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.BMP files won't display in Image Galleries
Uploading .bmp images to an Image Gallery results in a box with an X appearing, instead of the image. Tiki is unable to display .bmp images in file galleries. Wiki pages also will not display bmp correctly.
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{toc} with max_depth, file access by name, show_image with random picture of a gallery
I've added the following features to my tikiwiki 1-9-5:
1. added max_depth to {toc}
with {toc max_depth=3} I can limit the depth of the toc created. This is convenient if I only want to show the next level of subsections.

2. get a file by name via tiki-download_file
with galleryId=<id>&name=<?> I can retreive a file by name. If there are files with the same name the most recent is taken. This is convenient as I can reference the files by there name, e.g. schedule, an I can easily update it with out changing pages. Dynamic content would also work but I prefere the name as it is more obvious than 'content id=42'

3. get a random picutre from a gallery via show_image
with galleryId=<id> a random picture of the identified gallery is given.
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1.9.0 Directory Batch upload problems
1- The "all" checkbox doesn't work (IE & Moz)

2- Upload works in Moz but not IE

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Wiki tag {img src=show_image.php?id= } stops working and does not load images from image gallery.
- Upload images to an image gallery, store in database
- create wiki page with tag {img src=show_image.php?id= }
- the images show for a while, but suddenly they do not show anymore
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Image Galleries - Sort by Images Raises Query Error
If you show a list of image galleries and want to sort by images count you get an SQL query error.

Tiki outputs the following SQL Query

^select g.`galleryId`,g.`name`,g.`description`, g.`created`,g.`lastModif`,g.`visible`,g.`theme`,g.`user`, g.`hits`,g.`maxRows`,g.`rowImages`,g.`thumbSizeX`, g.`thumbSizeY`,g.`public`,g.`sortorder`,g.`sortdirection`, g.`galleryimage`,g.`parentgallery`,count(i.`imageId`) as numimages from `tiki_galleries` g, `tiki_images` i where i.`galleryId`=g.`galleryId` and `parentgallery`=? group by g.`galleryId`, g.`name`,g.`description`, g.`created`,g.`lastModif`,g.`visible`,g.`theme`,g.`user`, g.`hits`,g.`maxRows`,g.`rowImages`,g.`thumbSizeX`, g.`thumbSizeY`,g.`public`,g.`sortorder`,g.`sortdirection`, g.`galleryimage`,g.`parentgallery` order by `images` desc^

As you can see - the order by references an invalid column - because in the select list the field is named "numimages" and the order by uses "images".
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Image Galleries - Scroll Forward / Backward mission if containing only Subgalleries
I have an Image Gallerie [http://www.hmayer.net/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=357&offset=12] containing only Subgalleries - but this Gallery does not show the Scroll forward / backward links - I can only navigate by manually entering the offset at the url...
It worked with Tiki 1.9.8 - but since the upgrade it does not work (I have made a few configuration changes - but is this changeable by configuration?
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Shadowbox broken
When Shadowbox is activated, when an image in a gallery is clicked, instead of displaying using the normal shadowbox method, the image opens in a new window that's otherwise blank. Shadowbox worked in Tiki 2 prelease versions.
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Image description text cropped with Shadowbox
When an image is displayed with Shadowbox the description text is shown across the top of the image - but only 1 line is shown so long descriptions are just chopped off. It would be good if as many lines as were needed could be used here.

No longer relevant - item CLOSED
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Image gallery does not store resized picture
I frequently use the image gallery and have an default scale for all pictures.
Since the switch to 2.0 (and a new username) my gallery does not store the thumbnail and scaled size of pictures which results in really slow performance because each time the pictures is resized on the fly.

There are no new files in the directory for the image gallery nor are new rows to the tiki_images_data table.

I do not get any error message.

What could be wrong?
How could I check and fix it?

Any help appreciated.

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After a version update, if a gallery dir is forgotten no error appears when loading gallery but Apache crashes...

After a version upgrade (any data transfer etc...), if a dir containing gallery is forgotten in the new installation (nothing is perfect), it seems that there is no check when the gallery is loaded, this can (most of time) crash Apache.

nota : I have not tested for "files" only for "images" but I pur it into the the categories before I imagin that the problem exist on both.

Checked on 6.x and 7.1
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Add auto-incrementing version number for uploaded files
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Add EXIF support
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After Update 1.9.4 -->1.9.7 got PHP-Error when using Categories in File or Picture Galleries
Every Time, i use the Categories-Feature in File-Galleries or when uploading Pictures, it got the following error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 20 in categorize_list.php on line 38

Notice: Undefined index: categId in categorize_list.php on line 44

The Item itself is categorized
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After upgrading to Tiki 4 tiki-galleries.php does not work anymore
I have the following problem:

we wanted to upgrade our old tiki 2.2 to the new tiki 4.0 but there are some problems.

after using tiki-install.php to upgrade the old tiki to the new one the image galleries doesn't work anymore, even though it is activiated in the features menu.

the problem is the following:
every time i want to go to tiki-galleries.php i get the following error:
The following error message was returned:

__The query was:__
__select `sortorder`,`sortdirection` from `tiki_galleries` where `galleryId`=?__


__1. 13__
__2. o__

__The built query was likely:__
__select `sortorder`,`sortdirection` from `tiki_galleries` where `galleryId`='13'__

the problem is as you see there is no error message only the query is displayed.

i tried to install a vanilla 4.0 and created two galleries where each of it has one image in it and it works fine

i compared the database tables tiki_images, tiki_images_data and tiki_galleries and they seem to have the same structure

i tried to copy the tables mentioned above from the upgraded tiki into a clean install and still get the error above

possible problem seems to be with the tiki_image table as it works fine without the images in the image tables - but the error appears only after i copy the image tables into the database

it would be nice if someone could help me / fix this problem as it would take some time to reupload all the images (then probably into the file galleries)

and besides that is there a tool that moves the images from the image gallery to the file gallery for future use?

edit: all the other php files work like tiki-list_gallery.php and tiki-browse_gallery.php
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Allow a user role or group to automatically generate a personal page, an image gallery, a weblog a
When I was testing various CMS/Wikis for a project, I ran across a module for another (Joomla or Drupal, can't remember which) CMS which allowed a user role or group to automatically generate a personal page, an image gallery, a weblog and any type of content page. It would be extremely useful for my project, but one of the few things missing from Tikiwiki (which is why I am implementing Tikiwiki, it has all of the other features I need in one install).
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allow feeding image-tracker-field selection with images from a specified gallery
It would be nice to allow a user to select an image from a image gallery of the same tiki site when he/she needs to provide an image for a tracker.

Imagine something like "offers" and "demands" trackers, or hand-made articles, etc. You could assign an image from a gallery as image in that tracker item (like article topic in articles feature nowadays), or insert your own image for that tracker item (as in articles nowadays).

Moreover, Tiki could provide a bunch of pre-defined images in such a gallery from Openclipart.com (public domain licensed in there), to make it easier to staart using images in trackers, or article types, etc.....
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Articulate Image Gallery with Tracker
Some routine to link a tracker to an Image Gallery, making a tracker of every image gallery, adding an item to the tracker for each item in the ig, etc, would seriously enhance the functionality in the image galleries feature. Image Galleries do handle right the image files (tif support would be nice, though). However, it is near to useless to classify the images themselves, the "categories" feature being of very little use, for example, to have a catalogue of paintings with artist's names, titles, dates, etc. Having some linking code written, it would be easy to use the images through the tracker feature, leaving the handling of the image files to the gallery.
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blank line at the top of each file or image in file/image galleries
I'm using 1.9.10, on my server I can use ONLY php 4 and mysql 4, I was having problems downloading files from galleries (file and image), that doesn't display or download properly. Thanks to nkoth3 on the irc channel I discovered that the problem was that Tikiwiki adds a blank line at the top of each file making that files sorta "damaged". So I used a script to find which tw files has blank spaces or lines at the end of the code (after ?> ) but also fixing all the files didn't solve for me.
My website is http://www.magowiz.net
What should I do now?
The script I used is attached
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Broken image gallery show all images page apparently due to missing font
See http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=28489 for report. Error indicates a missing font. At the top of tiki-show_all_images.php I see this line: $fontfile = "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-bitstream-vera/VeraBd.ttf"; No exception handling?
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browsing images in 1.10cvs is not working, but images can be displayed
Browsing images in 1.10cvs is not working (fyi). Weird, though: this works: http://uniwiki.aia06.ourproject.org/show_image.php?id=4

but his doesn't work (doesn't show the image): http://uniwiki.aia06.ourproject.org/tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=4

Fixed, I think (long ago)
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Cached images are broken on themes.tw.o (feature broken?)
See this post:

A user added some links to external images, which seem to be dinamically linked to cached copies by Tiki.

This is the external link itself:

This is the url to the cached image by themes.tw.o:

Cached images are broken, showing this on the browser:

ur‍l (Localitzador de Recurs Universal) http://neil.s.alexander.googlepages.com/tw19.jpg
Carregat en memòria cau Dimecres 03 de Desembre, 2008 17:07:06 CET

Aquesta és una versió en memòria cau de la pàgina (Cliqueu aquí per veure la memòria cau Google de la pàgina.)

�����JFIF��H�H�����Exif��MM�*������������Created with The GIMP���C� !"$"$���C����"���������������� ���p� �!1"AQUa���2ST����#Vbqt���346BRd�����$57rs����%Ceu��8Dcv���� &f�����EFW�'�G�����������������C�
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Cant upload pictures in 7.1
Ugraded this site to 7.1:


and now, I can't upload files to the Files gallery.

Here is what I do:

* tiki-upload_file.php
* click on Browse button
* Navigate my disk and select an image file
* Click UPload Files button
* Nothing happens.
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