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 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(1) Monitoring pre-dogfood servers Marc Laporte10 high990Feature request
Community projects
Nelson Ko2014-04-034
marclaporte-02 Oct 14
(0) Revamp upgrade notificationMarc Laporte10 high660Feature request2013-08-200
(0) Better access to page_ref_id linksjoel.obrecht610 easy60Feature request2013-08-272
marclaporte-28 Oct 13
(0) User creation & deletion in logsMarc Laporte8756Feature request2013-12-120
(0) Tracker, Articles & wiki page notification for deletes and changesMarc Laporte8648Bug::Usability
Feature request
Jonny Bradley2013-10-280
(0) HomePage not found after upgrade from Tiki12Jean-Marc Libs8648Bug::Regression2017-05-300
(0) 6.7 LTS: Possible security threat: Logging into Wiki A as admin may raise your privilege level in Wiki Bhman7642Bug::Error
Feature request
(0) Read-only mode (ex.: when migrating a Tiki to a new server and you want the old one to still show content but not have edits)Marc Laporte8540Feature request2013-11-132
marclaporte-27 Mar 17
(0) tiki.org & next.tiki.org should indicate SVN revision numberMarc Laporte410 easy40Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site2014-07-142
arild-18 Aug 14
(0) Admin comments does not parse comments even if parsing enabledPhilippe Cloutier1 low44Bug::Regression2013-11-190
(0) Path for file upload can't be changeddialogik9 high436Bug::Error
dialogik-23 Mar 12
(0) Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objectsXavier de Pedro7535Bug::Usability
Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
xavi-22 Nov 13
(0) Cron option for when it's not possible to have a real cron job (like Poormanscron)Marc Laporte7535Feature request2013-10-281
xavidp-09 Sep 13
(0) DB Manager from within the admin dashboard (maintenance)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist7428Feature request
Community projects
marclaporte-19 Aug 13
(0) LDAP/Active Directory Multiple Domain SupportBellaVaude9327Feature request
Support request
mikkokoi-07 Aug 13
(0) Tiki DB Redactor: Add script and document procedure for running from any Tiki DB, including *.tiki.org backupsMarc Laporte9327Feature requestNelson Ko2013-11-142
koth-14 Nov 13
(0) change_language (Users can change site language) is enabled when feature_multilingual is notPhilippe Cloutier5525Bug::Regression
(0) registration pretty tracker without captchapianoliv5525Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2013-10-282
pianoliv-14 Sep 13
(0) page name finishing with .txt -> route errorMarc Laporte5525Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)Louis-Philippe Huberdeau2013-11-248
lphuberdeau-04 Feb 14
(0) Automated plugin validation (depending on rights)joel.obrecht6424Feature request2013-09-102
joel.obrecht-17 Sep 13
(0) Connect & Redactor: use a pref attribute instead of maintaining lists of prefsMarc Laporte6424Feature request
koth-11 Nov 13
(0) 13.x: group permissions seem to be only globally assignable (no object perms)?Xavier de Pedro6424Feature request
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) "Send an email to the user in order to allow him to validate his account" option hiddenblue7hand3824Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Compare generated HTML for all *.tiki.org sites between versions (to check for regressions/changes of behavior)Marc Laporte7321Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-20 Oct 12
(0) Update / Upgrade Notice: Version 11->9Frank Guthausen2816Less than 30-minute fix2014-02-060
(0) Duration to remember log inFrank Guthausen3412Feature request2013-10-280
(0) Setting admin prefs should be doable via AJAXMarc Laporte2510Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Need stable favicon URLSEWilco30Feature request2008-12-050
(0) Better/Easier reporting of item/object permissions which override category and group permissionsJean-Marc Libs80Feature request2012-04-201
marclaporte-18 Apr 12
(0) TikiWiki 2.0: Remove Pages by Usernamenikhilodeon0Feature request2008-12-050
