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"A problem occurred detecting Javascript" on dev.tiki.org
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"Server Fitness" (tiki-check.php) Never Opens
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~ tags not rendering propery
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Accessibility: 14.x pop-up menus impossible for blind user, 12.x was usable
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Cannot open login box using Jqui - dbldt
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Cookies problem in Tiki 6.1??
1) Column colapsing is not remerbered whenever I change from one page to another.

2) And also have had some problems with their navigators saying "cookies must be on" when they are on, no matter wich browser is being used. This happends as they attemp to login. After many tries the user can login.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Demo Page Does Not Include Tiki18
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Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed when accessing d.t.o.
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Facilitate links and syntax
There are many pages within t.o that have spaces. On the other hand, the WikiSyntax historically uses WikiWords. I also see that tiki supports aliases for pages. This led me to the following suggestion:

- Propose to render WikiWords as "Wiki Words" in the page. This makes it easier to read. Obviously this mean one control more ...
- When parsing a page, and there is no page for a specific WikiWord, look for the page 'Wiki Word' (adding a space before each capital).

Advantage : this would allow people coming from other wikis to make links with WikiWords, even for pages like ((Wiki Plugins)), without the need for clumsy parenthesis everywhere.
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Fix usability of Features selection page
on the features selection page there is a checkbox for each feature with its name next to it. In normal Web UIs a checkbox is next to a <label> tag which contains the text referring to the setting the checkbox controls. If you set up the name= and title= for both the input and the label then clicking that text automatically selects the checkbox.

This is not always implemented properly across the web but it is the way forms are supposed to be used and it is easy and no one ever complains about it. It increases the effective size of the checkbox and cements the relationship with the word.

On the features selection page, however, the text instead links to the tikiwiki.org descriptions of the features. This confused me and happened several times before I retaught myself to not click the words.
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Form element "select" are missing "custom-select" in CSS class to refine UI of themes using Bootstrap
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Webservice with tiki data
access tiki data (like trackers, wiki pages, etc.) with webservices.

Add an additional option on trackers, wiki pages etc. to make them accessible by webservices (like choosing categories)

Administration UI where security can be configured (Password on specific webservices etc.)

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HTML links for FIle Gallery Images
No html links are shown for uploaded images in the file gallery. Only wiki display and download links appear in the "Additional Info" screen.

Users just have to "know" that to display in html you must use /displayFilenumber

Also, there is no direct way to get BACK to that Additional Info screen from the gallery once the file is uploaded. i.e. it does not appear in the image's 'tool' pop-up menu, which just lists for us Dowload, Replace, Properties, Open in WebDav, Email this, and Delete only. No way to get back to the "additional info" screen.

Also, the images don't have a suffix when the URI format is /display123 and this causes problems with some software which expects one.

The old image galleries had an html link for the images.
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The results of a search in text or title with beginning of text don't decode any text
After a search (general by text) the beginning of text which is displayed is not decoded-re-encode for the context.
On the screenshot joined you can see parts of text with tiki tag (!! for h2), HTML tags, problem of encoding UTF8 probably or old text not re-encoded (not yet checked).

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After an upgrade (7.2 to 8.1 and 8.3 or 8.x RC 8.4) the admin can't login anymore in some situations
!!!After upgrade the admin can't login anymore

!!!The failure sequence :
#Create a new directory or repository for the new version
#Update with your files (particularly images or icons)
#Site enable (example a sub-domain) on Apache
#Copy the database on new name
#Install manually .htaccess (compare and insert your valid options )
#Update "local.php"
#run <your new domain>/tiki-install.php. Goto the end (note an error occurs if your say at the end "run tiki" without locking or not because tiki-setup tries to re-open a session already automatically opened by installer). You just launch again (default tiki-index)
#~~#F00:__Try to login as admin : You will be rejected as wrong password __~~

!!Analysis - many possible reasons :
There are a lot of reasons to be in this situations. So to be successful a lot of conditions must be satisfied :

#If your new version uses the same current domain (after upgrade for my own I defines the same "servername" as current one and then keep the other when a particular name containng the version :
- The Cookies of session will try to reconnect an older version and a trace shows that the password is not the one you have given (generally empty). So the cookies of the site name must be cleared on your navigator

#The temp files or session table contain too wrong data : they must be cleared on server for your current copy (SVN update case)

#Your admin record in user_user record contains sessions data : they create a conflict which makes crash your login

#Be careful of the fact that you can have an open session in your navigator with the same site (sometimes we uses a lot of tab management which can create this : on firefox use showcase and search to clear your old sessions

#Generally avoid these problem is sufficient but at the end you will be prompt to update your password (as for the first login as admin with password admin). This can fail for the following reason : if the .htaccess is not set or modrewrite not well operational the <site name> will include the "port" used by your server. If your NAT translates the port address (i.e. 80-> 4397) you will get the following url <site>:4397/.... which fails

It is sure that if you use only one site close everything and upgrade you will get the minimum of problems but you will get someone anywhere.

!!~~#099:This situation is common and complex for whom have to manage product and data migration from one version (or several) of tiki to a new one.~~
It is not seen generally by developers, because it is not at all their common upgrade process nor test.

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Review all HTML5 tags and consider support for missing tags like ABBR and ACRONYM

This is already possible via ((doc:PluginTag)) but dedicated plugins could be cleaner/simpler in certain cases
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WYSIWYG & Mobile: check if browser is supported and provide relevant error message
Android browser on Tiki8: It just says "Loading..." forever

[http://cksource.com/blog/CKEditor_3.6.2_released|Recent iPads and iPhones should be OK]

If browser is not supported, should Tiki revert to entering text (or manual HTML?)
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"Change" and "Save" buttons are missing when typing a "new wiki page" name with forbidden chars (such as &) and proceeding to the editor-page for this site.
After clicking "create new wiki page", i typed a name for this site containing a forbidden char (in this case "&"). I prompted this entry (not knowing this char is forbidden) to add content to this page.

the "invalid character" field popped up and forced me to rename the page. looked similar to the normal "rename page" input, but without a button to "save" the change.

unfortunately, the save button was also missing in the editor field for my new page and "previewing" the new site didn't change anything in this behaviour.

so in the end - content as well as the page were lost.

please add "save" buttons to this areas.
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First form field on pages does not have focus
Please see:
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Duration to remember log in
The log in "Remember me" option can be set to "User's choice". There are fine grained options up to one day, but there's a gap between one day and one week. I'd be helpful and convenient to offer two days and three days as well.

Another nice-to-have would be a menu for users to choose themselves how long to remember up to a maximum set by the administrator. The administrator's duration menu should include the "Always" option in this case, too.
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Meta: preview button for this "Bugs & Wish list"
The webinterface for bug reports and wishes can be submitted only without preview. It'd be an enhancement to have the opportunity to correct typos and check things before final submission.
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Turning Tiki-Calendar off in Features creates scripting loop issue, causing Tiki 10.0 to stop working due to max queries server issue
Recently, I went into Admin and turned off one of the features in Admin at tiki-admin.php?page=features. The feature was Calendar in Global Features. But that brought up a problem that I was able to investigate in my host server's error logs:

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 75000) in .../wiki/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php on line 78

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../wiki/db/tiki-db.php on line 152

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_que ...
... /wiki/tiki-lastchanges.php
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registration pretty tracker without captcha
Using a pretty tracker as registration form doesn't allow to de-activate the captcha.
Since one of the point of using a tracker for registration is to allow special questions which robots can't answer, what is the point of forcing the use of the captcha (through which robots can easily pass)?
Maybe a duplicate of bug #1818, I'm unsure.

SHOW admin password: 01234
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

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