Regressions in 9x

This page is to report all regressions in branches/9.x (LTS)

Regressions meaning only things that worked in a previous version of Tiki but not any more. Special care should go to upgrades from Tiki6LTS -> Tiki9 and Tiki8 -> Tiki9LTS

Please use Regressions in 10x to add new or port bugs.

Reference: where to report bugs

Regressions with risk of data loss or corruption

These must be resolved any Alpha release or dogfood upgrade

Regressions with risk of partial data loss

These must be resolved any Alpha release or dogfood upgrade

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue on demo.tiki.org/9x/) Regression from version number Status
2012-06-10 marclaporte Creating new fields in French at tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php changes the actual data instead of doing a tr. To reproduce: 1- A Tiki in French. 2- Create a tracker field "Name" and you will see it changed to Nom. So makes it impossible to make bilingual forms

Regressions with security issues

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue on demo.tiki.org/9x/) Regression from version number Status

Regressions which prevent the installation or upgrade

Regressions related to the installation or upgrade

  • r40946 noticed by marclaporte: symlink not created by tiki-installer.php as per r38051

General regressions that are still present in 9x and 10x

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue on demo.tiki.org/9x/) Regression from version number Status
2012-04-16, retested 2012-10-25 marclaporte not possible to edit tracker comments
2012-03-06, retested and mailed screencast to Robert 2012-10 marclaporte Draw: {draw} no longer lets you create a drawing where is should become {draw id=5} after (try it and you'll see issues) should be fixed in r40785 still broken as of 2012-10
2012-06-28, retested 2012-10-25 marclaporte http://tiki.org/tiki-comment-list?type=poll&objectId=6
2013-01-17 jyhem Start with an existing tracker with itemsin it
Add new dropdown or radio field with option "Europe,Europe,Asia" to tracker
→ Existing items show immediately as if "Europe" value has been selected
good in 6.x and 10.x, bad in 9.x
2013-01-17 jyhem Mentioned and confirmed during january webinar
side-by-side translation is broken
good in 6.x, bad in 9.x and 10.x

General regressions

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue on demo.tiki.org/9x/) Regression from version number Status
2012-06-28 luci Plugin Alias Admin panel is missing Save button - unable to create or edit Plugin Aliases 6 fixed in r43265 for 9.2? Use the "Change Prefs" button to save ((jb)
2012-06-17 xavi I've just noticed that image field in trackers in 9x does not allow setting the "maximum image size" of the image to be stored, as it used to work fine in 6x. When this setting is enabled (reproduced in http://demo.tiki.org/9x/tiki-ajax_services.php?trackerId=5&fieldId=43&controller=tracker&action=edit_field ), then no image is shown. Once you remove the value in that field, the image is shown (even if at maximum size, resized just by the browser) 6
2012-05-07 r41383 xavi page aliases not working when the alias name is defined in more than one page 8
2012-02-6 marclaporte Token via tiki-share.php?url= gives Your access to this page has expired RobertPlummer: Unable to reproduce.
Xavi: works for me
2012-02-14 marclaporte stray { without a close: causes other plugins to malfunction Need url or code example to fix
2012-03-11 sylvieg Number of comments not anymore displayed in parenthesis in the tab of tracker items and on the button link of a wiki page 6
2012-03-11 sylvieg Unified search returns comments of tracker items you can not see
2012-04-28 marclaporte inline comments don't work unless you first click on comments at the bottom (I think bookmarks to comments also are broken)
2012-03-11 sylvieg you can not choose anymore groups in group tracker field Seems to work fine for me, are you sure you have group tracker field enabled? (RobertPlummer)Screenshot will be appreciated as it can be somewhere else (sylvieg)
2012-03-13, 2012-05-06 r41300 sylvieg, xavi Visible by creator and admin in tracker field does not exist anymore
2012-03-18, r40226 xavi messages from users don't provide information about which user sent that message 6, 7 (broken in 8 already)
2012-03-18, r40226 xavi Module menu was relocated under the "topbar" section of modules, while it should be in the "Top" section. (Admin > modules > Topbar > esdit menu module > select "top" instead of topbar" and save. 6 at least JB: Sorry, i don't follow - the topbar section was created especially for the top horizontal menu - you can move it to which ever one you want though (is this a bug?). Yes, it's a bug: it missplaced the horizontal module for the admin after upgrade, giving the sensation that the L&F is broken, no longer supported with previous menu or syntax, etc. It seems to be just missplaced at topbar instead of at top zone. Anyway, easy to fix by hand after the upgrade once it is a known issue. Xavi.
2012-03-18, r40226 xavi width of modules shown in wiki pages are narrower than in proposals/6x. 6 at least
2012-03-27 marclaporte thumbnails are broken at http://trunk.tiki.org/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?view=browse&galleryId=17 are you sure the file is really accessible to this server? e.g. i get "Unable to access file: 39e21fa10bb25979b8361e35b15624bd" for http://trunk.tiki.org/thumbnail324. Might be a server config thing (JB)
2012-03-29 Geoff wiki page file attach broken - all pages in the system show all the files that have been attached to any page in the system Attach button not right yet largely fixed in r40730 - but remaining issue is the Attach button is not modified to show the number of files attached to the page when files are stored in the File Gallery.
2012-03-29 Geoff New drag and drop Structure management tools do not allow alias and other relevant tool icons to be shown for the top page-- partly fixed to allow alias name to be set - thanks Jonny - other icons would still be useful
2012-03-30 gezza When editing an existing article topic the "Notification Email" seems to be mandatory, but it should not, I should be able to save my changes without inputting value
2012-04-04 marclaporte Preview HTML diff: text is all squished (missing line breaks) I can't get this to work in any version. Data is in fact showing completely raw, without any parsing. Introduced in r29249 (Tiki 6). Chealer 2012-05-01
2012-04-09 Geoff If the File Gallery 'Upload progressbar:' is set to Ajax/Flash (Browser based) - which I think is the default - then this suppresses the option to "Add Another File" in the Upload file screens. Not sure if this is constraint or a bug?
2012-04-09 Geoff Spurious "No records found" error message displayed when a trackerlist is used with a wiki template even when there is data - might be because the template is particularly complex? Have added a div with a class to the text in wikiplugin_trackerlist.tpl for now so that the text can at least be suppressed with some custom css
2012-04-09 Geoff WYSIWYCA problem with the last_blog_posts module: if a post is categorised this is not observed when displaying the blog post links in this module - when the link is clicked access is denied but it shouldn't be shown in the first place
2012-04-09 Geoff WYSIWYCA problem with the tiki_p_view_freetags permission when viewing tags on a wiki page. If the page is categorised to deny this permission the tags are still shown - only the global (group) permission seems to be checked
2011-11-15 chealer quiet upload failures (which happen when PHP doesn't allow a sufficient uploaded file size, POST size, memory limit, or with an insufficient MySQL packet size limit). When the upload fails, the error is displayed in a hidden iframe, and the page keeps showing "Uploading file...".
2012-04-17 Geoff There's a small bug with attach files when they use the File Gallery. When you upload a new attachment to a page, the description field that is typed in during the upload process is not stored - you have to go to the File Gallery function and change the file's properties to set this after the upload is done.
2012-04-17 r40954 xavi foo__@__foo.org parsed as clear text showing foo<strong>@</strong>foo.org. Reproduced in the homepage here: http://demo.tiki.org/9x/HomePage 8 __ should be parsed as strong only when starting and ending with whitespace/line or on the start/end of content. — luci
2012-04-20 r40984 sylvieg Search in context in file gallery does not work with unified as unified search does not give a way to select a fgal 7 Nelson: The file gallery id is indexed as parent_object_id.
2012-04-24 r40984, 2012-05-05 r41300 xavi When saving new tracker items through plugin tracker when a computed field is present. (as xavi more details to reproduce on his site, if needed): a WSOD (when item inserted from a Plugin Tracker in a wiki page) with the error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /path/lib/core/Tracker/Field/Computed.php(103) : eval()'d code on line 1.

When inserted through the tracker interface, error shown in top but not WSOD. In both cases, data seems saved successfully, though, and computed field shows the right sum in the right place.
2012-05-04 Geoff trackerlist plugin problem when showlinks parameter is not explicitly set to 'n' and wiki templates are used. A link is spuriously applied to something in the displayed text defined by the wiki template Work around is to explicitly set showlinks to 'n' and not assume the default
2012-05-03 r41300 xavi Sheet export produces some (valid) csv file, but sheet import does not import it properly: just a single cell is shown with the "/" character inside in the imported sheet. 8
2012-05-05 r41300 xavi Replacing tracker items at csv import does not replace them but create new tracker items 6
2012-05-05 r41300, 2012-06-04 r41668 xavi Tracker field "Dropdown with other" doesn't show default values (foo in: "foo,foo,bar") as pre-selected any more through PluginTracker (it works ok through the tracker interface itself) 6, 8
2012-06-01 marclaporte modules centered with wiki syntax as per our http://profiles.tiki.org/Sample+Page They are no longer centered
2012-06-04 r41697 Chealer Translation interface is visually broken, although usable. Buttons are duplicated. Empty grey space below first buttons bar. Happens in fivealive, but even worst in business (the body textarea is almost completely grey).
2012-06-05 41730 Bsfez Article body edited with WYSIWYG is broken when displayed on a wiki page using "Article_list" plugin. It display html tags and there is an issue with "br" . Is working with TW6p Revision: 37664. 6p
2012-06-11 marclaporte Warning: file_get_contents(http://trunkdev.tiki.org//tiki-show_user_avatar.php?user=marclaporte) function.file-get-contents: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required in /var/local/trunkdev.tiki.org/www/lib/tikilib.php on line 1353 fixed in Tiki10
2012-05 - 2012-06-22, r42022 xavi tracker field "static text" shows the parsed text twice when adding an item through tiki-view_tracker_item.php

(shown only once, as expected and as in 6x when used through Plugin Tracker in a wiki page)
2012-06-22 Geoff html can no longer be entered into menu URLs even when the "Allow HTML in menu option names and URLs" preference is set 'on' because new input pattern checking is causing an error
fixed for 9.2 by jonny - http://code.tiki.org/Commit+43595
2012-06-22 Bsfez Error related to rating when adding a tracker item in a tracker that is not and never used the rating option. Tracker Field Factory Error: Pref "trackerfield_stars" required for field type "Tracker_Field_Rating" 6x
2012-06-28 r42147 Bsfez Initial filter is broken for Admin Users if language is set to hebrew (i suspect it is broken for other "exotic" languages). When i click on a letter the layout is broken (menu items flows all the way down) and i have the following error message : "Notice: invalid variable value: $_GET%22initial%22 = א". Note that the initial filtering is working fine when used in the trackerfilter plugins 6.x
2012-08-15 marclaporte https://tiki.org/Community+Team+Intro -> no longer possible to subscribe to a group

Regressions with WYSIWYG

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue on demo.tiki.org/9x/) Regression from version number Status
2012-04-09 Geoff Problem with MOUSEOVER plugin when used with the wysiwyg editor. A spurious/isolated closing div tag is added after the closing {MOUSEOVER} which disrupts the page presentation http://trunkdev.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=WYSIWYG+testing uses a mouseover plugin, and it looks OK. Arild
2012-06-10 Geoff significant problem with both IE8 and IE9 when editing pages with plugins using the wysiwyg editor - pages are corrupted and cannot be edited

Rows from many fixed items where deleted in June 22, 2012 (version 223), to make this page readable again to easily identify pending issues. (Xavi)

Rows from many fixed items where deleted in October 23, 2012, to make this page readable again to easily identify pending issues. (Bsfez)

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