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Ticket ID 1229
Subject mod: phpcas not installing (source at cvs under subdirs...)
Submitted by xavi
Category Bug: Error
Version 1.9.x
Feature Mods
External Authentication (LDAP, AD, PAM, CAS, etc)
Interaction (with the outside World)

That's what the mod descritpion says:

author: mcfarland
last modification: 2006/12/22 01:49:26
by: mcfarland
	features/phpcas/COPYRIGHT -> lib/phpcas/COPYRIGHT
features/phpcas/README -> lib/phpcas/README
features/phpcas/source/CAS/CAS.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/CAS.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-file.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-file.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-main.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-main.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/client.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/client.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/domxml-php4-php5.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/domxml-php4-php5.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/english.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/english.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/french.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/french.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/greek.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/greek.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/languages.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/languages.php

And that's what it says to me when attempting to install it:

Warning: mkdir(lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage): File exists in c:\archivos de programa\easyphp1-8\www\branch-1-9\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 68

Warning: copy(mods/features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in c:\archivos de programa\easyphp1-8\www\branch-1-9\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 375
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php to lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php impossible to copy
Importance 4
Volunteered to solve marclaporte
Solution phpCAS authentication is now integrated, so this is out-of-date.
Status Closed - Outdated
Lastmod by Chealer9
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk No
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x No
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
Created Thursday 19 July, 2007 13:14:03 CEST
LastModif Friday 08 October, 2010 20:13:53 CEST

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