(0) Batch Administration of Features and Modulesjopiquant20Feature request2009-02-230
(0) I forgot my password email is truncated and blank.Kimberly Fink70Bug::ErrorKimberly Fink2009-02-270
(0) Admin option to force newly created pages to be part of the structure they were created fromRiSK70Feature request2009-09-100
(0) tiki-admin_system.php -> the stats are all wrong and should show only 1 langue if not i18n site20Bug::Error2009-04-140
(0) SIte identity: text area boxes should be resizeable0Feature request2009-06-030
(0) Tiki and Pear::Auth authenticationreinhard9 high0Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2009-06-171
jonthetech-15 May 14
(0) Add Group failsyuria0Bug::Error2009-06-232
yuria-24 Jun 09
(0) Can't delete unused images uploaded via FCKeditorConnor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod50Feature request
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) FAQ box description wrongpaulgoldstraw1 low0Bug::Consistency2009-07-240
(0) login with not activated account says "wrong password"Kissaki502009-07-250
(0) Admin – Assign Permissions – ordering table by level does not order correctly (level conf. active)Kissaki30Bug::Usability
(0) File Gallery directory field requires full pathConnor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod50Documentation (or Advocacy)
(0) Admin modules: Assign user module links brokenPhilippe Cloutier40Bug::Error
(0) Allow admin of Preference Screen options by AdministratorJoyceD9 high0Feature request
Support request
(0) TW does not send e-mail. A Strange FCGI error time out when we change the e-mail configurationmacnific70Bug::Error
Support request
(0) Easy way to compare configuration of 2 Tiki sitesMarc Laporte70Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-30 Nov 12
(0) Moving files form DB to FILEScarpasbo0Bug::Usability
(0) looping when you try to loginjoram9 high0Support request2010-01-190
(0) pics directory gets blocked and causes broken links and imagesdeny1 low0Feature request2010-01-281
sylvie-28 Jan 10
(0) Make preferences i18n-awareMarc Laporte60Feature request2010-02-230
(0) Email SMTP address reconization errorvat850Bug::Error2010-04-290
(0) tiki-admin.php crashjetgraphics60Bug::Error2010-07-041
marclaporte-14 Jul 10
(0) In the administration panel I can not drag-n-drop icons on the toolbarAndrej0Bug::Error2010-07-201
opensci-20 Jul 10
(0) Creating user needs confirm, and if password not match back does not workNelson Ko60Bug::Usability2010-10-150
(0) Random Poll with {poll} in user module not workingnightclaw60Bug::Error2010-11-221
Chealer9-11 Aug 11
(0) Use different URL as homepage not workingwhit0Bug::Error
chibaguy-13 Mar 11
(0) Features -> Ajax cannot be activatedip6.li50Bug::Error2010-12-290
(0) Create a Page ModulePeder Kittelson70Bug::Error2011-01-215
Chealer9-02 Feb 11
(0) Simple and quick way for admin to change or lock HIS language onlyyoni50Feature request2011-02-130
(0) Openbasedir problemAbdel30Bug::Error2011-02-240
(0) Admin setting Log In, setting still apply on uncheck sectionyoni9 high0Bug::Error2011-03-150
(0) Problem with Proxy autentication - download ProfilesElías Cisneros80Feature request
Support request
xavi-10 May 11
(1) A non admin user can not self manage their own grouptpinet9 high0Bug::Usability
Feature request
marclaporte-13 Mar 12
(0) Site Browser Title Twice60Bug::Usability2011-09-290
(0) Bugcapee9 high02011-11-090
(0) Tabs in the Admin interface don't work in Chromejrstarke702011-12-020
(0) Changing default User Group is not immediately taken into accountJean-Marc Libs50Bug::Usability2012-05-040
(0) 13.x next.tiki.org -> Database Version ProblemMarc Laporte10 high0Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(1) [BUG] Mass search and replaceolinuxx0Bug::Error
Support request
olinuxx-04 Sep 14
(0) "No tabs" isn't working.Gary Cunningham-Lee50Bug::Regression2015-05-310
(1) Add 'Deprecated' preference filteraexoxea30Feature request2015-11-222
jonnybradley-23 Nov 15
(0) Settings from several features can not be accessed (are not visible)ManelFN0Bug::Regression2016-01-220
