This page is to document “what Tiki ‘’should’’ do”. For feature documentation (what Tiki does), please see corresponding page on doc site
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We have basic blogs, with flexible permissions, trackback pings, RSS feeds, etc. Blogs need a bit of work on features, and a lot of work of UI & stability. Tiki articles are similar and much more flexible and powerful.

A project: Blog Revamp

TikiFestNY Notes (Jan 18th, 2010)

  • List Blogs only if multiple blogs
  • Find field
    • Search what it does
    • Make the UI clearer
  • Remove the old Insert Image
  • Remove TIP
  • Add
  • List Blogs
    • Becomes Admin
    • Admin Posts
    • etc...
  • Remove Create and Admin Posts
  • Post (when no blogs should show button in Error message)
  • Custom Header Blank
    • Insert Tip
    • Insert Copy Paste sample header
  • Remove Preview from Edit Blog
  • After saving from Edit Blog - should go to Blog Interface
  • If no blog post when viewing blog. Insert Message
  • Add Admin Buttons from View Post
  • Remove ‘at’ after published