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PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY093] - when reloading a session (after database transfer SQL from Linux to Windows, with no direct relation to)

This happens in the same context as my others reports.

The database has been saved in SQL and loaded with upgraded versions of mysql, php 5.3.2.
There is in my opinion no relation with the context.

During start the current session prefs contain the query launch the previous current session.

A fatal error occurs in tikisession-pdo.php on line 44 function write statement <$sth->execute();>

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: no parameters were bound in D:\Trebly\Teawik-ld8-422a\lib\tikisession-pdo.php on line 44

The var_dump($qry) in "prepare" function (see my interface in Class TikiDb_Pdo) gives (extract)

public 'queryString' => string 'update sessions set data='need_reload_prefs|b:0;serialized_prefs|a:9:{i:0;s:27:"feature....''

The problem comes from the fact that into the session->data you can find the HOMEPAGE article "title" which is, in this case (French):

''__s:46:"Page d'accueil spécifique des administrateurs";__''

so the " ' " not escaped generates the crash of the request.
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Upgrade 4.1->5.0 - Error : x01 : Fatal error on tra.php

As I told about, during upgrading from 4.2 (I am testing from 4.3) many errors occurs. This threated in a global way in id4377.

Here the problem comes from tra.php this generates a __fatal ERROR__

Reason during first tiki-setup __tra.php__ can be called when $tikilib is not yet set then __the function tra_impl crashes__.

It seems that at this stage of installation (managing session prefs) is it, as if getone() should answer false, nothing particular to do :
I have justed added a first level isset on $tikilib

See the joined patched source with comments.

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"Remove unused pictures" does not work
I have some unused pictures and i would delete them.

At tiki-admin.php?page=wiki the link "Remove unused pictures" ( tiki-admin.php?page=wiki&rmvunusedpic=1 ) does not work.

What can I do?

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"Show user's info on mouseover:" in Community settings will break other mouseovers
Turning on 'Show user's info on mouseover:'in the community section will trash the data in other mouseovers, for example, mod-upcoming_events will generate stuff like:

<a class="linkmodule summary" href="tiki-calendar_edit_item.php?viewcalitemId=57" title="Thu 28 of Feb., 2008 11:07 PST, by  152 ',HAUTO,VAUTO,CAPTION,' User information - Click for more info ');" inhibited_mouseout="nd()" target='_top' href='tiki-user_information.php?userId=13' >Jeanna  ">
Mike Bday </a>{CODE}

Which is not at all right... Not only is the title messed up, but the HTML is trashed as well with an extra "> shoved in for no reason, etc.

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"User's Time Online" Feature Request
A few video games have a feature that lets you see how long the individual has been logged onto the video game for. It also tracks this per session and totals it up into a sort of "total time spent online" total.

Session Time: 2hrs, 20mins, 13sec.
Total Time: 7days, 9hrs, 20mis.

I think it would be an excellent option to see which of your users spend the most time at your website. What do you think?
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(Tiki 13) If Tiki is in subdirectory with tilda, it causes user to be logged out by the second click
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(Tiki 13) If TimeZone is not set in php.ini, causes fatal error
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Initial homepage cannot be set for first view of anonymous viewer
When I set the homepage in Administration: General Preferences to "Articles" (which is what I want the homepage to be for both anonymous and registered visitors), the initial viewing for "anonymous" displays a homepage of "wiki".

When I set the homepage in Administration: General Preferences to Group homepage and then set the two group homepages to a typed-in "Articles" in the empty field and then log in as any user, the display is "No page 'Articles' found".

When I set the homepage in Administration: General Preferences to Group homepage and then set the two group homepages to a custom URL (http://www.progressiveomaha.com/tikidir/tiki-view_articles.php), the display is "no such page found".

One day I thought maybe the problem had to do with using Firefox on a Linux box, because my ancient Windows 98/IE machine brought up 'Articles' as the home page.

The next day both machines bring up the Wiki page as the home page. This is with the homepage set to 'Articles' in Admin-General.

Maybe I should be clear that I am refering to which page is brought up when TikiWiki is first accessed (from www.progressiveomaha.com/tikidir/).external link Once I have logged in as a user, I will access the 'Articles' homepage whether returning as another user or as anonymous. The problem only occurs on that initial anonymous access, and only after TikiWiki has had time to "forget" any earlier logons by that user.
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records. Fix included.
The list of tiki pages presented for selection and addition to a structure is truncated at 50 records for no apparent reason and there's no way to add records >50 without running a filter.

I just parroted what I saw in tiki-admin_categories.php for its similar page list and it works.

The diff is below - hope I did that correctly.

*.backup is the original file from the official tiki releast. *.php is the version I modified.
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13.x: Forum Thread Rating doesn't display icons for value 0, wrong icon for value 1, and no icons when labels are set beyond values
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Anonymous users can create page without permissions after broken sql page shown
An anonymous user without edit permissions can edit create a new page.

To Repeat:
1. Be logged into a user with no edit permisssions
2. Find a red ? link to an uncreated page.
3. Click the link
4. Note you don't have permission to edit/create the page.

5. Log out
6. Click the red ? link as Anonymous
7. Note you can edit the new page
8. Save the page - Note the error:

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php
insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
1 wiki_page_changed
2 LinkToLocPageFigs
4 wiki page
5 LinkToLocPageFigs
6 tiki-index.php?page=LinkToLocPageFigs
Column 'user' cannot be null
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(NULL,'wiki_page_changed','LinkToLocPageFigs',NULL,'wiki page','LinkToLocPageFigs','tiki-index.php?page=LinkToLocPageFigs')

9. Take note that though the error happened, the page was created.
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HTML Purifier out of date
Tikiwiki HTML Purifier version is 2.1.3.
Current version is 3.1.1 or 2.1.5.

There is risk of security attacks if not updated.
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page 1/1 handling
page 1/1 can stay (although some could prefer nothing instead), but the "1" below should be removed.
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tikiwiki only can install with default database
When installed from source code, in panorama.freewebhosting247.com, there is only blank screen when:

1) using old 2.0rc4 user modifed "basic profile"
2) clean database with "basic profile"

I only see blank screen.

This is despite using header_simple.tpl and my own empty header.
The error must be in a script after the header but because by default, there is no error shown at all, this is impossible to guess.

When I reinstalled "default profile", it worked. It shows the menu. I can do some maintainance now, including changing passwords, and the admin menu.

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URL mangling in random redirects
Many times, in random places, the www will get knocked off the hostname. I think it mostly occurs when I submit a confirmation to do something. I noticed it again today on: ./tiki-removepage.php when I confirmed the page removal at www.casesofinterest.com, I was returned to casesofinterest.com - kind of annoying, as I wasn't logged in to casesofinterest.com. The www should not be dropped.
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Palm Syncing
Tutos uses this one:

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404 Error instead of "Create Page" with unknown Wiki-page-name with IIS
[19:57:51] <ReWoP> when i type tiki-index.php?page="some page name" there should be a error msg that would say "page does not exist, want to go back or grate page" now there is the browser error "The page cannot be found
[19:58:26] <sylvieg> did you type the url with the "
[19:58:37] <ReWoP> *(not "grate page" but "create page")
[19:58:42] <ReWoP> nop
[19:59:32] <ReWoP> i tryed to erase DB and re-intall tiki and nothing....
[20:00:14] <sylvieg> what url did it display at the error
[20:00:46] <ReWoP> u coul try it its online -> http://dme.uma.pt/jcardoso/Research/Projects/seed/tiki-index.php?page=fgbn
[20:02:35] <sylvieg> mdavey around?
[20:03:24] <sylvieg> I don't know why it is done like this but when there is an error the header sent is HTTP/1.0 404 Not FOund with the clssic tiki page
[20:03:49] <sylvieg> I suppose your browser catches the 404 and yop
[20:04:14] <sylvieg> better to ask mdavey ... I suppose it is himl that added that why this line is here
[20:04:40] <sylvieg> you can always try to delete the liens in tiki-index.php
[20:05:02] <ReWoP> could it be permitions on the folder ??
[20:05:26] <ReWoP> i gave the web server all perms...
[20:05:27] <sylvieg> I don't think so
[20:06:30] <ReWoP> ...
[20:06:37] <ReWoP> but i could be a server problem..
[20:07:15] <ReWoP> i tryed with polaris version and was woking
[20:07:47] <ReWoP> then i have a DB problem and re-intalled it and this error occured..
[20:08:05] <sylvieg> yes it is a conflict between server/ and tiki
[20:08:30] <ReWoP> now was trying it with -Sirius- version and not workig 2.
[20:08:50] <ReWoP> the server is nt2003 server
[20:09:38] <sylvieg> there is 2 lines I don't understrand in tiki-index.php (header("...404...") I am pretty sure there are the guilty ones
[20:09:48] <ReWoP> i thing that there is error only on this part, because i can create/edit modules, menus pages premitions...
[20:10:05] <ReWoP> mabe
[20:11:01] <ReWoP> but dosnt answer why worked on my 1st polaris version, and dind on my 2nd and on 1st Sirius.....
[20:11:14] <ReWoP> dont thing its code problem...
[20:11:38] <ReWoP> if it was mabe it wold be random error
[20:11:53] <ReWoP> after all it already worked once...
[20:11:59] <red_adair> nt2003 ? what's that ?
[20:12:20] <ReWoP> windows 2003 server :p
[20:12:21] <sylvieg> you can try to put into comment the 2 line header"... 404..) in tiki-index.php

Additional information:
[18:56:51] <ReWoP> i wanted to add that there is other tiki installed on the same server but it works !
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5.3 - The login popup vanishes when Firefox feeds the password
When you don't want an autoconnect by the cookie, (this for example because you are testing the product with various usernames which correspond to various usersgroups), then you let Firefox to fill automatically the password.

When the password is sent by Firefox this closes the popup-form. You must re-open it to validate.

If you are experienced you are able to understand what appends, but I receiced mail from users saying I am unable to login.

Further, sometimes the login_scr is displayed, and people think that they must give their username and their e-mail and the password. This because of the template.
In fact it is either the username or the e-mail address.

I look the form into the XXX.tpl.php without finding anything to explain the phenomenon.
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database charset issue
we're having a charset issue when displaying tikiwiki pages.
The pages themselves are correctly sent as UTF-8: data coming from the localization files is fine.
However, data coming from the tikiwiki database is latin1, and those characters are shown as ? in a lozenge.

The database is encoded as UTF-8, but the default encoding for MySQL, set at build-time, is Latin1. So it appears that there is an implicit conversion done when getting/putting data to and from the DB.
Data received is converted from UTF-8 to Latin1, and data sent is considered to be Latin1 (though it is UTF-8), and converted again: the end result in the database is corrupted again.

It seems that this happens because tikiwiki uses the default charset encoding from the MySQL engine. On another system, with the same MySQL version, but built to use UTF-8 as default (--with-charset=utf-8), there is no problem.

It should probably use the "SET NAMES utf8" command to set the charset encoding, as described there:


Software used is:
Solaris 9
Apache 2.2.3
PHP 4.4.4
MySQL 5.0.24a
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Adding support for www.printwhatyoulike.com
Printing pages is sometimes a real mess.
So, http://www.printwhatyoulike.com brings the opportunity to select parts of the page to print etc.
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Admin User gets many php warnings
If admin user get lots of php warnings. Eventually page will build. Other warnings depending on various DB requests. Not a cookie problem - deleted cookies. Not browser specific.

Typical warnings encountered.

Most everything:
Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2797
Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2802
Admin Menu:
Warning: usort(): Invalid comparison function. in lib/tikilib.php on line 1714
Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in /home/vamasono/public_html/cms/lib/pear/PEAR.php on line 425
Admin Groups:
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php:2797) in tiki-admingroups.php on line 254

Installed full v1.9.1 to a DB with 1.9.0. Ran 1.9.0->1.9.1.
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After upgrading from 1.9.3 to 1.9.9, DB based sessions no longer work correctly
After upgrading from 1.9.3 to 1.9.9, the DB-based sessions do not work unless the user select the remember me option when logging in.
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another test
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apache mod_rewrite to sub-directory causes template to fail
Using mod_rewrite to direct tiki-index.php?page=.... to kb/pageName breaks template. I think other things might break too. I can't think of anyway to fix this but to scan the code for dependencies on code that reads the URL? Any ideas?
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Article topic-image not displayed in chrome (45.x)
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Babelfish : function attribute : should for external defined with "static" - Pb and solution to apply

!The basic problem
The function that are called from external should be declared "public static";
Why : because they are used in http request and href definition.

Often the navigator hangs on the babelfish request http://... babelfish
It can be necessary to restart the computer.


public static function host

public static function url

trebly 04/28/2010 3h33 Paris
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Backwards-compatibility-issues back to PHP 4.1
We promise to be able to run Tiki with PHP > 4.1 - never the less we use several functions, that are not available in some of these PHP-versions. Some of these issues have been fixed, the following is an excerpt of the PHP4-changelog: http://www.php.net/ChangeLog-4.php

I hope to list all the relevant stuff here. The following list doesn't include all the possible breakages - but most of them. For the complete list, visit the PHP-changelog.

__Check, if we utilize any of this:__
* Added the %F modifier to *printf to render a non-locale-aware representation of a float with the . as decimal separator.
* NSAPI: added "bucket" parameter to list of non-php.ini-keys of php4_execute for doing performance stats without warnings in server-log.
* Improved the sybase_ct module: (Timm)
** Added ability to define a message handler not only globally, but also per connection.
** Added "sybct.packet_size" php.ini option.
** Changed "sybct.login_timeout" php.ini option changeable at runtime.
* Improved the NSAPI SAPI module (Uwe Schindler)
** Added support for virtual().
** Added nsapi_request_headers() and nsapi_response_headers() with aliases for apache compatibility.
** Added possibility to use PHP to generate HTTP error pages (404 Not Found..)
** Added possibility to use PHP to generate directory listings for directories without index.html
* Added a new parameter to preg_match*() that can be used to specify the starting offset in the subject string to match from. (Andrei)
* Added imagesavealpha() and imageistruecolor() functions. (Pierre)
* Added session_regenerate_id() function. (Sascha)
* Added zlib_get_coding_type() function which returns the coding type used for output compression. (Moriyoshi)
* Added OCIPasswordChange() which allows renewing expired Oracle users. (Maxim)
* Added memory_get_usage(). Only available when PHP is configured with --enable-memory-limit. (Andrey)
* Added KOI8-R, CP866, and CP1251 support for htmlentities(). (Antony Dovgal, Moriyoshi)
* Added domdocument->free() to free XML-documents from memory. (Rob Richards)
* Added gd_info() which returns an array of gd support information. (Marcus)
* Added a new function sybase_unbuffered_query()
* Added a new function sybase_fetch_assoc()
* Added sybase_set_message_handler() which enables users to handle server messages in a callback function
* Added an aditional parameter to the jdtojewish() function which makes the function return the symbolic hebrew name. (Moshe Doron, Derick)
* Added dba_handlers() that returns an array of installed handlers and dba_list() that returns an associative array of open database files
* Added imagerotate() which is available only when bundled libgd is used. (Pierre-Alain Joye, Ilia)
* Added optional skip parameter to dba_fetch() to support multiple key-value pairs with the same key for cdb handler.
* Remove $_FILES from $_REQUEST (import_request_variables is not modified), this didn't work properly in the first place, and added confusion. (Sterling)
* Added dbx_escape_string() function to dbx module. (Marc)
* Added mb_strtolower() and mb_strtoupper(). (Moriyoshi)
* Added fribidi_get_charsets() and fribidi_charset_info() functions. (Tal)
* Added str_word_count() function which counts words inside a string. (Ilia)
* Added PGSQL_CONNECT_FORCE_NEW option to pg_connect() (Yasuo)
* (Added %e & %E support to printf/sprintf). (Ilia)
* Added mb_regex_set_options(). The Options parameters of various mbregex functions are now deprecated. (Moriyoshi)
* Added xslt_set_object and xslt_setopt function
* Made xslt_make_array() always set NULL on last index to signal array end.
* Added ob_get_clean() and ob_get_flush(). (Yasuo)
* Added ftp_ssl_connect() to ext/ftp for FTP over SSL support. (Stefan Esser)
* Added apache_response_headers(), apache_note(), apache_getenv() and apache_setenv() functions.
* Renamed getallheaders() to apache_request_headers() and made an alias for BC.
* Added php_apache_sapi_getenv() and php_apache_sapi_get_stat().
* Added array_diff_assoc() and array_intersect_assoc(). (Andrey)
* Added pg_fetch_assoc(), pg_fetch_all(), pg_ping(), pg_meta_data(), pg_convert(), pg_insert(), pg_select(), pg_update(), pg_delete(), pg_result_seek(), pg_unescape_bytea(), pg_get_notify() and pg_get_pid(). (Yasuo)
* socket_set_timeout() -> stream_set_timeout()
* socket_set_blocking() -> stream_set_blocking()
* set_file_buffer() -> stream_set_write_buffer()
* socket_get_status() -> stream_get_meta_data()
* Added stream_context_create(), stream_context_set_params() and stream_context_set_option and added an optional fourth parameter to fopen() which accepts a stream context. Contexts allow sharing of information between streams (a kind of "session") and setting notification callbacks. (Wez)
* Added stream_filter_prepend() and stream_filter_append() which apply a filter to either the top or the bottom of a stream filter stack. Implemented "string.rot13" filter as an example; more filters are expected to follow in later releases and other extensions. (Wez)
* Added stream_select() which works like socket_select but works on streams returned by fopen(), fsockopen() and pfsockopen() instead. (Wez)
* Added STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR constants for CLI sapi reflecting opened streams to their respective standard I/O counterparts. (Edin)
* Added file_get_contents() which returns the contents of a file as a string. This function also supports the URL wrappers. (Wez)
* Added mb_convert_case() function to the mbstring extension which can convert strings between upper, lower and title case using Unicode mappings. Fixed bug #19257 (strtolower & strtoupper does not work for UTF-8 strings). (Wez)
* Added ability to use Perl-style ${n} subpattern references in the replacement string for preg_replace() (bug #18442). (Andrei)
* Added ability to extract() variables as references via OR'able EXTR_REFS flag. (Andrei)
* Added XsltObject-<result_dump_mem($result) for returning xslt-result directly into a string and XsltObject-<result_dump_file($result,$file[,$compression]) for dumping into a file. (morus.walter@web.de, chregu)
* Added xslt_backend_version() and xslt_backend_name() for getting information about the processor backend. (chregu)
* Added ImageColorMatch() and ImageLayerEffect() functions which are only available when using the bundled GD library. (ttoohey)
* Added DomNode->set_namespace(uri[,prefix]) (chregu)
* Added some namespace support with DomNode->add_namespace(uri, prefix) and DomDocument->create_element_ns(uri, nodename) (chregu)
* Added optional parameter to DomElement->node_name() for retrieving fully qualified name (ie. namespace prefix). (chregu)
* Added ob_list_handlers() which returns an array of all active output handlers. (Marcus)
* Added mbstring encoding/decoding "HTML-ENTITIES". (Marcus)
* Added parameter 'L' for mb_http_input() to retrieve input encoding as a comma separated string. (Marcus)
* Added optional 5th parameter to FTP functions to support resuming. (Stefan)
* Added optional 2nd parameter to print_r() to make it return the variable representation instead of echoing it. (Derick)
* Added mysql_ping(), mysql_real_escape_string(), mysql_character_set_name(), mysql_thread_id(), mysql_stat() and mysql_list_processes(). (Zak, Georg)
* Added safe_mode & open_basedir checks for pg_lo_export(). (Yasuo)
* Added open_basedir check for pg_lo_import(). (Yasuo)
* Added optional parameter "flags" to mysql_connect() and mysql_pconnect() which can be used to set usage of idle timeout and different protocols, SSL and compressed. (Georg)
* Added domxml_node_namespace_uri(). (Rui Lopes)
* Added optional 3rd parameter 'recursive' to ftp_rawlist() which will do 'LIST -R' instead of 'LIST'. (Jani)
* Added an optional parameter to the header() function which overrides the HTTP response code. (Derick)
* Added new constants: PHP_PREFIX and PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX. (Stig)
* Added pctnl_alarm() function. (Edin)
* Renamed getallheaders() to apache_request_headers() and kept getallheaders() as an alias to it. Also added apache_response_headers() which returns the current response headers from Apache. (Rasmus)
* Added ability to capture string offsets in preg_split() results. (David Brown, Andrei)
* Added experimental support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean encodings into mbstring. (Rui)
* Added optional 5th parameter to domxml_xslt_process(). When set, profiling information is saved to the specified file. (chregu)
* Added MD5 support for crypt() on Windows. (Edin)
* Added output_add_rewrite_var() and output_remove_rewrite_var() to inject and remove variables from the URL-Rewriter. (Thies)
* Added large OID value (2^31 to 2^32) support for pg_lo_import(), pg_lo_unlink(), pg_lo_open() and pg_lo_export(). (Yasuo)
* Added __FUNCTION__ and __CLASS__ constants. (Jani, Zend Engine)
* Added optional 2nd parameter for pg_result_status() to specify return type. (Yasuo)
* Added mysql_info() function. (Jan)
* Added mysql_list_processes() and mysql_stat() functions. (Georg)
* Added exif_imagetype() function. (Marcus)
* Added domxml functions:
** domxml_elem_get_elements_by_tagname()
** domxml_doc_get_elements_by_tagname()
** domxml_doc_get_element_by_id()
** domxml_elem_remove_attribute()
** domxml_elem_get_attribute_node()
* Added formatting option to domxml_dump_mem().
(Uwe, jtate, Chregu)
* Added automatic host lookup capability to all functions that take addr's. example: socket_connect($sock, 'www.yahoo.com', 80);
* Added socket_set_block() which changes a socket into blocking IO mode
* Added socket_clear_error() which clears the last error on a socket
* Added optional 3rd parameter "int encoding_mode" to gzencode() and fixed parameters to conform documentation. (Stefan)
* Added exif_tagname() function which returns the names of tags and exif_thumbnail() function to extract embedded thumbnails. (Marcus)
* Added posix_errno() and posix_strerror() for fetching error messages
* Added safe_mode checks for opendir(). (jflemer)
* Added PHP_SAPI constant which contains the name of running SAPI. (Edin)
* Added ob_get_status() which returns an array of buffers with their status. (Yasuo)
* Added 3rd parameter "bool erase" to ob_start(). If FALSE, the buffer may not be deleted until script finishes. (Yasuo)
* Added object aggregation capability, see aggregation_*() functions. (Andrei)
* Added debug_zval_dump() which works similarly to var_dump, but displays extra internal information such as refcounts and true type names. (Jason)
* Added Andrei's tokenizer extension. (Stig)
* Added is_a() function that can be used to test whether object is of a certain class or is derived from it. (Andrei, Zend Engine)
* Added optional parameter to highlight_string() and highlight_file() which makes these functions to return a highlighted string instead of dumping it to standard output. (Derick)
* Added EXTR_IF_EXISTS and EXTR_PREFIX_IF_EXISTS flags to extract(). (Rasmus)
* Added function domxml_dump_node($doc,$node). Dumps a node plus all children into a string. (chregu)
* Added function domxml_node_get_content(). (chregu)
* Added function domxml_dump_file($filename,[$compression]). Dumps XML to a file and uses compression, if specified. (chregu)
* Added xpath_register_ns() function. This makes it possible to issue XPath queries with namespaces like for example: "//namespace:sampletag". (Chris Jarecki)
* Added optional second parameter to count() which can be used to specify either normal or recursive counting. (patch by Vlad Bosinceanu <glipy@fx.ro
* Added mb_get_info() to get internal settings of mbstring. (Rui)
* Added is_finite(), is_infinite() and is_nan(). (Jim)
* Added flags parameter to preg_grep(). The only flag currently is PREG_GREP_INVERT that will make the function return entries that did not match. (Andrei)
* Added var_export() which outputs a representation of a variable as reusable PHP code. (Derick)
* Added ob_get_level() which returns the nesting level of the output buffering mechanism. (Yasuo, Derick)
* Added ob_flush() and ob_clean() functions which flush and clean an output buffer without destroying the buffer. (Derick)
* Added new optional parameter to mysql_connect() which forces a new database link to be created. (Markus, Derick)
* Added ldap_sort() function. (Stig Venaas)
* Added md5_file() function which calculates the MD5 sum of a file. Patch by Alessandro Astarita <aleast@capri.it> (Derick)
* Renamed key_exists() to array_key_exists(). (Derick)
* Added support for bind_textdomain_codeset().
* Added udm_check_charset() function into mnoGoSearch extension.
* Added array_chunk() function which splits an array into chunks of specified size. (Andrei)
* Added session_cache_expire() function. (patch by <anuradha@gnu.org>) (Andrei)
* Added array_fill() function. (Rasmus)
* Added user-space object overloading extension. (Andrei)
* Added ldap_start_tls() function. (Stig Venaas, patch by <kuenne@rentec.com>)
* Added array_change_key_case() function which returns an array with all string keys lowercased or uppercased. (Edin)
* Added parameter to ircg_pconnect to suppress treating non-fatal errors as fatal, and added conversion of Windows quotes to &quot;. (Sascha)
* Added pcntl_exec() function which behaves similar to the system execve. (Jason)
* Added mcrypt_generic_deinit() to replace mcrypt_generic_end(). (Derick)
* Added apache_setenv() function for injecting variables into Apache's subprocess_env table. (Rasmus)
* Added support for 'int', 'bool', 'float' and 'null' in settype(). (Jeroen)
* Added ini_get_all() function which returns all registered ini entries or entries for the specified extension. (Jani)
* Added version_compare() function. (Stig)
* Added support for single dimensional SafeArrays and Enumerations. Added com_isenum() function to check if a component implements an enumeration. (Alan, Harald)
* Added ircg_get_username, a roomkey argument to ircg_join, error fetching infrastructure, a tokenizer to speed up message processing, and fixed a lot of bugs in the IRCG extension. (Sascha)
* Added import_request_variables(), to allow users to safely import form variables to the global scope (Zeev)
* Added vprintf() and vsprintf() functions that allow passing all arguments after format as an array. (Andrei)
* Added ImageCreateFromGD(), ImageCreateFromGD2(), ImageCreateFromGD2part(), ImageGD() and ImageGD2() functions (Jani)
* Added optional extra argument to gmp_init(). The extra argument indicates which number base gmp should use when converting a string to the gmp-number. (Troels)
* Added optional second parameter to trim, chop and ltrim. You can now specify which characters to trim (jeroen)
* Added a few new math functions. (Jesus)
* Added optional use of Boyer-Moore algorithm to str_replace() (Sascha)
* Added support for socket and popen file types to ftp_fput (Jason)
* Added hostname:port support to snmp functions (nbougues@axialys.net, Rasmus)
* Added fdf_set_encoding() function (Masaki YATSU, Rasmus)
* Added option for returning XMLRPC fault packets. (Matt Allen, Sascha Schumann)
* Added getmygid() and safe_mode_gid ini directive to allow safe mode to do a gid check instead of a uid check. (James E. Flemer, Rasmus)
* Made assert() accept the array(&$obj, 'methodname') syntax. (Thies)
* Added nl_langinfo() (when OS provides it) that returns locale.
* Added optional suffix removal parameter to basename(). (Hartmut)
* Added new parameter UDM_PARAM_VARDIR ha in Udm_Set_Agent_Param() function to support alternative search data directory. This requires mnogoSearch 3.1.13 or later.
* Added new experimental module pcntl (Process Control). (Jason)
* Added a further parameter to the constructor to load typelibs from file when instantiating components (e.g. DCOM Components without local registration). (phanto)
* Added the possibility to specify typelibs by full name in the typelib file (Alan Brown)
* Added a third argument to pg_lowrite() which is the length of the data to write. (Sterling)
* Added 'W' flag to date() function to return week number of year using ISO 8601 standard. (Colin)
* Added get_defined_constants() function to return an associative array of constants mapped to their values. (Sean)
* Added the 'u' modifier to printf/sprintf which prints unsigned longs. (Derick)
* Added the IMG_ARC_ROUNDED option for the ImageFilledArc() function, which specified that the drawn curve should be rounded. (Sterling)
* Added disk_total_space() to return the total size of a filesystem. (Patch from Steven Bower)
* Added com_release($obj) and com_addref($obj) functions and the related class members $obj->Release() and $obj->AddRef() to gain more control over the used COM components. (phanto)
* Added an additional parameter to dotnet_load to specify the codepage (phanto)
* Added apache_get_version() function. (Ilia)
tracker item
Better way to track referrals from Powered by TikiWiki link
TikiWiki.org gets a lots of referral links from other sites that have the "Powered by TikiWiki" footer enabled. It would be great if we could take advantage of this.

I propose that the referring site's URL should be appended to the link, so that we could create (if desired) custom landing pages for incoming links from high-traffic sites (such as the FireFox support site). I envision the incoming list to be something like:


Then on the wiki page "powered+support.mozilla.org" we could "sell" Tiki, explain why it was chosen to power that particular site, specific features, etc. In the .htaccess we could have a fallback page (simply "powered" to collect all other referrals that do not have a custom page.

tracker item
block/Ignore feature for users
tracker item
broken doc.t.o Preview fonctionality
If you are in the doc.tiki.org side and edit a page, try to do a preview.

You won't be able to.

I tried in other universes and the preview option works fine.
tracker item
Broken Link on tiki.org/Versions
tracker item
Browser session expired when you click the save button: how to avoid?

[cjh] When a user's session times out while they are composing a message, give them a special login screen which displays the message and allows them to log in again to resume their message with all data intact.

[jan] Show timeout warning if session is about to expire.

Similar: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1094
tracker item
Bug 3076 is duplicate of bug 2687 duplicate of bug 3076 duplicate of bug 2687...
Both bugs 2687 and 3076 are marked as duplicate of each other.
tracker item
Bugs - Whishlist management still unable to filter and sort neither access by Id

I have yet id3127 id3148 explained the problems of the bug and wishes list.

I returns on the subject :
*before if you were clicking on the column headers, which function is to allow to sort the displayed list, you where generating a crash by an SQL request error.
Somebody have done something.

*Now : When you use this feature the list is simply cleared (if error then return).

Either this tool is without any interest for development or not at all.
If it is without interest it must be suppressed...
if not it must normally function even simply.
Actually the function are very simple but they don't functions.

!!The list sort problem : a display simply cleared...

If it is, anybody can understand that the impossibility to sort a list which is always displayed as playing card poker, makes impossible any revue of a subject.

This is the main problem.

!!Minimum enhancements in my opinion
__A really minimum list :__
*Display the "id" and the "author"
*Display a full date (the day)
*Allow a direct access by the "id"
*Allow selection by check box and display only checked items
*Send by mail the current list
*Optionally send by mail the content of an id

This could allow to check this list...

tracker item
Can't Edit tiki-index.php?page=HomePage
I can't edit tikiwiki-1.10/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage when logged in as Admin.

1. Clicking on the Edit button on the bottom left results in quick "loading" message, but nothing else. The page remains as-is.
2. Clicking on the Edit icon on the top right results in quick "loading" message, but nothing else. The page remains as-is.

Page has the following text along the top, "Congratulations
This is the default HomePage for your Tiki. If you are seeing this page, your installation was successful."

A very crazy work around is to select "List Pages" on the left menu and select the page with a check mark, then click the Edit icon.
tracker item
Can't login after disabling Remember Me
When i disable Remember Me I am immediately logged off. When i try to log back in the system accepts the credentials but logs me back off. When i access the database from version tiki 5.3, i can log in without any issues.

It looks like in version 6.1, when i refresh a page or change pages, the system logs me off. If i have Remember Me enabled i don't have this problem.
tracker item
Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (lang/de/language.php:10965)
lang/de/language.php causes a "Cannot modify header information" PHP error
tracker item
Catorphans plugin does not handle page titles with a comma in them correctly
To reproduce:
#Create a page with a comma in the title (for instance "A page, with comma")
#Add the CATORPHANS plugin to a page
Actual result:
The page shows this text: ((A page, with comma))

Expected result:
The page should show a link to the page
tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Check all Wiki-parsing for environment-preservation
toggg fixed the broken Wiki-parsing in Blog/Trackers etc. - basically every feature except Wiki

We now need to cross-check for breakings!!

To get a list of all files to check, use this command:

$ find . -name '*.php' -exec grep -iEH 'parse_data\(' {} \;
tracker item
Check if tiki-atom.php is still needed
[23:29:48] <red_adair> who knows tiki-atom ? it's you amette talking of it, no ?
[23:30:05] <amette> tiki-atom - that's completely unknown to me! :O
[23:30:19] <red_adair> $description = htmlspecialchars($tikilib->parse_data($chg["$descId"]));
[23:30:29] <red_adair> is kinda weird
[23:30:43] <amette> it redirects me to tiki-view_articles.php....
[23:31:52] <mdavey> tiki-atom : mose, march '04
[23:32:57] <mdavey> oh, it is for RSS atom feeds
[23:33:12] <amette> better not kill it then.. ;)
[23:34:20] <mdavey> I think it might be redundant - I think that the RSS library we use supports atom, too, now. Need to do some investigation.
tracker item
check TikiWiki against Opquast best practices

Please see:
tracker item
Consistent Page Metadata Variables for Different Types of Pages
Currently, the $page and $description variables are available only for content displayed as Wiki Pages. Coding modules to extract similar information from other pages that may be displayed has to be done on a case by case basis.
tracker item
Cross Site Scripting
I have been testing a nice web site testing tool - WebInspect. After running several hours of tests against a Tiki site, it identified several places where user input was not scrubbed and open to cross site scripting:

For 1.9.3 updated 25 March


tracker item
CSS: Themes readiness for 1.9
Bundled themes readiness, see ''New Css Entities'', Fix broken themes ((tw:RecipeRestoreCss))

tracker item
Current Tiki (16 via svn) seems not to work with PHP7
tracker item
Database compatibility issue - checked out as... cvs -n -q update -r BRANCH-1-9 an hour ago
Get this on image view pages like...

An error occured in a database query!

File /cefn.com/cefntiki/tiki-browse_image.php
Url /cefntiki/tiki-browse_image.php?galleryId=2&imageId=2
select `catObjectId` from `tiki_categorized_objects` where `type`=? and `objId`=?
0 image gallery
1 2
Error Message
tracker item
Database error on saving wiki page (when categories/freetags are in use)
Database error as follows:

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php
insert into `tiki_objects`(`type`,`itemId`,`description`,`name`,`href`,`created`,`hits`,`comments_locked`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
Unknown column 'comments_locked' in 'field list'

installer/schema/20090205_forum_and_comments_locking_tiki.sql appears not to be run on fresh install. This file was introduced in:


Shouldn't the filename be 20090405....? Is this the problem?

Also, is this related to http://tikiwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tikiwiki?view=rev&revision=17919
tracker item
Datachannel / Tracker Functionality
tracker item
Decide on future branching & merging strategy
We need to decide on our branching & merging strategy.

Background info:
Many of the enhancements on HEAD have been backported to BRANCH-1-9. Most of the other enhancements have been done by Terence (teedog) -> ((tw:ReleaseProcess110))

Do we continue merges from 1.8 to 1.9 to Head?

Do we have devs assigned to merges, or do we ask each dev to do them?

Please see:

More discussion needed here...

tracker item
Dev t.o header is now broken after login in
tracker item
dev.tw.o and tw.o loose data
IRC-Log 20050705
[22:38:53] <amette> ahum - it looks to me, that we loose data on tw.o and on dev.tw.o after site-updates - please have a look here: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=257&show=view&status=o&trackerId=5&sort_mode=f_41_desc&filterfield=26&filtervalue[26]=tracker
[22:39:36] <amette> luci added the solution as far as I remember (lastmod is empty) - later on I closed this item with solution Accepted and a modification to the solution

--- some stuff cut ---

[22:49:50] <amette> The thing with tw.o is, that I know exactly I edited a page - later toggg told me, that I didn't make the change, hm, well, yes, it was lost.....
The page in question is

No one can confirm that with their own Tiki.

I really don't know what it could be (site updates) - but it scares the hell out of me.... well, almost ;)
tracker item
Disallow tiki-tell_a_friend.php in robots.txt
Calendar URLs are currently excluded for spiders and bots, for example:


excluded by entries:

Disallow: tiki-calendar.php
Disallow: /tiki-calendar.php

However, the URL /tiki-tell_a_friend.php?url=%2Fcalendar%3Ffocus%3D1268089200%26viewmode%3Dweek would be spidered instead.
tracker item
Display of many text after upgrade of a database coded UTF8 defined latin1 as UTF8 code

When you use an existing database (UTF8 coded but charset=latin1 and collate=latin1-swedish-ci) converted by tiki-install 5.0 :

1- the titles and contents are displayed : as pure utf8 is saying the French texts (tables defined charset=latin1) :

A- Titles of any item
"L'échec et ses conséquences" is displayed :
" L'échecs et ses conséquences"

B- Texts of dictionnary (language.php UTF8 encoded) as
"créé à partir d'une structure" (comment the update or creation origin of a document) is too displayed
"créé à partir d'une structure"

C- Contents of Wiki or articles : id

D- Menu options : are well displayed
The text comes from the same file language.php (fr)

E- Tiles of column of tables etc. : well displayed

F- Warning messages ?

Everything behaves like the titles and contents even defined as charset=latin1 are dsiplyed as UTF8 while the others are threated well.
Is it a relation with the fact that "modify" action never displays anything because of the query, I will try to understand.

Everything was displayed well in 4.x versions

tracker item
Display Problems in utf-8 : part of text are displayed as latin1 into encoded page utf-8.
!!phenomenon :
On a particular configuration, not identified yet, pieces of text are displayed as latin1 in a pagecode identified as utf-8 encoded.

!!test and facts :
# From a database well encoded utf8 and used with 5.0 on windows : export sql and look at encoding in hexa editor.
# Create from sql file two new database one on a windows installation, the other on Linux (OVH)
# Copy 5.3 to both installations.
# Run install and uses upgrade and convert
# Export databases to sql
# Compare the sql file : identical main data
# On loading the same page from the two servers we obtain two different displays :
## - Locally the delivered html page is clean and well displayed (sourcepage save and edited in hexa and firebug)
##__ - From the OVH server all the data from database are converted to latin1(where ?, probably served by mysql converted to latin1) while the text form system (language file) are displayed in utf8.__
# __ - The behaviour of the OVH installation is completely erratic (because the data are served converted and all indexes request and keys with accents become wrong)
# The Administrator general display says : "database error"__

!!question :
Why the data served to tikiwiki, with exactly the same parameters and data, are right on my server and converted into latin1 on the OVH configuration ?
I have not yet searched into the product, and I don't know, previously, how tikiwiki holds the encoding.

I think that who have developed these piece of product is able to tell me where the encoding to serve by mysql to the product is defined and which parameter can have an effect on the linux server and not on the one on windows.
tracker item
Pre-Dogfood servers down or not running the right version
tracker item
Edit Help in RC2 unreadable using Darkroom theme
In RC2 they made some changes to the edit-help (the now blue circle with a question mark).

When you open up the help and go to full screen mode, the text is un-readable while using the Darkroom theme.
tracker item
Editing page option "check orthography" crashes save

If you activate the function "check orthography" in params of a tiki page when editing it, When you save you get systematically the following error :

__!System error.__

Le message d'erreur suivant a été renvoyé :

__Table 'spacprottwk153.babl_words_fr' doesn't exist__

The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Things to check:


Is your database up and running?

Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database

Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php)

Did you complete the Tiki Installer?

Please see the documentation for more information.

__The database is conform to update from 4.1 and validated__
tracker item
tracker item
ENH trunk 7x : hability to intoduce [linebreaks] in some texts and their translations
!ENH trunk 7x : ability to introduce [breakline] in some texts and their translations

!!Nature of the problem
I many text it is unhallowed to use any markup language and filters are applied to these text.
Nevertheless, regardless HTML the this creates one main problem :

For <label> <input> and others strings with implicit new type "tikitypes" as warnings, comments etc... it is often necessary to have for a good GUI <breakline> at optimized positions.
HTML allows <br /> in all these cases (and all tags for strings into many tags.

Sometimes after translation because the words are longer a simple remark or a label which precede an input which followed himself by buttons-icons see the buttons at the next line.

All these cases needs to allow a [breakline] command which is then the lonely tag allowed.

I made this first for prefs in tiki_admin for labels (particularly when they are dependent and have a disposal on two columns)

!!What have been done
!!!Define the [breakline] command
!!!Create a smarty modifier "breakline"
It just replaces into strings [breakline] by "<br />" after the firewalls have been passed...
!!!Apply to list.tpl (class adminoptionbox)
Sample in list.tpl
<label for="{$p.id|escape}">{$p.name|escape}:</label>
<label for="{$p.id|escape}">{$p.name|escape|breakline}:</label>

!!What to do ?
Nothing I just have to commit.
But it changes general common rules. It is a [MOD] of second level the level of developers.

Ready to commit.

What's your opinion ?


tracker item
Ephemerides main-page should show the ephemeride of the day by default
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Error (system ERROR on dev.tikiwiki.org by most of "filter" commands

This concerns the [http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Search+Bugs] and [http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Search+Bugs]

I have yet reported this bug, but because of three crossed bugs 3104 and the "not found ones" this had been yet reported but not reachable.

__The three bugs are (were for the first) :__

!! 1- Report with no author
The registering of a "report a bug" was not always getting the author name. So, the report was, till ten days ago (diagnostic by chat and it seems repaired), treated as a not registered user (or logged in user ) writing.

!!!The consequences are :
# No way to access them (no ticket displayed) and no access if found for the real author. Nota : if you have the ticket number (got from chat when submitted ) you can access it reacting the http query for this ticket.

# no way to manage them by the registered author

I have between ten and twenty report lost by this way.
And because of the second bug I can't find them back (just those submitted while I was chatting because the ticked is displayed on the chat.

!! 2- Filter crash :
the reason is the use of the "IN()" SQL clause which is not accepted by MYSQL
It is impossible to check the list in a right manner

!!3- Crash on sort list
(click on column headers) for the same reason : use of "IN() clause into the SQL request

!Problems and solutions

!!Repair the request generation - all

!!Getback the management of his ticket to the real author

It is a lot of job and not fair to rewrite all the reports lost (generates doubletons).

The lonely solution seems to be that the author could submit to the manager (webmaster...) the list of the concerned reports (ticket number or title).

This needs to get a successful search (filter), implies that the 2d and 3td bug should be solved (I could not display an available list to find mines - I have sometimes made a local copy, so I have some dates, but at this dates or around I can't find my report, the list is always just a part of the full one)

!!Display the ticket number even the author is not known should be usefull

!!The mean of "any" in properties of report and display
Even this data means "any not defined" when you say "any" you mean actually : "only the marked - any - reports". So it is impossible without clicking individually all the checks "anyone" of this criteria.
The solution can be either :
*on the filter a button : select all
*a data for filter names "anyone"

- "select all" allow to unselect someones after
- "anyone" makes a more simple query allowing to forgot the criteria

__Without these solutions it is either awful or impossible to manage his "reports a bug"

Trebly - 04/28/2010 - 3h.07 Paris

tracker item
Error in SQL request submitted by the "search" button in menu od dev.tikiwiki - Same error as item : 3104

I just submit a new search, the SQL request crashes with "system error" as reported in item 3104.

This seems to be solved a few days ago, but it was not a full solution.
Here beyond the beginning of the request :

SELECT tti.*, ttif.`value`, ttf.`type`, sttif.`value` as `sortvalue` FROM ( `tiki_tracker_items` tti INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif ON tti.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId` INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_fields` ttf ON ttf.`fieldId` = ttif.`fieldId`) LEFT JOIN (`tiki_tracker_item_fields` sttif) ON (tti.`itemId` = sttif.`itemId` AND sttif.`fieldId` = 41) INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif0 ON (ttif0.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_objects` tob43 ON (tob43.`itemId` = tti.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_category_objects` tco43 ON (tob43.`objectId` = tco43.`catObjectId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif1 ON (ttif1.`itemId` = ttif0.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_objects` tob47 ON (tob47.`itemId` = tti.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_category_objects` tco47 ON (tob47.`objectId` = tco47.`catObjectId`) WHERE tti.`trackerId` = ? and (`status`=? or `status`=?) AND ttif0.`fieldId`=? AND tob43.`type` = 'trackeritem' AND tco43.`categId` IN ( ) AND ttif1.`fieldId`=? AND tob47.`type` = 'trackeritem' AND tco47.`categId` IN ( ) GROUP BY tti.`itemId` ORDER BY `sortvalue` desc...

You can notice that the syntax uses in "IN ()" clause which is not accepted by MYSQL.

!!Solution, first steps
Check all SQL queries for "IN()" clause and find a bypass anywhere in tikiwiki.

tracker item
Error page repeats header
tracker item
Error pages template problem
tracker item
Fatal error at doc.tiki.org
IE9, Firefox, Chrome all display this as soon I try to access doc.tiki.org.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 201326592 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/two/doc/lib/init/initlib.php on line 167

tracker item
Feature Workspaces is half broken on 1.10: add resources: ko, ws calendar: ko, ...
Workspaces (from ((doc:Mod AulaWiki)) are half broken on 1.10 since months ago.
Any action which is related to workspce calendar module gives fatal error (blank screen). Adding resources to workspaces also fails:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WorkspaceResourcesLib::get_url_admin_file() in /var/www/tiki110/lib/workspaces/resourceslib.php on line 117

On this url (on an updated site to 1.10svn from May 2nd):

http://edu.tikiwiki.org is also having the same kind of problem, on a less updated 1.10 site.
tracker item
Although enabling the "mindmap" feature in Tiki 4, when entering the mind map menu item, it says that the feature is disabled.<br />
<br />
I really hope I writing this in the right place and that there's no open ticket on this. I'm a "2 days old" user .. trying to do my best to help.<br />
<br />
tracker item
File Gallery Template
tracker item
Finish adding links to trackers from feature list
tracker item
Fivealive theme width (right hand column too far down)
Using the default fivealive theme on tiki.org and on a fresh install has the unwanted effect of the right hand column being far off to the right, and below the content (have to scroll down & across to see it).
Using Firefox 3.0, Linux.
tracker item
Fixing show
tracker item
floatval is not compatible to PHP < 4.2
floatval() gets used in tiki-register.php and is not available in PHP < 4.2
tracker item
Frame kidnapping
I have a TikliWIki as startup in one of two frames. The other frame has a number of links that are supposed to open in the Tikiframe. But if tiki-index.php has been opened in that frame, subsequent documents opens i new windows (in IE) (as if target=_blank had been used) och new tabs (in FF).
If index.php is the only document that has been opened (when the mysql-connection is broken) everything works, but as soon as I try tiki-index.php, the problem comes back.
tracker item
General: Use library functions for permissions and features
I would suggest the creation of two simple tikilib functions: have_permission() and feature_enabled(). These functions need to take the name of a Tiki permission or feature respectively, and should return a boolean if the permission is set, or feature enabled.

These two functions are obviously pretty simple to implement. After their introduction, all Tiki applications should be migrated to use them (a job I would suggest may take until 1.11 or later!).

The benefits of doing this include:

* Less programatic reliance on global variables
* No need to read entire permissions or feature database tables to return each page
* Lower in-memory information required to run the application
* Allows for finer grained permissions and feature control without affecting scalability
* Permissions and features can subsequently be replaced by more sophisticated, scalable, usable or effective solutions later without futher disruption to applications.

The last point is the key here: Whilst there are currently hundreds of permissions and features, there are lacking in places where they should exist. Clearly adding yet more permissions and features isn't really viable.

Also, having a replaceable solution means it would be possible to move to an "entitlements" based solution without breaking the entire system. Entitlements may offer a way to provide extreme customisation abilities, with scalable and flexible permissioning, control of features etc.

The subject of permissions and feature control is obviously broad. This RFE only aims to facilitate the future discussion and adoption of a more generic model for control of the application.
tracker item
Group homepage redirection at login time not working on recent HEAD cvs
We have been using group homepage redirection at login time for months on 1.10cvs with no problems. But in the latest couple of months, I would say, some bug might have been introduced since it stopped working recently ago, just after a cvs update.

We've noticed that if we uncheck: "Go to group homepage only if login from default homepage:" (at Admin -> General), then redirection works again (but we loose the right direction when somebody gopes to the tiki site after clicking to a forum post url from their email program on local.

tracker item
Group Permission Negation Patch
The following patch adds negated group support to TikiWiki. Using this patch, you can choose to hide modules from users that ''are'' in a given group, by simply specifying the group name as !Group.

The patch is in production use on the [http://www.asperger.asn.au|Asperger Services Australia] website. I'll see if I can come up with some screenshots shortly.
tracker item
http://tikiwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tikiwiki/branches/4.x/changelog.txt contains link to http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseNotes42 which does not exis
http://tikiwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tikiwiki/branches/4.x/changelog.txt (got link to that from -german- http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Tiki4) contains link to http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseNotes42 which does not exist
tracker item
I wish to demonstrate show.tiki.org for FOSDEM 2014
tracker item
Icons available for QuickTags not displayed by editor
Icons available for assignment to QuickTags are not displayed in the Tiki editor, nor is the path to them. This is a major usability bug for Tiki admins and end users who have no access to the server's file system, particularly because Tiki does not permit assignment of QuickTags without an icon.

I would like to see an option to assign QuickTags without an icon (text title only) plus an interface to display and select icons. (Personal preference: text title only; I am not an icon lover.) Icons already in use should either not be displayed for selection or the fact of already being in use should be clearly indicated.
tracker item
illegal character in html source (syntax error)
In HTML source, line 3 character 1 produces a syntax error in Microsoft Internet Explorer - but only when setting the site language to German.

This character is a tab stop. However, I haven't found out the difference between this one and the tab stop used in English.

Site: http://list.vic-fontaine.com/
Test user/pw: smarty

This effect can be reproduced with clean installations as well.
tracker item
Image Mouseover Non Functioning tiki14 and tiki15
tracker item
Included RSS feed links always open in new window
If you include RSS feeds in modules or Wiki pages (in fact, anywhere that $tikilib->parse_data is used) then links always open in new windows.

This should (in my view) default to open in the same window, with a config option to change. It might be possible to do it in the {rss id=} pseudo tag? That might be the least hassle option?

Either way, all the fun is in tikilib.php, and affects all versions from 1.8 to 1.9 (I think 1.6 onwards, but don't quote me!)

tracker item
Incorect parsing in wikilinks
Wiki 6 is incorrectly parsing text in wikilinks, in 4 and 5 this ~np~((Easy and Play|Easy & Play)) ~/np~ produced a wikilink like: Easy & Play

In 6 it produces : Easy & amp; Play

It is not possible to circumvent this by using an np command or by using ~038~ as per the documentation, that produces #038 rather than &

Why is the text that follows | in a wikilink not parsed as any other text ?
tracker item
Incorrect URLs on IIS installs in document root
This bug is tied to [http://example.com|http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1964&trackerId=5&show=view]

I have had various issues navigating my wiki seemingly because $base_url is not getting built correctly, or at all. The first of these issues happens at login where the user puts in a bad username or password. The redirect to the error page fails on Firefox and has a URL with doubled forward slashes after the domain because the $base_url is not getting passed. URLs get built as follows (where 'example.com' is my domain):

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com\/tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com//tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

This happens with relative URLs all over tikiwiki in my installation, which is a WAMP with virtualHost entries in the httpd.conf to resolve 2 distict domains on the same server.
tracker item
Issue with the back button (maybe not related to the spreadsheet-function)
Issue with the back button (maybe not related to the spreadsheet-function):

I check the version history of the Spreadsheet and compare the two latest versions (works fine). But when I try to use the button "back" I get an empty error message. When I choose OK I get the same message. I am forced to use "cancel". When I instead use the back button in the web reader everything works fine and I can return to the version history. I use firefox 3.6.3.
tracker item
Many lists overlap the layout with fixedwidth styles
with 8.1 (and before) a __fixedwidth style__ (default 990px) like twist, __when it has to display a list like "wiki pages" overlaps the center column outside the layout of 450px.__

What do you think of this ?
Do any solutions have been studied ?
Do anybody works on this problem ?

The function has "no error bug" but it is not a professional way, a tester said to me whoa !!! you are going to try to propose this...

!!Working on :

Several solutions can be studied and combined :
# __embed these "tables" into tables__ so that they can't overlap but have hscroll (with all fields for selection). This is technically valid but __not at all sufficient because it is unusable__
# Add table with a minimum of 9 cells :
** Title and fields which fits the center column (col2) on span 2 c
** Empty
** second tr :
*** The title of element
*** content table with span 2 c and hscroll
** third tr
*** Footer span 2c (width of col2
*** Empty
quite heavy...

# Cut the bottom of middle (col1,2,3) overlapping centered and use 100% width of screen, with automatic hscrool if too large with standard browser zooming
# The same hiding the "middle" (basic col 1,2,3) : needs to display the header with 100% width, and a new content header (enhance all styles to be able with good reliability to hide cols - a good check).
# use solution of "embed table" but with a "button to swap" to full width layout fitting the width of the screen
# option for automatic swap to full width when large tables are displayed
# swap fullscreen for tables described above
~~#099:!!!Waiting for ideas and project, thanks__~~
tracker item
Many lists overlap the layout with fixedwidth styles
with 8.1 (and before) a __fixedwidth style__ (default 990px) like twist, __when it has to display a list like "wiki pages" overlaps the center column outside the layout of 450px.__

What do you think of this ?
Do any solutions have been studied ?
Do anybody works on this problem ?

The function has "no error bug" but it is not a professional way, a tester said to me whoa !!! you are going to try to propose this...

!!Working on :

Several solutions can be studied and combined :
# __embed these "tables" into tables__ so that they can't overlap but have hscroll (with all fields for selection). This is technically valid but __not at all sufficient because it is unusable__ quite heavy... but can be useful to have studied for later
# Add table with a minimum of 9 cells :
** Title and fields which fits the center column (col2) on span 2 c
** Empty
** second tr :
*** The title of element
*** content table with span 2 c and hscroll
** third tr
*** Footer span 2c (width of col2
*** Empty
# Cut the bottom of middle (col1,2,3) overlapping centered and use 100% width of screen, with automatic hscrool if too large with standard browser zooming
# The same hiding the "middle" (basic col 1,2,3) : needs to display the header with 100% width, and a new content header (enhance all styles to be able with good reliability to hide cols - a good check).
# use solution of "embed table" but with a "button to swap" to full width layout fitting the width of the screen
# option for automatic swap to full width when large tables are displayed
# swap fullscreen for tables described above
!!Waiting for ideas and project, thanks
tracker item
German localization
a) The german localization has a lot of errors, mostly typos.

b) The wording and/or spelling some of the original (english) phrases in the language file appear to me as questionable, eg line 655 "New articles submited"
tracker item
11.x: jq popup boxes fall below main panel => buttons hidden

In our case, we are using "Strasa" theme style, in 11.x svn.

As admin, we go to Admin home > Workspaces & Areas > Create a workspace:

The jquery popup box fell behind the main panel in the central column. Therefore, the buttons where hidden behind that panel in the central column.

{img fileId="249" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}


The same with the button the "change highlighter" (codemirror) in a text area in a wiki page: the popup bux is not shown (falls behind the edit area, it seems).

Same with plugin file, plugin to upload images, etc. If you are in full screen edit mode, then you see nothing from that popup shown (behind).

The problem seems to be somehow with the strasa I had in my installation, which came from upgrades. I cound't reproduce the issue in show.t.o, nor in my site with another theme style.
tracker item
Javascript toggle is broken
In tiki_categories-admin.tpl, the javascript function toggle is used to toggle tree nodes for subcategories. However, that function appears in two places - PHPLayers menu and tiki-js. Ouch.

This worked in 1.9 and is broken in 1.10

Same is true for the debug console and (I suspect) anything else that uses the toggle function.

I isolated the problem - I added the browse categories module - that includes phplayers-tiki.php, which includes lib/phplayers, which has the toggle function...

More tracking found the problem - it is in lib/phplayers/lib/treemenu.inc.php

the makeNewTree function looks for a menu_name variable that is added to the toggle function name. This works for the standard category view. However, somewhere along the line the name isn't passed properly in categories module.

The other complication is that the normal category browsing page doesn't work right with this module.

Oddly, phplayers is not included in the 1.10 head download, so I don't get it.

tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Keep form data after back button (when CAPTCHA typo / session expired)
If you're editing a page and you fail the CAPTCHA or your session expires, your whole edit is lost. Most users expect their browser to have saved the form data, many would know enough to log back in then hit the back button to get back to the form (or at least, hit "back" and copy the data for later pasting after login). This does not work - after a "back" the form is empty!

I'm ranking this bug as priority 7 because it is very serious - data loss and angry users. I think the solution is trivial, too: see below.
tracker item
tracker item
LDAP Auth bug
Fatal error when trying to authenticate against an LDAP server on IIS6 Windowns 2003 Server:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Net_LDAP2_Error::getEntry() in D:\WWWROOT\wiki60\lib\auth\ldap.php on line 257
tracker item
tracker item
Like feature for Comments and more
tracker item
LinkedIn Links Broken
The tiki.org LinkedIn links are all broken.
tracker item
Live Support module always shows ONLINE
I added the Live Support module and it initially showed OFFLINE.

However once I used it and went offline the graphic still shows ONLINE and will not go away.

I figured it out - I need to go to Live Support System and go off line.

tracker item
Login Bug Unless Remember Me Box Clicked - Now problems with use of 'Click here to confirm action'
At first I had the problem with the Login Bug listed here:- http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=LoginBug&highlight=login%20bug

I have tried using all fixes on this page and to no avail.

Since then I have found that any function that uses the 'Click here to confirm action' page and button does not work. Are these interrelated? This happens if I try to delete a user, rollback a page in fact any function that uses that button and page?

Help or fixes would be very much appreciated as I have found tikiwiki excellent to use with my classes but these bugs are leading me to use something different next time!
tracker item
login problem
I have installed tikiwiki 4.1 on hostgator. When I login from firefox it doesn't take me to the next page which contains admin menu and logout option even after successful login. If I login from IE, problem doesn't arise while loggin in but at logging out same problem arises i.e. it still shows admin menu.
tracker item
Long url (no space) overflowing should be truncated or visually changed
tracker item
Make pjirc use the usernames from tikiwiki as the username in irc
I would like the java irc client pjirc to use grab the usernames from the tikiwiki database to log the people in when they want to use the irc channel. it is very similar to the mod for Simple machine forums http://pjirc.dtmdotexe.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=26. It will only work for registered users and does not need to work with wiki markup or group permissions (works as long as you are logged in). You do need a php script to input the irc server/channel to connect to.

tracker item
Manual merge of July-August 2007 BRANCH-1-9 fixes to 1.10 -> check fot Tiki4
During the last few weeks before launch of 1.9.8, many fixes were introduced. They need to all be evaluated and ported to 1.10

Needed in 1.10 script: change password -> 999 days and 1999 days, needs to become -1 (and a warning in tpl not to use these values) 999 become 1000 and 1999 becomes 2000 if you try.

ref: [http://tikiwiki.cvs.sourceforge.net/tikiwiki/tiki/db/tiki_1.8to1.9.sql?revision=]

Making tiki-admin_modules.php more intuitive (last few commits):
tracker item
Memory exhausted when saving user preferences
When I try and save user preferences (viewing is OK), I get the first part of the user preferences screen back, and then it stops at the "User login:" display with:

Last login:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6291456 bytes) in /.../lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 182

tracker item
Menu bar with search engine disappearing on the *doc.tiki.org* side
Let's take, per example, [http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Look+and+Feel|this page] found at:


or any pages for this matter on the http://doc.tiki.org/

and we do not see the menu and usual upper functionalities

Do you see the same?

Other Tiki.org users have reported the same.

Here is a capture screen of what is observed


Here are some conversations copied and pasted:

Gary Cunningham says:

Maybe you caught doc.tiki.org while it was being upgraded, or else you
are seeing a cached version of the site. It looks normal to me, and I
suppose it may be normal also for you by now.

-- Gary

Gregor says:

I can confirm this. The site looks the same to me as shown in your image.

I tried FF 3.6/4. Clearing the cache didn't help. Chrome 11.x shows the site as it should be.



IMOO, on IE things look fine.


Torsten says:

just to give it a try -> did you go to

admin->general->date and time?

Plz try the site after you unchecked "Detect user timezone (if browser allows). Otherwise use site default."

and check on "Use site default to show times".

We had recently a weird Timezone bug, that might not yet be fixed => our site was only visible from certain browser/OS combination

In our case we had Memory Exhaust errors, so it might not be related. But just a quick check - I lost two weeks on that issue until Jonny saved my live, finding the cause.



Gregor says:

it does not seem tio be cookie-related. I deleted he local_tz cookie without any result.

As I'm not a admin on doc.tiki.org I cant test changing tz detection. Anyway, I dont think this would help.

@Daniel: does the site show correctly if you log out (using http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-logout.php)?



Daniel's answers:

a) I can't do an admin test like suggested as I don't have admin perms.

b) Firefox which version?

I'm writing from a place where I can't see which IE version they and it seems OK on IE

Would the v4 of Firefox be the problem?

Since I upgrated I have all kinds of incongruities.

c) I can't reproduce the bug from where I'm sitting. I'll be able to answer the logout question later on tomorrow May 20th 2011

tracker item
Minify JavaScript causes JS errors (e.g. Clicking on edit toolbar buttons reloads page)
When editing a wiki page, clicking on any of the toolbar icons:

{img id=102}

causes page to refresh.

Tested with FireFox 3.5 (linux) and IE 6.

If the page is edited using the edit icon (which loads the editor using Ajax), then the feature does work.

This feature works on previous version of tiki (3.x) with the same browsers.

Tiki cache was ceared. No difference.
tracker item
misplaced quotes in remarksbox.tpl
While digging through some html I found the following:

{CODE()}<div class="rbox-data"">{CODE}

the line in remarksbox.tpl is:

{CODE()}<div class="rbox-data{$remarksbox_highlight}"{if !empty($remarksbox_width)} style="width:{$remarksbox_width}{/if}">{CODE}

When the second if statement evaluates to false an extra double-quote is still output.

tracker item
tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Modules: if a feature is turned off, it should be hidden or somehow filtered + other ideas
Tiki 1.9.8 ships with 94 modules. (excellent)

Need a "module manager"

Module should come with a screenshot or preview.

A page listing all modules with descriptions and parameters- grouped by feature.

currently, the "user modules" and "assigned modules" titles are very non-intuitive. Should say "custom modules" and "active modules"

However, all modules are listed at all times. Module listing should check for features which are activated. It would be easier on new Tiki admins. For example, if articles are deactivated, don't show me last_articles in tiki-admin_modules.php

Admin modules does not display titles of available modules or provide easy method for selecting unused modules, such as with a listbox. The missing information is not available unless a Tiki admin has system admin permissions.

Also, all possible parameters for the current module should be listed (or picked from a drop-down)

Plugins admin interface
tracker item
Move external libs to Composer
tracker item
MySQL Has Gone Away Error in Tiki 4.0
This appears about every 6-10 actions on my site. __System error. The following error message was returned: MySQL server has gone away Database is not currently up to date! Visit Tiki Installer to resolve this issue.__

Luciash moved my Tiki 3.1 to 4.0 and it started. When he upgraded my account I had maybe 5 pages. I still only have 3 users and maybe 20 pages. There is no rhyme nor reason to what sets it off and it is not just my computer that causes it (tested in both NJ and TN in the US). When I reload the page it is fine. Also, I have my own domain and host. I have upgraded it 11 times now and am simply tired of dickering with it and marclaporte/luciash both said to report it.

Let me add something: I switched hosts and over the past 96 hours I have NOT had an error (yet).

Which mysql version?
which server version?

I don't know where/how to put this (all a bit confusing and I never was emailed or anything to reply)

Apache version 2.2.14 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.9
MySQL version 5.0.81-community
Architecture x86_64
Operating system Linux
Ip Address [redacted]
Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
Kernel version 2.6.18-164.6.1.el5
cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)
tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
New theme of dev.tikiwiki : color of the tracker display text -> very hard to read, please change to much more light pink

The actual color used for the display of trackers ("bugs and wishes") is __ugly and make the read difficult__ (red text can't be read, other colors seems hard etc...) __and very tiring.__

To be coherent with the design a very light pink for great surfaces should be welcome.


tracker item
New users have can't send messages although "Allow messages from other users" is checked by default
Topic says it:

- newly created user
- send message -> doesn't work, error message
- go to MyPreferences
- don't change anything
- just hit "Change Preferences"
- go send a message -> works
tracker item
No access to filters in this dev.user interface on "Bugs and wishes" query and Reports ("list yours") (without getting a : query error message)

I can act that, with new version of the dev dev.interface:

- No efficient access to "list yours" (empty list with query error)
- No filter which don't reach "query error"

No more tool efficient to manage the report "bugs ans wish"

I stop till I don't receive a message telling that we can access to :
- filters on messages
- find my own message


Because I can't work without these tools

I have waited two days.

What happens ?
tracker item
Notification with content of an new page without permission
tracker item
On permission denied, send to URL must be a tiki page call (user will have hard time)
tracker item
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools