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 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Edit CSS and Edit template: add version control (ex.: by saving in wiki pages)Marc Laporte248Feature request2012-04-160
(0) dev.tiki.org :: 13.x trackers in new edit interface :: selecting a status hides the textMarc Laporte1 low88Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2014-07-220
(0) Upgrade from 9.x to 12.x headers & footers missing on nextbranding.tiki.orgMarc Laporte9872Bug::Regression2014-07-300
(1) *.tiki.org sites: make the navigation & interface more consistentMarc Laporte10 high770Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
chibaguy-31 Aug 14
(0) Icons Unseen with Fivealive ThemeJohn Morris710 easy70Bug::Usability2017-02-114
jmorris-13 Feb 17
(0) Wiki tables & other tables: determine & apply conventionMarc Laporte8864Bug::Regression
(1) dev.t.o 13.x: add some scrollbar at the top of wide tables in Bootstrapped themes, since they look as with less content for new users or unexperienced visitorsXavier de Pedro7963Bug::Usability
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
luci-24 Sep 14
(1) Plugin mouseover tip offset wrongpianoliv610 easy60Bug::Regression2014-08-080
(0) Need way to define class for ANTIBOT code7856Feature request
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) -=text=- has no more formattingMarc Laporte8756Bug::Regression2014-07-280
(0) 15.x: Improvements needed for mobile view of many *.t.o sites (dev, themes, doc, ...)Xavier de Pedro8756Bug::Usability
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Less than 30-minute fix
xavi-12 Jan 17
(0) Native support for alternate content & layout per browser (Showfor plugin)Marc Laporte8648Feature request2013-11-033
marclaporte-08 Feb 13
(0) Wiki: icons top right (wikiactions) bring whole column content down 34 to 40 pixelsPhilippe Cloutier7642Bug::Regression2016-10-302
Chealer9-02 Nov 16
(0) provide a clicable link to login to dev.t.o from a smartphone out of the menu icon at the top right cornerXavier de Pedro5840Bug::Usability
Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
chibaguy-07 Apr 16
(0) Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)Marc Laporte7535Feature request2012-01-262
marclaporte-26 Jan 12
(0) To show Links with no Permission for anonym - turns external Sitemap creation in a disasterarea 302artbody7535Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Avoid huge pages which force horizontal scrolling (CodeMirror, PluginCODE, etc)Marc Laporte5735Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
marclaporte-10 Oct 11
(0) 13.x dev.tiki.org Stray "Add Comment" button all the way at the bottom of the pageMarc Laporte5735Bug::Usability
(1) 13.x+ (& dev.t.o): wrong bg color in convene plugin in some theme stylesXavier de Pedro5735Bug::Regression2014-12-011
chibaguy-17 Mar 15
(0) Update Menu icons to use fontawesome icons for consistency (and not just legacy png's)Xavier de Pedro5735Bug::Consistency2018-02-052
xavi-04 Jan 16
(0) Boostrap: links look weird in certain Bootswatch themesMarc Laporte4832Bug::Consistency2014-08-110
(1) 13.x Broken layout for https://tiki.org/TikiFestMadrid and http://tiki.org/TikiFestBarcelona3Marc Laporte4832Bug::Regression2014-08-300
(1) Automagically Collapse/Expand columns in wide tables since Bootstrap: Footable jQuery Plugin?Xavier de Pedro8432Bug::Usability
Feature request
Support request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
xavi-12 Mar 15
(0) since last visit module using bootstrap tabs: add different bg color to active vs non active tabsXavier de Pedro4832Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
chibaguy-07 Apr 16
(0) fullscreen=y hides all info from top navigation bars in dev.t.o, doc.t.o and themes.toXavier de Pedro5630Bug::Error
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) Make RSS feeds page look nicerMarc Laporte5525Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
gezza-21 Dec 10
(0) Edit CSS: several problemsFrank Guthausen5525Bug::Error2013-06-051
fmg-20 Nov 12
(0) mobile doesn't recognize theme style in Look & Feel admin panel.Xavier de Pedro5525Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
xavi-28 Oct 13
(0) bad contrast of text vs bg in alternate row with trackerlist (or fancytable?) inside a remarksbox plugin with theme cosmo (at least)Xavier de Pedro5525Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) 13.x: PluginSlider in featured profile overlaps footerXavier de Pedro3721Community projects
(0) Very broken layout: http://themes.tiki.org/Bootstrap#&panel1-1Marc Laporte7321Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site2014-09-201
jonnybradley-20 Sep 14
(0) 14.x: Plugin AppFrame doesn't get the central column expanded to use full width anymoreXavier de Pedro3721Bug::Usability
(0) Avoid breaking the layout when there is some very long text (ex,: URLs)Marc Laporte3515Feature request2012-01-280
(0) PluginSlider lost start/stop control after upgrade from 12.x to 15.xXavier de Pedro3515Bug::Usability
(0) Fivealive header half-broken (somewhere after version 12)Philippe Cloutier5315Bug::Regression2016-10-220
(1) Tracker items: Bootstrap badges for comment count, and file attachment countMarc Laporte2714Feature request2014-08-120
(0) 13.x: Floated box classes (divs thirdfloat, to have display in 3 cols) stopped working after the upgradeXavier de Pedro2510Bug::Usability
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
xavi-11 Aug 14
(0) Suboptimal text to background contrasts (text color is not pure black for most themes)Philippe Cloutier1 low1 difficult1Feature request2017-01-238
Chealer9-02 Nov 16
(0) Calendar view hides menuesawolff30Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Wrong favicon displayed when using "slides" feature of a Wiki pageDarren1 low0Bug::Consistency2009-04-200
(0) Site customisation should be highlighted and All features enabled by default, empty header.tpl othman70Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
nyloth-13 Aug 08
(0) Firefox 3.0.1 + TW 2.0 Mis-Displays when "menu" option is selected in Look and Feel > Top Barcommania20Bug::Error2010-01-130
(0) blackroom /tiki-assignpermission.php?group=* rendering problemShahar Or50Bug::Error
DawnLight-09 Apr 09
(0) CSS for tikinewt theme - main content pane is too high and covers tabsgbertrand30Bug::Error
(0) Module "events" breaks themesjoerg1 low0Bug::Error
(0) Edit CSS creates 0-byte file50Bug::Regression2009-10-200
(0) Permanently showing menus (over existing content)Marc Laporte50Feature request2009-12-091
marclaporte-05 Apr 10
(0) Login prompt alignment issues with coelesce theme in Firefoxrmcc444430Bug::Usability2010-02-020
(0) template files not taken into consideration when using "theme control"kurt-hectic0Bug::Error
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) $prefs.language does not work properly?daav60Bug::Usability
daav-30 Mar 10
(0) tiki-edit_templates.php high load and crash Tutpedia.org9 high0Bug::Error2010-05-111
marclaporte-17 May 10
(0) Theme and Tools for MediaWiki migrationChristophe80Feature request2011-10-030
(0) Assign theme to group doesn't workGary Cunningham-Lee70Bug::Usability2010-09-080
(0) Java Script Errors after upgrade to 6idle-40Bug::Error
(0) Version 6 WYSIWYG background with Darkshine themepvfa.www70Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) userlist heading link colorLusserall40Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Cannot access popup menus in some themeskarlg70Bug::Usability2010-11-140
(0) The popup menus of the left hand menu box are often too far from the itemkarlg70Bug::Usability2010-11-140
(0) Incorrect custom header code breaks siteScaryFast50Documentation (or Advocacy)2010-11-210
(0) Image selection for Logo shuld be drop down from uploaded filesgarethmcc0Bug::Usability2011-01-150
(0) 7x Dev : overlapping cols or right column sent to end of "middle"Bernard TREMBLAY9 high0Bug::Error
(0) Allow HTML and/or Wiki syntax in Site Title and Subtitle fieldsRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties30Feature request2011-02-180
(0) maketoc needs backlinks from headings to TOC, heading formatting options, outline numbering, etc.marbux30Feature request2009-09-103
marclaporte-03 Nov 13
(0) Buttons line wrap on mouse-over hover - v6.7 Theme TheNewsEmmArrBee60Bug::Usability2012-05-090
(0) Bootstrap Sandbox - Default Tiki ThemePascal St-Jean0Community projects2013-11-200
(0) Multiple CSS ID'sdrsassafras0Less than 30-minute fix2014-04-291
marclaporte-30 Apr 14
(0) tiki-user_information.php uses Admin Theme for regular usersRui Mao0Bug::Error2014-05-230
(0) open/close left/right columns lost in bootstrapping developmentGeoff Brickell50Bug::Regression2014-07-300
(0) TikipediaAchilles3050Feature request2014-07-231
chibaguy-24 Jul 14
(0) TikipediaAchilles3050Feature request2014-07-230
(1) Top header ugly and hard to use on iPhone / smartphone luciash d' being1 difficult0Bug::Usability
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
chibaguy-12 Mar 16
(0) Problem with theme control when external theme style sheet is setGary Cunningham-Lee30Bug::Error2016-07-170
(0) Theme Lumen: hover color for wiki links for not existing wiki pageshhm10 easy0Bug::Usability2016-08-300
(0) Fivealive and mod-logo: Site title displayed too much to the left (lack of contrast with white background)Philippe Cloutier30Bug::Regression2016-10-280


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) 13.x Bootstrap: tiki-assignuser.php -> There should not be a horizontal scroll barMarc Laporte339Bug::Usability
manivannans-19 May 15
(0) Fresh install of 13.0: theme admin panel: tabs with no possible optionsMarc Laporte8864Bug::Usability2014-07-305
marclaporte-30 Jul 14
(0) Disabling the Search box on Search Results page also removes it from the search barRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties8756Bug::Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties2010-05-301
ricks99-30 May 10
(0) Cannot see text in fivealive-lite watermelon top buttonsNelson Ko1 low1 difficult1Release Blocker2014-06-271
koth-27 Jun 14
(0) fivealive-lite kiwi can't see logout linkNelson Ko1 low1 difficult1Release Blocker2014-06-271
Chealer9-22 Oct 16
(0) Display a comment in the html listing where each indvidual template starts and ends40Feature request2007-11-231
BillMac-22 Nov 07
(0) Calendar module title displays in wrong color in brtiki themeMarbux0Bug::Error2007-06-292
luci-31 Aug 09
(0) no browser refresh when changing stylebjlockie50Bug::Usabilitybjlockie2007-08-200
(0) Theme Control Center: doesn't work for tiki-plugin_trackerlist.tplMarc Laporte50Bug::Error2007-11-290
(0) Multitiki customizations brokenGary70Bug::ErrorGary2005-10-090
(0) favicon settings: 3 issuesMarc Laporte30Bug::Error
luciash d' being2007-11-290
(0) Theme control by category not working for me recently on a catgorized trackerXavier de Pedro50Bug::Error2008-05-080
(0) Theme Control by object: allow setting trackers alsoXavier de Pedro40Feature request2008-05-080
(0) Editing / Saving themes CSS causes "strange" code in some commands.Hofnarr70Bug::Usability
Support request
(0) Legacy theme Akwa fails in 2.0SEWilco30Bug::Error2008-08-151
ragnvald-08 Oct 08
(0) Several themes lose first character of module textSEWilco50Bug::Usability2008-08-153
vhenry-17 Nov 08
(0) Newsletter feature missing in tiki-admin_layout.phpMarc Laporte20Bug::Usability2005-06-080
(0) Insert Wiki Link popup has scroll bars in IE7 messing up viewNelson Ko80Bug::Usability2010-10-250
(0) Switching theme via URL doesn't seem to workGary Cunningham-Lee30Bug::Regression2016-01-250
(0) Redo CSS Structure to be less local and more mode-drivenjhwheuer50Feature requestjhwheuer2007-06-030
(0) Templates by Category - application to children desiredmrisch50Feature request2006-06-150
(0) TikiMods: List authors in all styles1 low0Bug::Error2007-07-101
mdavey-23 Apr 05


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Hard-coded icons in js fileslindon339Bug::Consistency2018-02-053
jonnybradley-07 Apr 16
(0) file_get_contents(/var/local/themes.tiki.org/www//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400italic,700italic,400,700): failed to open stream: No such file or directoryMarc Laporte9981Bug::Error2014-08-042
marclaporte-04 Aug 14
(0) Double check footer links on tiki sites after upgradingMarc Laporte10 high880Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
Developer Training
Pascal St-Jean2013-11-068
pascalstjean-10 Sep 13
(0) Bootstrap icons not found with bootswatch themeslindon10 high880Release Blocker2014-06-300
(0) http://next.tiki.org/user199 page layout is brokenMarc Laporte810 easy80Bug::Regression2014-07-211
marclaporte-21 Jul 14
(0) business: control panel descriptions have minimal contrast (grey text on white)Philippe Cloutier1 low88Bug::Usability2016-10-241
Chealer9-24 Oct 16
(0) tiki-admin_categories.php layout broken after adding first categoryluciash d' being9 high872Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Allow for styling of the page name in a link to a non-existent pageDavidBright8972Feature request2016-12-296
DavidBright-29 Dec 16
(0) Infinite Carousel on themes.tiki.org breaks between Tiki10 and Tiki11Marc Laporte9872Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) 13.x Horizontal scrolling on http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Tiki12Marc Laporte710 easy70Bug::Usability
Gary Cunningham-Lee2014-07-300
(0) Theme Width Option Non-FunctionalJohn Morris710 easy70Bug::Error
luciash d' being2017-10-147
jmorris-14 Oct 17
(0) 13.x suite.tiki.org : The footer is missing since the upgrade from 12.xMarc Laporte8864Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-12 Aug 14
(0) 11.x: issues with greenvalley theme style Xavier de Pedro510 easy50Bug::Usability2013-09-060
(0) Tiki sites - logos and faviconsgezza510 easy50Community projects2016-03-116
gezza-04 Aug 14
(0) Using Google Machine Translate breaks theme columnsRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties7749Bug::Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
pascalstjean-21 Nov 13
(0) output of {maketoc} in a DIV to make it easy to apply a styleAbbas Mousavi6848Feature request
Less than 30-minute fix
marclaporte-03 Nov 13
(0) WSOD if layout template pref doesn't match available layouts (e.g., in upgrade) Gary Cunningham-Lee8648Bug::Error
Jonny Bradley2016-06-061
xavi-04 Jun 16
(0) Hidden anchors/links shown on mouseover of headerMarc Laporte5945Feature requestmanivannans2017-04-084
marclaporte-08 Apr 17
(0) Switch-theme module doesn't work at nextthemes.t.o when not logged inGary Cunningham-Lee9545Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)manivannans2013-11-191
pascalstjean-19 Nov 13
(0) Profile Random_Header_Images (for 14.x) doesn't fit in the surrounding boxXavier de Pedro5945Bug::Regression2015-04-143
chibaguy-10 Apr 15
(0) js and css borked in doc.t.o while testing how to avoid issue in elfinder which prevented to upload any picture: please helpXavier de Pedro9545Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Release Blocker
xavi-09 Jan 17
(0) Extra site logo (tiki logo) and sitetitle shown at the top left corner after upgrade to 16.2svn (a.navbar-brand)Xavier de Pedro7642Bug::Regression
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
jonnybradley-10 May 17
(0) Title and subtitle lost css properties on upgrade from 9.x to 12.xXavier de Pedro5840Bug::RegressionGary Cunningham-Lee2013-12-041
chibaguy-17 Nov 13
(0) User information mouseover is stickyMarc Laporte5840Bug::Regression
Less than 30-minute fix
koth-15 Jul 14
(0) popup box to select visible calendars shown underneath events details (using fullcalendar)Xavier de Pedro4936Bug::Regressionluciash d' being2016-04-140
(0) Logo is fuzzy on nextdoc and nextdevNelson Ko310 easy30Release Blocker2014-06-250
(0) 13.x: Profiles with "random header images" stopped working as expected compared to 12.xXavier de Pedro6530Community projects
(0) improve display of icons in since_last_visit_new module when many changesXavier de Pedro4728Bug::Usability
chibaguy-09 Feb 16
(0) Irregular outline pages in coelesce theme Park JoonHyun3927Bug::Errormanivannans2013-12-041
joonhyun-04 Dec 13
(1) 14.x regresion: menu icons brokenXavier de Pedro5525Bug::Regression2015-11-123
gezza-22 May 15
(1) Look & Feel for suite.t.o is currently (14.x) worse than expectedXavier de Pedro5525Bug::Usability
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
luci-14 May 15
(0) since last visit module using bootstrap tabs: make icons bigger (for human fingers in smartphones)Xavier de Pedro3824Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
jonnybradley-07 Apr 16
(0) Use any font in Tiki (not just web fonts) HTML5Marc Laporte3721Feature request2016-12-2217
marclaporte-10 Aug 14
(0) Switching themes has no effectMarc Laporte210 easy20Bug::Regressionmanivannans2013-11-171
pascalstjean-17 Nov 13
(0) Update PluginVersions to Bootstrap classes (missing tabbed-like display)Xavier de Pedro4520Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
rjsmelo-20 Mar 16
(0) Bootstrap Sandbox - Amelia Bootswatch ThemePascal St-Jean21 difficult2Community projects2015-05-220
(0) t.o 11.x: left column overlapping central column and flip left column is unclickable with ChromiumXavier de Pedro2816Bug::Usabilitymanivannans2013-11-213
pascalstjean-26 Aug 13
(0) Invalid CSSE.W. Peter Jalajas2816Developer Trainingmanivannans2013-10-211
pascalstjean-10 Sep 13
(0) Difficult iconset conversion for file gallery listinglindon3412Bug::Usability
Release Blocker
lindon-16 Mar 15
(0) make plugin pivottable look and feel (3rd party css) adapt to currently chosen theme style Xavier de Pedro2612Support request
Gary Cunningham-Lee2016-10-270
(0) styles/default.css fails to render correctly.Xeno70Bug::ErrorXeno2010-01-142
marclaporte-16 Aug 07
(0) Switch lang module for anonymous yields blank page + critical error with registeredXavier de Pedro9 high0Bug::Errorsylvieg2007-04-090
(0) phplayers horiz menu buggy when using twist.css theme styleXavier de Pedro70Bug::Error
(0) calendar overlaps on right columnMarc Laporte60Bug::Error2005-10-111
ikky-26 Apr 05
(0) Syntax error reported by tiki-calendar.php (but simple text added): event not insertedXavier de Pedro40Bug::Errorluciash d' being2017-06-180
(0) Themes: Fix themes that are broken for safari/konq users70Bug::Error2005-10-110