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This page is about development of the CartoGraf profile.

Testing happens at:

How to report visual or browser issues

CartoGraf is a quite visual app and it pushes the limits of some browsers. So it's quite difficult to explain an issue in a traditional textual bug report. You can use a desktop screen recording software and upload to our Kaltura instance or for short videos, use Tiki Screencast to record directly. We will then have access to the video, which makes it easier to understand the issue and to resolve quickly. -> CartoGraf Browser and visual issues



Result from the test made april 18-23

I set some priorities, i don't know how much time you have left for this project. 1 are essential, we could have some problem in a short term. 2 are from a user point of view "must have'", they are nice features but we could (it's painful to say it) live with out it. 3 just details and 4 a long term task that will have to be done.

Great work Jonny. Catograf rocks. We are having a test monday 10h30 to 11h30 with many users. There are 2 bugs that could make a problem stevequirion

1 Safari MAC

In safari, user's can not create a map,

  • Seems ok for me - i just created this one as admin - where does it fail for your users? Jonny Bradley

  • It's on safari 5 on OSX 10.6 , i ask for some more test, so i ll confirm that. User's can open the app, but when they click on creat, nothing happens... Impossible to upgrade to sarafi 6, stuck at version 5 for 10.6 stevequirion

  • Hmm, i don't have access to a 10.6 machine - i do have a 10.4 Mac at home but not sure when i'll be back there... if we could get an error message from the JavaScript console it might help? Jonny Bradley

  • Paul will make some tests and send us the results stevequirion

1 Share

We experience stange bug with the share option. All theses maps dont have de poi and some of them even can be modify direcly.

1- http://cartograf.recitus.qc.ca/Carte?coordinates=14.0625%2C28.92163128242307%2C2&shareCode=calgaryareatest123&mapName=UrbanRegionforLearntest3&sourceId=799#Carte

2- http://cartograf.recitus.qc.ca/Carte?coordinates=14.0625%2C28.92163128242307%2C2&shareCode=region_03_12&mapName=Test%20Cartograf%20-%20Alain%20Houle&sourceId=514#Carte

3- http://cartograf.recitus.qc.ca/Carte?coordinates=14.0625%2C28.92163128242307%2C2&mapId=785&mapName=Un%20territoire%20urbain%2C%20r%C3%A9gion%20ou%20agricole%3F%20copielise&shareCode=lise5#Share

4- http://cartograf.recitus.qc.ca/Carte?coordinates=14.0625%2C28.92163128242307%2C2&mapId=558&mapName=Test%203%20-%20Un%20territoire%20urbain%2C%20r%C3%A9gion%20ou%20agricole%3F%20copy&shareCode=test3#Share

What i understand of all these problems:

1- Problem with some caracters used in the title like "-" because they are in the url... Do we need the title in the url?

  • Yes, it's designed that way
  • So, is it possible to prevent user to use - and _ and other caracters that could cause some problem in the title? But we need éàä etc. in other langage. But it seems to me that we could have problems in the futur in other langage. stevequirion

2- The share check box change the url with out saving it. + User's will use the url in the browser, it's not the same url?

  • The share URL is never saved but calculated in the page - it's only the URL that is "public" (nojoin) or not - again, this is "by design" so not easily changed without significant changes


1 fixe in SVG edit et Firefox


Bug ELfinder


Duplicating a public map, and try to add a POI (regression)


1 BUG error (regression)

When you delete a POI (not every time) there's an error. Look like a debug thing, maybe turn it off? Maybe related to the first bug whit the POI.
I never seen this bug before, only on cartograf.recitus.qc.ca?

@Steve: I reset all permissions and it looks OK to me. Can you try again? Marc Laporte

Not working, but the problem is difficult to reproduce, i'm trying to find out what is the sequence. stevequirion


I am unable to reproduce Marc Laporte

1- Coordinates


1- Elfinder is in english


1- Labels of maps are in english


1- CAS connection


2- LEGEND picker to be more contextual


2- Mouse over icon in icon picker


Steve : regression, firefox, no redirect to map after printing
Confirmed for me too Marc Laporte

So the behavior in various browsers was different. A workaround was found. Marc Laporte

3- share edit window (details)


French version bug

Add marker


Phase 2

Where will future development take place?

Theme code is temporarily managed on a semi-private SVN. We will change later when we decide where it should live. (ask Jonny or Marc for access in the mean time). Once in a while, we attach a zip to the profile page. This was OK for phase 1, but will need to change in phase 2.
The options are:

  • GitHub
    • Pros: nice UI
    • Cons: not FOSS, and Git instead of SVN
  • Mods
    • Pros: can designed for this
    • Cons: not maintained
  • A new SourceForge.net project, with Allura
    • Pros: Allura is FOSS, clear distinction so good marketing
    • Cons: extra maintenance (who will do it?)
  • on profiles.tiki.org with PluginArchiveBuilder
    • Pros: web-based commits
    • Cons: not a real SCM
  • Fossil: http://fossil-scm.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/fossil-v-git.wiki which is like Github-in-a-box
    • Pros: Simple
    • Cons: Not well-known
  • elsewhere

2012-11-25: Louis-Philippe is devising a system for Citadel Rock, so we will likely use this when it's ready.


When a user duplicates his/her own maps

When a user makes a copy of his own maps, all the images are duplicated: is it possible to do like a public image and make just a link to the existing image?

Seems to me this is the safest to have everything as consistent as possible, no? If I duplicate a map, I may want a different drawing for each Marc Laporte

If we look at the way the public image works, the user can draw a different drawing on a same image but if a user copy the maps of an other user, the images are copied in is account. (Steve)

We could talk about this on the phone Marc stevequirion

So I discussed with Jonny and it's just too difficult/risky for this phase of the project, so moving to phase 2.

When a user copies a map, an option to grab all POIs (not just own)

Handling of deletions

  • When a map is deleted, associated markers, zones and legends should as well, but this could be an issue if map was shared/joined.
  • Have a web service to delete users (because they are deleted in another system)
    • When a user is deleted, so are the maps (and from the maps, the markers, zones and legends as well

Deleted maps, deleted image (long term, eventually needed)

Cron job to delete image's that are not linked to a map

Legend picker UI

  • When you add a POI and pick an icon, it checks what is currently in the legend and currently on the map (great) and that is added to the choices at the top. However, if you click to another category and you come back, they are gone. This is not trivial to fix and an not in the happy path, so pushing to phase 2

Drawing when there is no background image

  • A way to start a drawing when there is no image in the background?

Coordinates when adding a marker

We can set the coordinates manually (or by copy-paste) when editing a marker, but it would be even better to also be able to do this when adding a marker.



Export and sharing

  • Evaluate how to share map data between two cartograf applications or with other mapping apps


  • elFinder: Perhaps thumbnails could be bigger than now, so as to not have to preview each image
    • Tried, would need complex css changes to stop layout breaking up badly
      • Ok, leave as is, then for phase 1 and we re-investigate for phase 2

Other ideas

  • tracker logging in profile?
  • A way to delete old/inactive users and all their data (including tracker data)
  • See if there would be a way to not limit usernames to A-Z, 0-9 and _ (underscore) which is because we are using Zend_Search_Lucene
  • Login box pop-up confusion. You mouse-over and click so you see box and then page refreshes... this was fixed already
  • Setup page should not be prolly visible to anonymous visitors (see http://demo.luciash.eu/tiki10x-cartograf/Setup)
  • When there is no map yet (fresh install) there is
    No results for query.
    box on HomePage - better to hide ?

Community building

  • A started profile with realistic course data
  • More videos
  • More docs
  • A microsite would be nice but need to think of maintainability


Help popups

Image visible just after upload

  • Ideally, in tracker file/image upload, make the image visible after upload (right now, it's just the text of the name of the file) Done in phase 1 (miniature image)

UI for small screens

  • If easy, jQuery pop-up make smaller when there is not a lot of content (better for small screens) . For example, when you delete an item.

Maps layers handling

  • Should they be part of the URL?
  • Print mode doesn't show the right background

This is not in current HTML, and would require some AJAX.


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