(0) renaming perspectives in a category doesn't workRadoS1 low0Bug::Error
(0) Mediawiki import failsFlo0Bug::Error2017-08-080
(0) Improving Admin => Profile page Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist0Feature request2017-08-080


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) A backup script that can be put on a cron job to save to a distant backup serverMarc Laporte10 high990Feature request
Community projects
marclaporte-18 Sep 13
(0) Error "no index available" on new installOlaf-Michael Stefanov9981Bug::Usability2013-11-273
marclaporte-30 Nov 13
(0) Make Unified Index optionalMarc Laporte10 high880Feature request
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Nelson Ko2013-11-043
marclaporte-22 Nov 13
(0) URL Rewriting Revamp: adding to Tiki log or error log so we catch them all through usageMarc Laporte10 high880Feature requestNelson Ko2013-11-031
marclaporte-24 Aug 13
(0) Checkbox in tiki-admin.php?page=login always checked.wikiman6848Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
Chealer9-17 Jan 10
(0) Testing if GD or Imagick works, via TikiMarc Laporte5840Bug::Usability
Feature request
Less than 30-minute fix
ricks99-13 Jan 10
(0) Wrong Registration-Link kai_drews50Bug::Errorkai_drews2007-07-094
marclaporte-12 Jun 07
(0) Send custom email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)Marc Laporte70Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-17 Sep 08
(0) Import phpBB dataMarc Laporte30Feature requestMike2008-09-245
freeman57-24 Nov 10
(0) virtual wikis seem to share cache for groups and categories drop down listsMichel Van Eeckhout40Bug::Usability2008-05-010
(0) Use email as loginMarc Laporte0Feature requestsylvieg2007-11-231
marclaporte-07 Jul 07
(0) Dealing with forgotten usernamesMarc Laporte30Feature requestsylvieg2007-11-301
ricks99-23 Apr 07
(0) Removing Registered group from a user doesn't work as expectedMichel Van Eeckhout40Bug::Error
SEWilco-09 Mar 09
(0) Remove "Protect against CSRF with a protective step" from the login settings pagedthacker60Bug::Usability2007-05-191
amette-03 Mar 09
(0) File Gallery: Batch upload (Unzip all zip files) should be optionalMarc Laporte1 low0Bug::Usabilityluciash d’ being2007-11-290
(0) When system runs out of disk space, Tiki user will not be able to login.Nelson Ko1 low0Feature request2008-02-073
marclaporte-03 Nov 12
(0) Prevent image galleries from being enabled if a graphics library can not be founddthacker60Feature request2008-02-030
(0) Impossible to change avatar with admin usergilles.legall30Bug::Usability2007-11-260
(0) Tiki WikiFarm / Native multi-site / multi-domain handlingMarc Laporte70Feature requestLouis-Philippe Huberdeau2012-05-192
marclaporte-04 Aug 09
(0) MySQL error when administering trackersMarc Laporte1 low0Bug::Error2008-02-050
(0) Checking new Tiki version : need a nicer error message when tikiwiki.org is not accessibleMarc Laporte1 low0Bug::Error2008-02-170
(0) Add "help popup" for all lines/fields/configurable items when using Admin to set up your modules.Dumarest70Support request2008-02-201
marclaporte-15 Jan 10
(0) Store session data in database -> fix or hide optionAhmadkamal Makrani9 high0Bug::Error2009-09-286
jonnybradley-11 May 09
(0) SMTP Configuration from inside Admin Interfacemorrighu80Bug::Usability
Feature request
sbhas2k-01 Aug 09
(0) Mirrord tracker does not store field DescriptionSEWilco20Bug::Error2008-07-310
(0) Import forum from yahoo groupsJan Krohn1 low0Feature request2008-08-200
(0) tiki-change_password.php?user=admin returns No input file specified. asphaltjesus0Bug::Error2008-08-200
(0) Files Galleries admin screen should allow to displace files like in the Images Galleries screenNorrin_Radd0Feature request2008-10-010
(0) "Remove unused pictures" does not workwalklife50Bug::Error2008-10-200
(0) Missing & used plugins reporting + Plugin security and approval: need a listing + notification emailMarc Laporte9 high0Feature request
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Optional reporting of anonymized usage stats (which features are used, how many accounts, etc)Marc Laporte80Feature request
