "Set of fields" which would aggregate everything in one listing.

{draw id="28"}
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Image description text cropped with Shadowbox
When an image is displayed with Shadowbox the description text is shown across the top of the image - but only 1 line is shown so long descriptions are just chopped off. It would be good if as many lines as were needed could be used here.

No longer relevant - item CLOSED
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TikiWiki 2.0: Filtering Search Results
Our site has a lot of child pages that are included by parent pages. When accessed individually, they make much less sense than if they are accessed as part of the parent page that includes them.

Is there a way to restrict the Search functionality of TikiWiki to only return pages that meet a certain criteria? Eg, pages that would be in the format tiki-index.php?page=Title/PageGroup

I have referred to the tiki-admin.php?page=search page but could not find anything that fit the bill.
tracker item
Files Galleries admin screen should allow to displace files like in the Images Galleries screen
Our users keep adding large .ogg files in our files galleries and we have been asked to externalize theses files in a special download directory of the web server. Problem is that the admin screen of the files galleries doesn't have a DISPLACE section. You can set the option for the files to be added in an external directory, and the new ones are indeed placed into it, but the existing files stay in the database.

I have discovered that the *Image* galleries admin screen has this DISPLACE section but it will work only for the image galleries, no way to use it for the non image galleries.
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Palm Syncing
Tutos uses this one:

tracker item
Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)
Please increase the limit and make it multilingual
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Mail-List System Feature Enhancement - FeedBlitz newsletter RSS/ATOM
The use of an outside mail-list system is not unusual.

I'm using [http://feedblitz.com|FeedBlitz.com] to get newsletters to users.

It would be nice to have the FeedBlitz system integrated with the Tiki registration module.

Here is what their Knowledge base says about integrating this kind of requirement.
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Make header of Menu Structures into a link
It would be very useful to have change the heading for the menu structure module into a link that goes to the top level of that structure. I'm actually kind of surprised this isn't already the case.
tracker item
XML Export of Tiki pages doesn't work
Update of database to 7.0 doesn't work properly so I was need to export wiki articles to tiki 7.0 version so I tried to use this feature (Tiki -> TikiPages -> XML Zip. I have extended version of PHP so it shouldn't be PHP Problem.
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Time machine / browsing an old version of the wiki
Tiki 7 includes the "Previous version" feature allowing links to refer to "older versions" of a wiki page (either by version number or date). What would be nice is to have a general way to browse an older snapshot of the *whole* wiki.
We have a wiki describing a quite complex scientific model and have a lot of model description in wiki pages. What we want is to access "snapshots" of the whole wiki. E.g: the state of the wiki from 1.1.2011 is the one describing the model version 1.2 and is used for this or this scientific publication. While the latest version of the wiki (27.6.2011) reflects ongoing developments one may want to surf the version from the 1.1. (e.g. to look for details that are not in the publication).
Is this (already) possible? I think an extension to the "previous version" function could do the trick (I have no idea of the inner workings of tikiwiki)...
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WYSIWYG doesn't create tables with Wiki syntax
If I create a table using the WYSIWYG Editor and click on the __Source__ button, the generated code is using HTML code like this:


Instead of the real Wiki Syntax for tables ([http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Tables]).

I guess a "HTML->Wiki Syntax Translation" setting must be missing.

As an example, I found out a MediaWiki WYSIWYG CKEditor that does this same translation just fine. Maybe you could check out the code:

[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG|Extension Homepage]
[http://smwdemo.ontoprise.com/index.php/WYSIWYG_Sandbox|Online demo]

Thanks a lot!
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A non admin user can not self manage their own group
We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

What we would like to do in our organization is for an admin to create group MyGroup and assign Bill to the group. The admin would then give the MyGroup object permissions:
* Can add group members (tiki_p_group_add_member)
* Can remove group members (tiki_p_group_remove_member)
* Can invite user to my groups (tiki_p_invite_to_my_groups)

At this point I would figure that there would be some kind of interface so that Bill could have a user selector and bring people into his group. I have checked around but I can not see any mechanism to do this.

We want to avoid our admin to manage groups for 1000's of users.

On a side note, we also investigated letting users select their own groups however we can also not find a mechanism to do this. We enabled all permissions we could think of such as:
* Can subscribe to groups (tiki_p_subscribe_groups)
* Can join or leave the group (tiki_p_group_join)
* In the group we selected "User can assign to the group himself"
but we can still not find where the user can change his group.

Our users sign in with their LDAP (AD) logins and therefore do not go through the Registration process.

Any help would be very much appreciated as this is a big issue for us right now.
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Set perspective according to current content's category.
It would be nice to be able to select a perspective depending on the current content's categories and their respective jails.

I have made a hack that achieves this, but it would be nice to have it implemented as a feature. I described my hack and included the code here:


tracker item
Hide Upcoming Events if No Records
There should be an option on the upcoming events module to just hide the module if there are no records to display at that time.
tracker item
[Wishlist] Add Recurrent Calendar Option
The recurrent option is missing the ability of choosing a recurrent monthly event happening on a specific day of the week. Ex: the First Friday of the Month.

You can only choose a specific day of the month. It would be appropriate to have a "day of the week" option and not just a numerical day.

BTW - I've tried to upload two screenshots, using Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 10.4, but the pop-up window never fully loaded. It just remained in loading mode. So if the bug staff isn't getting screenshots, that's probably a site bug that needs to be fixed.
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HTML comments in WYSIWYG editor
The WYSIWYG editor should have a button to create HTML comments that will only be visible in edit mode, and not in read mode.

As with all HTML, the comment tags should not be visible in WYSIWYG mode. The commented text should be a different color; perhaps grayed out.

This feature would enable editing discussion to happen right within the page being edited. Editors could more easily reference the text under discussion, since it would be right next to the comments. Discussing pages separately in the forum would no longer be needed, or would be optional.
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Feature request: Etherpad (or similar)
Feature request: Add an etherpad module to Tiki.

Etherpad allows __really__ real-time document collaboration for groups of users.
It's free and open source, with parts under Apache License 2.0, BSD, LGPL 2.1 and GPL 2.0 licenses.

On August 14 2011 the people at etherpad have released a jQuery plugin and a PHP class for easy injection of pads into web pages.

More at etherpad.org
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Feature Areas

I have the idea for a new feature or better to say a major extension of the use of existing features.

Areas would be related with the usability of the Website, where you can assigne content to certain perspectives in a way, that a link to this content will guide you sametime aswell to the content as to the related perspective.

Anonymous users (and registered) would find the content in the context of menus and modules, the webdeveloper decides.

I see "Areas" Important for certain usecases, it could be built with up mainly with existing features - only few code should be necessary.

See more description on http:dev.tiki.org/Areas

tracker item
Screencast / screencapture / screen recording
See ((Screencast))
tracker item
Integration with MantisBT
I would like to suggest an enhancement to TikiWiki 8 to integrate with MantisBT. Specifically the desired outcome would be:

(1) A single sign-on. If you are logged into to TW, you are logged into Mantis and visa versa;
(2) A unified view of user. If you are a registered user on the TW, then you are a user on Mantis and visa versa. Creating an account on TW also creates an account on Mantis.
(3) Either a center module to deliver Mantis content or a menu link to take you to the linked Mantis website.
(4) Users can create links between forum topics and Mantis bugs. Each forum topic links to zero or one Mantis Issue, and each Mantis Issue links to zero or more TW forum topics.
(5) Develop a TikiWiki syntax enhancement to enable users to easily reference Mantis bugs by Bug ID.
tracker item
Display tracker item title in the sefurl
In tiki-admin.php?page=sefurl, we have
* Display blog title in the sefurl
* Display article title in the sefurl

which is really nice.

Even better would be to also have:
* Display tracker item title in the sefurl

tracker item
Add capacity to sort file gallery files
The blogs admin area offers an easy way to sort blogs by name rather than id, but the file gallery admin area doesn't. This is important, I think, because if you have lots of files in a given gallery, you may want them to appear in alphabetical order. The id sort method, which seems to be the default, doesn't allow the administrator to build in user-friendly structure for file galleries.

