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Tiki 14 is now scheduled to be released in late March early May 2015, as discussed in the February webinar. The release coordinator is Bernard Sfez.

As discussed in the February webinar, this will be a strict release so please refrain from committing potentially dangerous improvement/changes/fixes.

Next Release Scrum Meeting

While not truly a "scrum" meeting as defined by the software development methodology, all developers and documenters are encouraged to participate in these sessions. The goal is to supplement communications that are on this wiki page as well as on the dev-list with a real-time sync-up on release efforts.

The format of the meeting will be similar to the "10 am" meetings at TikiFests, where there is a quick touch-base of what each other has been doing, what's the next highest priorities, and talk about the "divide and conquer" strategy for the remaining tasks. The meeting will be carried out on https://tiki.org/Live

The last release update meeting, which also featured a presentation on how to conduct automated testing using Selenium Builder and Sauce Labs was at:

Thursday, December 4, 2014 UTC

Release date

Step Date Who is in charge Comment
Branch 02/15
Alpha 2/03/15 Luciash
Beta 23/03/15 jonny B and Jyhem
Release 23/05/15 jonny B
Tiki Website Actual Target Who
Info 6.13 12.x LTS?
Dev 13.1 14 Amette - Bsfez
Community 13.1 14 ? - ?
Doc 13.1 14 Amette - Xavi
Themes 13.1 14 ? - Gary DONE
TV 12.4 14 ? - Daniel Need server update
Profiles 9.10 12.xLTS? ?
Branding 9.10 ? ?
Suite 13.1 9.x or 12.x LTS? ?
Translation (i18n) 13.0 Trunk ?
Code BROKEN ? ?
Stats BROKEN ? ?
Edu 12.x LTS 12.x LTS ? Oliver
R 12.x LTS (svn) 12.x LTS ? Xavi
Mother Trunk Trunk ?


Release Coordinator

  • Bernard Sfez


  • Jonny B
  • Bernard Sfez (coordinating effort to involve support from Nelson and his team)


  • Torsten (I am upgrading and developing a few semi-productive and productive sites with pre-14)
  • Geoff
  • luci (will go through the blockers list and check if they are still valid...)
  • Bernard Sfez getting minimum viability test done and coordinating


  • Jonny B (can assist)
  • You? (volunteers welcome)


  • Gary (chibaguy) - Especially about creating, adapting and installing themes, and about adjusting site content to be responsive, etc.
  • You? (volunteers welcome)


  • Bernard Sfez to coordinate communication (Rick and Torsten ?)


  • Bernard Sfez (bsfez)


This is just a checklist the details about how to release are on the page : How to release

  1. Pre Branching operation
    1. Create and update relevant page over all t.o websites
      1. Version page on doc for Tiki14
      2. Version page on dev for Tiki15
      3. Prepare the download page at http://info.tiki.org/Download
      4. Update dev menu - right col (l2r) About Development link (jb)
      5. Update Wishlist categories (Nelson)
    2. Database and technical checkup
      1. Check _tiki.sql suffixes (Nelson)
      2. Check Structure (Nelson)
      3. Check Drop table (Nelson)
      4. MyISAM and Innodb (Nelson)
      5. Check SEFURLs (Nelson)
      6. Make sure CDN version is in sync with code (Nelson)
      7. Review all external links and make sure URLs are still active (Nelson)
      8. Check JSLint (jonny)
      9. Check the README file for manual commits (Nelson)
      10. Remove any out of sync English strings (Jyhem)
      11. Generate preference report (Nelson)
      12. Check security (Nelson)
      13. Check that external software library dependencies are up to date (Jonny) - See Tiki 12 Composer Dependencies
        1. Integrity
        2. Security
        3. General up-to-date-ness
      14. Check byte order mark (Nelson) -> the only files affected are in vendor/..... any action required? Looks like they are js files.
      15. Prevent directory browsing (add index.php) (bsfez)
  2. Create the new branch (Nelson)
  3. Post branching operation
    1. Create new category on dev.tiki.org (for bug reports) (Nelson)
    2. Adding new branch to demo (Jyhem)
    3. Add the new branch to show.tiki.org (Nelson)
    4. Add link to new branch Daily Build (Oliver Hertel)
    5. Adding new branch to Get code (Jonny did probably, Nelson Jonny double checks)
    6. Update $profilesLink (Xavi) Isn't it obsolete ?
    7. Make featured profiles for this new version (Xavi)
    8. show.t.o-realted tasks
      1. First add the new branch to the dropdown in templates/trackerinput/showtikiorg.tpl (Xavi)
      2. Remember to backport to the version that the actual dev is running (Xavi)
      3. in the show server checkout the new branch into usr/local/src/tiki (Nelson)
      4. in the show server add the branch to /usr/local/sbin/tim-common BRANCHES="trunk 12.x 13.x"
      5. Refresh the instances by calling right away the cron: /usr/local/sbin/tim-cron
      6. Once dev.tiki.org updates, it should then work.
    9. Update Pre-Dogfood Server to Tiki14.x
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Amette & Gary)
      2. next.tiki.org (Amette & Gary)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Amette & Gary)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (Amette & Gary)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (Amette & Gary) server update
    10. Test min 30mn the website
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Bsfez)
      2. next.tiki.org (add your name)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Xavi)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (add your name)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (add your name)
  4. Tiki 14 Alpha release (Luciash) Cancelled to shorten release process
    1. Calling community to install from scratch and upgrade pages (Bsfez)
      1. Tiki download page (http://info.tiki.org/Download) (Bsfez)
    2. Updating t.o websites
      1. dev.tiki.org (amette - bsfez)
      2. tiki.org (add your name)
      3. doc.tiki.org (add your name)
      4. themes.tiki.org (add your name)
      5. tv.tiki.org (add your name)