Community projects
Marc Laporte2008-11-080
(0) More intuitive admin interfaceamette50Bug::Usability
Feature request
morrighu-23 Apr 08
(0) Admin modules does not display available modules or provide easy method for selecting unused modulesmarbux0Bug::Usability2007-12-172
marclaporte-01 Nov 08
(0) Number of displayed rows modification does not stick on Admin Groups Pagedthacker30Bug::Usabilitydthacker2007-11-230
(0) Make tiki-mods.php report more detailed errorFabián Rodríguez50Bug::Error
asphaltjesus-25 Apr 08
(0) tikiwiki calls non-existent pear library without checking that library is installedJean-Marc Libs0Bug::Error2010-10-081
Chealer9-08 Oct 10


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) When i Click on Red Delete Button then it is Display Blankpage on Tiki 10.2rahulpatadiya91 difficult9Bug::Error
Support request
(0) WYSIWYG admin panel should appear when basic prefs is chosen (the default)Marc Laporte810 easy80Bug::Consistency2013-11-030
(0) Easier Inter-user message management for Tiki adminsMarc Laporte81 difficult8Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
luciash d’ being2014-07-031
marclaporte-15 Mar 08
(0) File Gallery errors & not able to set permissions as admin9 high872Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
kimberlyf-16 Jan 10
(0) "Database `d01863d1` was created" shouldn't appearMarc Laporte710 easy70Bug::UsabilityJonny Bradley2013-11-270
(0) Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.phpdthacker8864Bug::Usability
Feature request
Less than 30-minute fix
kimberlyf-14 Jan 10
(0) WYSIWYCA & default settings for inter user messagesMarc Laporte8864Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
luciash d’ being2010-01-150
(0) Admin textarea: Missing plugins in plugins tabPhilippe Cloutier8864Bug::Regression2017-04-060
(0) Logout script with home redirect problemmealstrom610 easy60Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Home Page Not FormattingKailey8756Bug::Regression2017-06-194
eppkatiki-19 Jun 17
(0) Link from objectpermissions.php to doc help page has wrong URL / Alias issuemacnific510 easy50Bug::Error2015-11-070
(0) User "Admin" does not have permission to admin polls after feature activationdthacker7749Bug::Error2013-06-050
(0) Clicking Poll Icon on Features Page should connect to tiki-admin_poll.php when feature activateddthacker7749Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) svn update FAILS to update on show.t.o instance linked to dev.t.o bug tracker item Xavier de Pedro7749Support request
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) WSOD if layout template pref doesn't match available layouts (e.g., in upgrade) Gary Cunningham-Lee8648Bug::Error
Jonny Bradley2016-06-061
xavi-04 Jun 16
(0) Admin panels: False feedback to the admin when activating or deactivating prefs (phantom prefs).Marc Laporte9545Bug::Consistencymanivannans2014-01-213
manivannans-20 Jan 14
(0) URL the user is redirected to after account validation is not working if validation is not done by emailBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist9545Bug::Error
(0) Adding some examples in htaccessMarc Laporte5840Documentation (or Advocacy)
Less than 30-minute fix
marclaporte-29 Mar 10
(0) Provide spammer test for new accountsUwe Altmann7535Feature request2013-01-181
marclaporte-15 Mar 13
(0) Activity Stream: should not be basic prefsMarc Laporte310 easy30Bug::Usabilitymanivannans2013-11-240
(0) "Source" button in wiki page should have its own permission - not depend on tiki_p_view_history3824Bug::Usability2006-05-251
rodrigo-25 May 06
(0) need way to remove temp/preference-index-en* Marc Laporte5420Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
jonnybradley-05 Nov 13
(0) Lost Admin Password upgrading to Tiki 15.0SeanBDurkin10 high220Bug::Usability2016-06-162
xavi-16 Jun 16
(0) Update code or documentation about star name in "How to Release"Marc Laporte2816Documentation (or Advocacy)Nelson Ko2013-11-032
luci-26 Aug 13
(0) PHP Notice: Undefined variable: players in lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_kaltura.php on line 46Marc Laporte1 low10 easy10Bug::Regression2013-10-280
(0) tiki_p_admin_menu: new permission to manage menusMarc Laporte30Feature requestsylvieg2009-09-070
(0) admin validation sends a bad linkXeno50Bug::ErrorXeno2010-01-153
Xeno-14 Jun 07
(0) Initial homepage cannot be set for first view of anonymous viewerJack70Bug::Error
(0) tiki-download_file.php should use nice error pageMarc Laporte50Bug::Usabilitysylvieg2007-04-090
(0) warning Wrong datatype for second argument in tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67Xavier de Pedro70Bug::ErrorXavier de Pedro2008-04-170
(0) admin categories broken on 1.9cvs (edu.tw.o)Xavier de Pedro80Bug::Errorsylvieg2007-05-020
(0) Wiki: "Import page" make feature optional and off by defaultMarc Laporte30Bug::Usability
Feature request
Nelson Ko2013-10-200
(0) Link to validate email address (for Admins) is brokenGeekZone60Bug::Error2009-09-051
marclaporte-08 Jul 07
(0) Login Bug Unless Remember Me Box Clicked - Now problems with use of 'Click here to confirm action'drtech50Bug::Error
Chealer9-29 Jan 10
(0) Refactor Login Settings page with separate tabs for Pear::Auth, CAS, Shibbolethdthacker60Feature request2009-04-160
(0) Return Help System to Features Admin Page, enable by defaultdthacker80Bug::Usability
Feature request
Documentation (or Advocacy)
koth-18 Jun 07
(0) Help System Link on Admin::General goes to useless pagedthacker9 high0Bug::Usability
Documentation (or Advocacy)
marclaporte-13 Jun 07
(0) Feature "Mini-Calendar" does not appear in the feature list on Tiki Tracksdthacker60Support request2007-06-130
(0) error at admin > login showing list of themes: unserialize() at tiki-admin_include_login.php +Xavier de Pedro60Bug::Error2010-01-150
(0) Add stats admin panel or add a stats section in general admin panelMarc Laporte20Bug::UsabilityMarc Laporte2009-09-290
(0) USB key version of TikiMarc Laporte40Feature request
Community projects
(0) "The page cannot be displayed" messagephilips12380Bug::Errorphilips1232008-02-050
(0) Menu management: add a permission: tiki_p_edit_menuMarc Laporte30Feature requestsylvieg2009-08-020
(0) Wiki pages do not show categoriesmrisch80Bug::ErrorNelson Ko2007-07-300
(0) tiki_view_articles.php does not show when clicking on the articles menu item/articles homedthacker60Bug::Error2007-08-030
(0) Modules: if a feature is turned off, it should be hidden or somehow filtered + other ideasMarc Laporte9 high0Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) menu ID=42 doesn't follow enabled/disabled features of Admin sectionluciash d’ being9 high0Bug::UsabilityMose2005-04-252
luci-25 Apr 05
(0) database queries counter: remove until it is fixedMarc Laporte40Bug::Errorsept2008-07-290
(0) ugly look of admin homeluciash d’ being9 high0Bug::Usabilityamette2005-04-262
marclaporte-25 Apr 05
(0) Mods Problem-Update Remote Index not workingjcyrisse50Bug::Errorjcyrisse2010-11-140
(0) Lower memory consumption and/or have a <8 Meg modeMarc Laporte0Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Admin panel or Admin menu item needs to display on initial admin logindthacker9 high0Bug::Usability
Jean-Marc Libs2008-03-253
apestaartje697-05 Mar 08
(0) Simple Bug Admin types linkBilly1 low0Bug::ErrorBilly2007-07-110
(0) Upgrade scriptMarc Laporte30Feature request2009-09-292
marclaporte-27 Sep 09
(0) Administration menu does not appear after first install of 1.10Nelson Ko30Bug::ErrorJean-Marc Libs2008-03-261
dthacker-03 Mar 08
(0) Help URL's built incorrectly on tiki_admin.php pagesdthacker80Bug::Error
Documentation (or Advocacy)
(0) Secure login post-login redirection to standard HTTP broken/unclearfailsure50Bug::Error2007-06-123
buggerme-19 Oct 07
(0) Link to "Look and Feel" missing from "more links" section of the Administration::General Screendthacker0Bug::Error2008-03-260
(0) All users can adminshad9 high0Bug::Error
(0) When assigning tiki_p_search permission to a group, all other "tiki" permissions are also assigned9 high0Bug::Error2008-04-040