I've put this in as a feature request, but if someone can help me make the change I'm suggesting, I would appreciate the help.

tracker item
Search within a category
Categories are amazing for a large site. It makes it easier to manage. Next step is to add an option in search which can be filtered by category.
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7x Dev : Wysiwig help error in sizes of shapes and window + [enh]


Into the wysiwyg help on plugins, the height of the scroll list of plugins is superior to the eight of the popup. So the bottom of the list and scroll commands are not accessible.

The height is calculated from the height of the popup with is resizable.

[enhance] request : set a button into "plugin" to select the suitable plugin.

May be change tooltip of help to Help "Help on wysiwig syntax and plugins" rather than "Wysiswig"

The plugin manager should include the "help plugin which is into help", after the choice of plugin the manager help to fill it and include it.

I imagine that's the working is doing but I just add may be my view of this part of the Wysiwyg implementation.

tracker item
A backup script that can be put on a cron job to save to a distant backup server
tracker item
A file was attached to "XYZ" email notification lacks information who did that
tracker item
a module would be wonderful for the new slideshow features (mootols and jquery)
a module would be wonderful for the new slideshow features (mootols and jquery) . So far, you can use the slideshow in a wiki page embedding through the iframe plugin the url of the slideshow, but it's way too difficult for newbies.

That module would need some param to let the user choose whether to autosatrt the slideshow, or not (liek the flash plugin with movies).

And another param for automatic loop or just play once. I would say

tracker item
A new pref: Canonical domain (overridable per perspective)
tracker item
A Tiki Calendar wish list and bug report

Minor annoyances:
-Manually entered times in "add item" do not always show up in the calendar as entered (often an hour off). Simply editing the item and re-entering the time fixes this.

-I ran across a limit on the number of calendar items. I had entered a large list of events and later ones disappeared from tha calendar -even in whole year view. I deleted old events and they came back. maybe this is isolated.

-If I mistakenly created a calendar, I could not delete it until it had at least one event entered.

Nice to haves:
-Some way of differentiating calendar entires from different calendars when they are combined. Ex:one calendar shows events people can go to volunteer to actually do something , one shows speaking engagements people can go and listen to. I now simply use HTML bold tags in the description of one of the calendars. This works but maybe some other way? Colors, different font perhaps?

-Ability to easily add link for a Google Map. Perhaps fields to enter address info and then auto generate a map link. Google Maps has this and can be put into a Tiki page but Google Maps lacks important features, like a list view and multiple calendars, that Tiki Calendar has.

tracker item
A top-page horizontal login box should be an option in the Site identity feature.
1 click to add a login box instead of using the login module.

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Ability to have a more in depth in search stats
We use your engine for knowledge base items as well as intranet and were wondering if there could be a way, if it doesn't exist and we just haven't seen it, to be able to view words users search on that are not in a wiki, not found etc so we could take that data and make sure to add those words to a tiki page.

We wanted the ability to run reports on what words folks are searching on and not just ones that got hits

Thanks in advance
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Ability to sort, edit and delete Forum Sections
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Ability to upload multiple attachments at once onto a WIKI page
Bugs & Wish list
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Ability to use a structure as a menu {menu structureId=1}
I can't see the reason for the separation between the structures feature and the menu feature - structures are massively easier to create and edit, but only menus can be shown collapsibly. Separation of functions leads to confusion and harder support.
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Accounting: account selection without function
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add 'change File Gallery upload size' to Admin Panel > File Galleries
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Add --auto-fix option to the doc/devtools/check_template_translation_standards.php script
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Add 'Deprecated' preference filter (split "experimental")
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Add "Add Calendar" and "Edit Calendar" Buttons to the Admin Calendar Page
I'd like to see the UI on the Admin Calendar page get more consistent with the Admin Groups page.
Current behavior: Select Admin Calendars from menu. List of Calendars and "Create/Edit Calendars Label comes up in Entry Area. After entering and saving a new calendar, the last information stays in the text entry boxes. The user must click on Admin Calendars and re-load the page to clear the boxes for the next entry.

Desired Behavior: Select Admin Calendars from menu. List of Calendars and a form with "Add a Calendar" are opened. Buttons for "Edit Calendar" and "Create Calendar" are located below the Admin Calendar heading and load the appropriate forms.
Thanks for considering this request. dthacker.
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Add "social" relavancy to search results
I would like to see social implications added to Tiki search results. For example, in addition to pure content relevancy, it would be nice if search results took into account things like:
- Page rating
- Free tags
- Bookmarks
- Trackbacks
- Number of views

These could be used in conjunction with pure keyword matching to present users with a (potentially) better match.
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Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
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Add a check in release.php for the maximum php version
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Add a default value for tracker field radio button
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Add a grid / masonry display for the profiles in the Profiles Wizard with filters
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Add a group filter on admin users page.

It will make it easier to manage groups.
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add a label like [forum name XXX] in each email from monitorized forum post or thread....
Forums are getting powerful enough to substitute mailing lists on many tiki sites (yahhogroups, etc.). However, notification messages from forums cannot be added easily to local email filters since the subject doesn't contain a label like [[Forum X - site Y] to ease this task.
[Forum X - site Y]

I guess this must be very easy for a coder (just adding some variable to a smarty template? and adding a call to that variable if needed from the related .php or .tpl file - I just get the rough idea... I wish I could do that myself...)
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Add a lock option for a time recorded by the tracker field duration
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Add a param showinitials on the pluginList
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Add a payment interface for Klarna to payment/cart
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Add a payment interface for Payone to payment/cart
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Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post, comments or tracker submission or wiki page at post time
I've been thinking for ages that this kind of option is REALLY needed, and I thought it should not be much coding effort:

Automonitoring each own's posts, through either:
# Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post or tracker submission at post time, in a "per forum post or tracker item insertion" basis, or
# with a user preference for all forums, or all trackers, blogs, etc..
Still needed...
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Add a single timer option for the duration field
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Bugs & Wish list
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Add ability to generate RSS from a specific structure (and maybe category)
The ability to subscribe to a specific structure via RSS feed would be very useful. Currently one can subscribe to an RSS feed related to the entire wiki, but if several groups are using the wiki for different projects or purposes or topics, this may not be at all useful. For example, on the Southern New Hampshire University wiki, we have the online faculty handbook plus a variety of page sets related to different course projects. Most faculty should be alerted of changes to the faculty handbook, which resides in a structure, and some students and faculty may want to track changes to structures involved with specific courses or departments, but few if any users need to be alerted of every change to the wiki as a whole. The ability to generate an RSS feed specific to a structure (and possibly also specific to a category) would be very helpful.
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Add ability to have custom status (and select default) in the Calendar
In the Tiki calendar admins can create custom priorities, locations, etc. We need a way to create custom Status, too.

Additionally, it would be nice to let the admin decide which status is the default for newly created calendar events.

See [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=25557|this forum thread] for more info.
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Add alerts and limits to the duration field
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Add an optional parameter for Tiki sliders (slider, carousel, slideshow, list template)
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Add anti-spam protection on contact us, for anonymous users
Spamers are very annoying
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add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
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Add auto-incrementing version number for uploaded files
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add automatic sequential id to tracker
add automatic sequential id to tracker
get read access to internal id
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Add Autoprefixer script to SCSS to CSS workflow in trunk/pre-Tiki19
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Add calendar data to the search
Calendar data is in the "Modified since your last visit module"

However, event data is not findable via the Tiki search engine.
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Add canonical for tiki-slideshow2.php
tracker item
Add canonical to tiki-print.php?page=
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Add CAPTCHA (anti-bot) support to article submission
Need to add CAPTCHA/anti-bot option when allowing anonymous submission of articles (tiki-edit_submission.php)
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Add CAPTCHA (anti-bot) support to suggest an FAQ feature
When allowing anonymous users to suggest a new FAQ question, need to include a CAPTCHA to eliminate spam.
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Add category description in mouse-over, when using categories in tracker plugin
It is now done in the category picker and it's very useful.

{img src=show_image.php?id=92}
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Add checkbox to tag forum thread as [SOLVED] and allow filtering and reporting based on that also
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Add Conditional Actions for Tracker Fields
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Add data from trackers in sheets
An idea expressed by Mike Kerr (Kerrnel22) at the Nov 2008 Montreal TikiFest:

To include tracker output data in the spreadsheet. This would help make very flexible reports, with charts.
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Add date display parameters to Plugin LastMod
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Add email notification for suggested FAQ
When using the SUGGEST FAQ feature, it would be nice to allow notification to the Admin, when a new FAQ was suggested.
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Add EXIF support
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Add feature to dynamically build a non-editable contact list based on the registered users
Add feature to automatically build a non-editable contact list based on the registered users of a TikiWiki site
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Add fields to directory
I would love if the Directory feature allowed one to enter an address. If using the directory feature for resources, this would then allow one to search for "local" resources based upon the address. e.g. Within 5 miles, 10 miles, 25 miles, etc.
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Add foreach / concat calculation function on dynamic itemList field type (like we have with itemList)
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Add freetags to page's META description
When adding a folksonomy freetag to a page, it would be nice if Tiki automatically added the tags to the META KEYWORD tag for the page.
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Add Google Analytics setup as an option in the admin panel.
It's very easy to add manually by editing templates/footer.tpl, it would be nicer to have the _uacct saved in the database with the rest of the settings. Upgrades would be easier for site admins.

Please see:

This would be similar to gmap.


Maybe this feature request could be even more generic to include easy ways to add other services and/or make it easy to use with open source apps like phpOpenTracker or phpMyVisites.

http://www.phpmyvisites.us also recommends putting the code just before /body>

Also, there should be a way to exclude certain or all groups from tracking. If I use 1 Tiki for a public website and and Intranet, I don't want my Intranet traffic to pollute my public site stats. I could just want anonymous users to be tracked.

Also, let's integrate more tightly with the new [http://www.google.com/analytics/GATCmigrationguide.pdf|ga.js] code so we can track downloaded files, and take advantage of other nice stats.
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Add Google Translate support
It's easy:
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Add green & yellow permission keys on tiki-listpages.php
It will be very useful when TikiWiki is used as a combined portal & Intranet

The key (and link to permissions) is already on tiki-listpages.php (great!)

Now, a green key could indicate this page has special permissions.

And maybe even a third key (say blue) indicates that the item is inheriting permissions via the category.
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Add group permissions for individual polls
You cant set it that individual polls can be set to viewed by only certain groups.
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add group watch to articles
Add group watch to articles

This way we could also have all users informed about comunity news , etc. in tiki sites.

In fact, the best option would be what it's done with newsletters: subscribe that bunch of users from a group, and let them unsubscribe it they wish and when they wish, without admin action. But if no action is done, they all get the copy of the article at their email, etc.
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Add Group Watches to Categories, so that Organic Groups can receive automatic notification on changes about their topics (e.g. Infrastructure Team when tracker item related with *.t.o sites).
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add history & rollback capabilities to structures
add history & rollback capabilities to structures (record dump somehow when struct. changes, or allow saving structure dump for backup...)
This way, when the structure gets mixed by machine or human error, the structure can be rolled back to the previous state.

This way, we could be more open for registered users to manage http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Documentation (or others) without the risk of failure when nodes get moved to the wrong place (due to some bug in the code). Or due to mistake by benevolent newbies mixing things without bad intention.


UPDATE: Still desired for some LTS version. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:31:50+00:00"}
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Add IP to syslog and/or action log when anons (at least) add content (for spam protection)
Add ip to syslog and/or action log, so that when anons (at least) are allowed to add content and it's spam (robots seem to be able to post with our current antibot captcha), there is way to identify the ip of the spammer.

So far, antibot captcha is added (in trunk, at least) to:
* wiki edit
* wiki page comments
* forum posts
* tracker item comments
* freetags
* calendar items
* newsletter subscription

The action of adding content on those features should be logged in syslog and/or action log and IP recorded.
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools