This page is to document “what Tiki ‘’should’’ do”. For feature documentation (what Tiki does), please see corresponding page on doc site
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  1. Tiki’s event calendar is fairly powerful but it’s still a little rough around the edges. It is not seamlessly integrated with the rest of the application.
  2. We have a tools calendar which is excellent to follow changes in various sections (Site activity monitor)
  3. We have a blog calendar (go back “using a time machine”, show me articles/blogs from date X)
  4. Users have a pretty good private calendar UserCalendar (But Tiki’s event calendar permits a private channel too)


A powerful public/shared/private event calendar using categories and groups. The option to share & subscribe to calendars using calendaring standards and respecting permissions for each calendar “channel”. (Tiki needs to become a webcalendar server with login)




  • To be able to set a recurring event like 3rd Thursday of each month, which we need for our Webinars
    • Even trickier, “last Thursday of each month”
  • Remove “This event is not recurrent” when it’s the case
  • When there is no description, skip the field instead of indicating that there is no description
  • Custom link setting in calendars is not respected (ex.: when I don’t want a URL)