  5. Tiki 14 Beta release
    1. Packaging (Jonny)
    2. Package testing (Jonny)
    3. Upload to SourceForge.net (Jonny)
    4. Tiki download page (http://info.tiki.org/Download) (Bsfez)
    5. Announcement (Bsfez)
      Moved because we skip Alpha
    6. Test min 30mn t.o website
      1. dev.tiki.org (Bsfez)
      2. tiki.org (add your name)
      3. doc.tiki.org (Xavi)
      4. themes.tiki.org (Gary)
      5. tv.tiki.org (add your name) server is outdated
    7. Calling community to test t.o websites (Bfez)
    8. Moving back next website to trunk
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Amette)
      2. next.tiki.org (Olivier Hertel)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Amette)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (Amette)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (add your name) server is outdated
    9. Test by test team in coordination with wish list team (Bsfez)
  6. Tiki 14 release
    1. Packaging (add your name)
    2. Package testing (add your name)
    3. Upload to SourceForge.net
    4. Security signatures (add your name) - IE: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/Tiki_12.x_Altair/12.0/Verification/
    5. Announcement (Bsfez)
    6. Add to https://tiki.org/All+Releases (Bsfez)
    • Update missing previous releases are missing from that page (Bsfez)
    1. Admin panel update notifier
    2. Update lib/setup/twversion.class.php after the release
    3. Special: Restore search feature from profiles (add your name)



Quick bug list

It was decided that on Tiki14 bugs and wishes could be reported either in a quick dirty list or using the bug tracker as usual.

Date or revision number Reported by Functional area Description Regression from version number Status
27/02/15 r54132 Bsfez Spreadsheet plugin Spreedsheet height is not displaying as the plugin says it should. Look above at the page (release sheet), the heigh as no value and it should show ALL the rows as says the help text. 12.x
27/02/15 r54130 Geoff menus if the option to 'Wiki Parse' a menu is used and an image is placed in the 'Name' field e.g. something like - Home followed by an img plugin - the image is now placed on a 2nd line instead of in-line. Seems to be because the img-responsive class is being added to the image regardless. r554332/3 introduced an IMG plugin parameter to suppress the responsive class - still to do: add a new pref so that the default can be set to either y or n: currently set to 'y' to suit new installs partially fixed
08/03/15 r54280 Geoff MAP plugin tooltip option for MAP plugin does show now but the text shown just says "undefined" instead of the object name - and when a map object is clicked to show the pop-up the object name used to show whilst the spinner was showing and the pop-up was building - but now it is just blank partial fix to show tooltip and 'undefined' text problem narrowed down to using the Lucene serach engine
27/02/15 r54130 Geoff suckerfish menus only a mini-bug - but a real irritation: if suckerfish (css) menus are used on a page whenever the page is loaded or reloaded for any reason all the menus fly open during the page load which just looks very odd. — Geoff, can you double-check that your vendor files are up to date? I saw this problem too and then ran composer and now the dropdowns seem to behavior normally. - Gary not sure when this started. Geoff: vendor files are all up to date. Gary: Do you have any custom javascript that may be interfering? This was the case for me.
27/02/15 r54130 Geoff WYSIWYG editor WYSIWYG full html editor: pop-up for setting links shows all the options in one box and cannot be saved - so links can't be set seems OK now - maybe a glitch at my test site? fixed
27/02/15 r54130 Geoff RSS RSS feed screen for wiki pages shows html tags for wysiwyg wiki pages previously logged as bug/wish item 4987 substantially fixed with r54336
27/02/15 r54130 Geoff Menus wiki parsed menu labels (Name field) display html when a bootstrap menu is used previously logged as bug/wish item 5334
FIXED r54292
01/03/15 r54148 Geoff Newsletters when a newsletter previously created with the wysiwyg editor (ie it has had the various HTML flags set), it shows the raw html when it is retrieved from the archive for simple viewing - but it is OK if retrieved for immediate resending previously logged as bug/wish item 5400
01/03/15 r54148 Geoff Newsletters Newsletter completion text and download log message not shown when 'throttling' is used previously logged as bug/wish item 5401
06/03/15 r54249 Geoff WYSIWYG editor WYSIWYG full html editor: text no longer wrapping in the Source screen of the editor - scroll bar shown for long lines instead
08/03/15 r54280 Geoff IMG plugin/customised theme an option when using the plugin editor with the IMG plugin is to browse the File Gallery to select an image and set the File Id when the File Gallery source option is used. This then opens a pop-up into the File Gallery - BUT the theme shown in this pop-up is the 'base' theme and any customisation with a new custom option is ignored Not a problem after all - just a quirk of my test site that also had some theme control settings that were confusing me - not a problem after all
08/03/15 r54280 Geoff external link icon with custom option when a wiki editor created external link is shown we generally get the  icon shown - but with a custom option I am showing a strange green question mark ie Question - but I've not set anything different so far as I'm aware this is odd - it keeps flip-flopping: sometimes it shows the right icon and then later it doesn't ???
08/03/15 r54280 Geoff Newsletters on some Newsletter admin screens, eg when previewing a new set of content to be sent, the custom newsletter.css styling is being applied to the whole Tiki screen with odd results - but obviously it should only be applied/added to the content that is sent out as the email
25/03/15 r54733 Bsfez SocialNetworks I activated "Login using Facebook” after setting fb app. I set “Auto-create Tiki user ” and "Require Facebook users to enter local account info" (so user can enter realname). User creation using facebook is successful, I can login also BUT then come the dialog for the user to enter local account info.
25/03/15 r54733 Bsfez TextEditing Quote like " are changed to “. This is breaking wikimarkup.
25/03/15 r54733 Bsfez File Galleries Gallery path/parents is displayed even if option is uncheck in the galleries display properties and in the admin file display preferences. Seems that the condition is wrong to set style to “display:none;” in "templates/list_file_gallery.tpl” line 63 - {if ( isset($smarty.session.tiki_cookie_jar.show_fgalexplorer) and $smarty.session.tiki_cookie_jar.show_fgalexplorer neq 'y') and ( ! isset($smarty.request.show_fgalexplorer) or $smarty.request.show_fgalexplorer neq 'y' )}display:none;{/if}
Unable to load the jQuery Sortable Tables feature.


Taken from: Tiki14 Blockers.

Tiki 14.x Regression Blockers

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Other Tiki 14.x Blockers

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Other blockers



Wishlist items categorised as "14.x Regression" - status open or pending.


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Other 14.x bugs

Other Open


Upgrading to Tiki14

See general notes here:

And specific notes here about upgrading *.tiki.org sites:

Developments expected to be in Tiki 14

see Federated Search

1.1.2. Organic Groups

see Organic Groups

1.1.3. New theme for tiki.org sites.

 More information

At this point, the best path seems to be to use luci's ideas as posted on the tikiwiki-artwork list. I'm adjusting the FiveAlive-lite theme options accordingly, but the Javascript and CSS bits for hiding the header on scroll and so on will need to be done. Some options:

In this connection, I want to disentangle the theme options of FiveAlive and FiveAlive-lite, which got stretched or broken from Tiki 13 to 14. FiveAlive themes use background images more extensively; Fivealive-lite options were meant to share those images, which used to happen but this is now broken and the images got duplicated unnecessarily in the relocation of stylesheets from "styles" to "themes". I think at this point it's better to use either no background images or lighter-weight ones for FiveAlive-lite options. Also I'll redo the options as small files that import the parent, rather than as complete Bootstrap variants, to facilitate their use again as actual option files.

On this topic, we discussed theme options at the meeting. How themes are made, stored, selected and so on has gone through a change from Tiki 13 to 14. Here are some pros and cons, etc. about Tiki's theme option feature, pre-Tiki 14:


  • Easy method to make a theme variant without Less. 
  • Reduces near‐redundancy in theme selector. 
  • Keep conceptually or visually similar themes together. 
  • Makes use of the "cascading" aspect of CSS.


  • Extra server request needed. (does not apply if "Minify CSS into one file" is used)
  • Increases complexity of theme file hierarchy and theme selection interface. 
  • Isn't consistent with the Bootstrap theme production method.


  • Retains legacy method rather than replacing with more-standard theme method.

At the meeting there seemed to be a general consensus that theme options are a worthwhile feature that should be reimplemented. Less and CSS naming convention

Thanks for the votes, Option A has been picked, see below for details.
If you missed the voting and strongly disagree with the outcome, write to the dev mail list.


1.1.4. Tiki Addons framework

see Tiki Addons (page will be created asap)

1.1.5. Icon Sets

What is needed for Tiki 14 or can it be done later?

  • This is pretty much implemented already (thanks to gezza) although there are some questions:
    • What to do when there's no appropriate icon in the font (or is this a problem?)
      • If an icon is not defined in an icon set, than the icon in the default (font-awesome) icon set is used
    • How to add another icon set - I added another icon font at a trunk site and made the files similar to the packaged sets but the icon set doesn't show up in the L&F selector.)

More information:

1.1.6. Old Icons

 More old icons
See more examples at Old Icons


* And as ref: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Some old icons are still present in trunk, and they might need replacement to fit the new bootstrap themes and icon sets.

  1. Icons in the setup Wizards
    • img/icons/wizard16x16.png
    • img/icons/large/wizard_profiles48x48.png
    • img/icons/large/wizard_admin48x48.png
    • img/icons/large/wizard_upgrade48x48.png
    • img/icons/large/admin_panel48x48.png
    • ... (and all the images shown in all the screens of the wizards, located at img/icons/large/*.png)
  2. Icons in the main app. menu: Example:
    • Home: img/icons/large/home48x48.png
  3. Categories management (see tiki-admin_categories.php )
    • img/icons/page_edit.png
    • img/icons/cross.png
    • img/icons/key.png
  4. Category watches (see tiki-browse_categories.php with watch and group watch enabled; and where ever else in tiki that would show these icons when the feature is enabled)
    • img/icons/eye_arrow_down.png
    • img/icons/eye.png
    • img/icons/eye_group.png
  5. Watch by categories: missing icon
  6. Structure navigation bar: Home, Arrows, etc.. Example:
    • Home: img/icons/house.png
    • Right arrow: img/icons/resultset_next.png
    • Management: img/icons/chart_organisation.png
      Apply profile "Structured Master Documents" and you will see that easily reproduced.
  7. icon to add new event in a calendar from the module calendar_new and upcoming events, add blog post at last posts module, etc.:
    • img/icons/add.png
  8. Icons shown by the "Since last visit" (new) module with jquery mode, like in dev.t.o:
    • img/icons/large/wikipages.png
    • img/icons/large/comments.png
    • img/icons/large/trackers_new.png
    • ... (see all references to png images from the same php/tpl files that handle that module)
  9. rss icon (used in the rss module, and in other places when rss activated, I guess):
    • img/icons/feed.png
  10. Icons shown by the Connect feature
    • img/icons/connect_like.png
    • ...

1.1.7. Renaming of Admin X

Renaming of 'Admin X' (home, panels, wizard) with 'Config X' or similar

See discussion on the devel list.

First round of proposals: Committed in r53014, r53016, r53022, r53044
Second round of proposals: Committed in r53190.

Chosen naming:
'Menu > Settings'
'Menu > Settings > Control Panels'

Second round of proposals
First round of proposals

1.1.8. Reindenting of templates

Usually, we recommend not to correct indenting or general formatting of code we don't touch, so as to make merging more manageable. This works well in the short term, but after a while it is obvious a lot of template files have become too messy for maintenance.
What makes fixing bugs especially difficult is the mix-up of tabs and 2-spaces and 4-spaces indentation and non-indentation and some overly creative bits. This makes it impossible to figure out which closing if or which closing tag matches which opening one, or knowing which big code section is self-contained.

Reminder: Our indentation uses tabs rather than spaces

So, between the stop of the automated merges from trunk to 13.x and the fork of 14.x, I have volunteered to fix a maximum of these template files, so we can kind of restart on a clean slate.
A good sign of a troublesome indeting is looking for two consecutive spaces, and this returns more than 600 files... 😑
We'll see how far we can go.

Commit messages in trunk since 29/04/14

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with [ENH]


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Alias names for this page

release process 14 | Tiki 14


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Federated Timesheets
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools