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 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve? PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Typos on http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Permissioncmgross20Documentation (or Advocacy)
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Problem enabling poll participation by anonymous userstikigirl50Bug::Error
xavi-09 Sep 07
(0) Group Permission Negation PatchRedhatter30Feature requestRedhatter2009-08-022
sylvie-19 Jul 07
(0) Inheritance of filegal permissions for sub-galleriessnarlydwarf40Feature request2010-01-192
liberatic-18 May 14
(0) Need a print permissionRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties50Feature request2009-08-020
(0) there is no tiki_p_edit_image_galleries permissionMatWho0Bug::Error2009-08-020
(0) assign_all in tiki-categpermissions.php does not assign to more than one level of childrenrunesk0Bug::Error
(0) Better/Easier reporting of item/object permissions which override category and group permissionsJean-Marc Libs80Feature request2012-04-201
marclaporte-18 Apr 12
(0) separate permission to create forumsGeoff Brickell30Feature request2013-08-220
(0) sandbox not available for usersDon Hughes602009-02-160
(0) Admin option to force newly created pages to be part of the structure they were created fromRiSK70Feature request2009-09-100
(0) blackroom /tiki-assignpermission.php?group=* rendering problemShahar Or50Bug::Error
DawnLight-09 Apr 09
(0) Users think they can inlcude attachments to trackers, even without permission50Bug::Error
(0) Whole column "level" in users_permission table gets nulled outRandyH50Bug::Error2009-05-310
(0) Item/Object perms: copy permissions from another object. (especially for wiki pages and categories)70Feature request2009-09-271
marclaporte-01 Feb 12
(0) Only Admin can view Categorized pages....pnicell50Bug::Usability
Support request
(0) Allow users to view RSS module list and add modules without other admin permissionsConnor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod50Feature request2009-08-020
(0) database errorwookienz40Bug::Error2009-07-260
(0) Admin – Assign Permissions – ordering table by level does not order correctly (level conf. active)Kissaki30Bug::Usability
(0) forum moderator seems to have tiki_p_admin_forum permission=y for tiki-view_forum.phpjoerg20Bug::Error
(0) tiki_p_watch permission: 40Feature request2009-10-140
(0) Allow admin of Preference Screen options by AdministratorJoyceD9 high0Feature request
Support request
(0) display bug on objectpermissions pageluciash d' being0Bug::UsabilityJonny Bradley2009-11-170
(0) (calendar) permission display wonkycampbe1350Bug::Consistency2009-11-190
(0) 3.x: tiki-assignpermission.php fails when not filtered & default suhosin patch for apache in serverXavier de Pedro50Bug::Usability2009-12-160
(0) When editing permissions on categories for a single group, all permissions are shown as emptymnl9 high0Bug::Error2010-02-230
(0) Deprecated notices re xajax when assigning permsGary Cunningham-Lee60Bug::Error
(0) Forums lists many pages, regardless of categ.perms., and available forums are not listed in 1st pag Xavi (as xavidp - admin)50Bug::Error2009-08-020
(0) Tiki Object PermissionsGreg Wheat0Bug::Error2010-07-060
(0) Misleading error message when saving without passing captcha testalain_desilets70Bug::Usability2010-07-060
(0) All upgrade from 3.x to 4.x denies all permissions to adminBernard TREMBLAY9 high0Bug::Error
Trebly-26 Jul 10
(0) Users must have global tiki_p_view_trackers to see tracker item even if tracker specific perm setNelson Ko70Bug::Consistency2010-11-180
(0) Search results count overlooks permissionsylavi40Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2011-04-102
Dan.BTown-03 Jul 11
(0) Can admin content templates without appropriate permissions80Bug::Usability
(0) Filegal File Object permissions - does not exist. 70Bug::Usability2011-08-260
(0) Quick Edit (both module & from List Pages) bypasses category permissions when improper case used.nofixedabode50Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2012-05-130
(0) Login with Facebook appears when Social Networks Disableddrsassafras0Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) User can set permissions of file gallery when tiki_p_assign_perm_file_gallery is OFFhrsms70Bug::Error2016-02-100
(0) permissions, tiki_p_wiki_attach_filesMike Finko50Support request2016-03-280
(0) editing category permissions fails for group-names with "~" as namespace separator generated by workspacesRadoS40Bug::Error2016-12-271
RadoS-12 Jan 18
(0) workspace should create and assign file gallery, too, to keep files separated as pagesRadoS80Bug::Usability2016-12-270
(0) Category not overriding global permissionsAugusto Cesar Rossi de Mattos40Bug2018-07-020
(0) Add group permissions for individual pollsillori50Feature requestillori2009-08-020
(0) Unable to set Object level permissions to articles in 10.2NewAdmin0151 difficult5Bug::Regression2013-09-102
pascalstjean-10 Sep 13
(0) need "structure" permissions separation to have "edit structure" and "create" structureRadoS1 low1 difficult1Bug::Usability2016-12-270
(0) Video item to be removedDaniel Gauthier1 low10 easy10Documentation (or Advocacy)Régis Barondeau2013-12-080
(0) workspace templates don't cover all possible permissions as globally possibleRadoS510 easy50Bug::Usability2016-12-270
(0) Per user/group newsletter administration (adding category or object permissions)Torsten Fabricius6318Feature request2017-10-230
(0) Assign permissions on individual FAQsHelene40Feature request2009-08-020
(0) improve doc for tiki devs about the right way to develop permission checks (global, category and local)Xavier de Pedro9436Support request
Community projects
Developer Training
(0) Permissions on individual galleries for tiki-galleries.php and tiki-list_gallery.phpMarc Laporte5525Bug::Error2013-10-281
kronenpj-01 Mar 06
(0) To show Links with no Permission for anonym - turns external Sitemap creation in a disasterarea 302artbody7535Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) notgroups param for modulesMarc Laporte7535Feature request2013-10-280
(0) Structures section at object permissions table not shown Xavier de Pedro8540Bug::Regression2016-09-2710
xavi-27 Sep 16
(0) php errors aftert upgrade to tiki15: mb_strlen() and trim() expect parameter 1 to be string, array givenXavier de Pedro5525Bug::Error
(0) Some Wiki actions don't respect category permissionsMarc Laporte2510Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)Roberto Kirschbaum2017-07-312
marclaporte-02 Aug 17
(0) Roles-and-PermissionsTorsten Fabricius9545Feature request2018-01-080
(0) A new page in a wiki structure doesn't inherit categ perms from structure parent but only object perms (unexpected for intranet type of sections of wiki structures)Xavier de Pedro6636Bug::Usability
Bsfez-01 Feb 17
(0) Admin unable to use some File Gallery functions, such as "Create File Gallery" due to conflict with (tiki_p_admin) permission. NickNapoli8248322012-08-060
(0) WYSIWYCA on Inline Tracker editMarc Laporte2816Bug::Usabilitymanivannans2013-10-280
(0) Move perm plugin from mods to BRANCH-1-9 and add a way to have not just "if" but "if/else" Marc Laporte2918Feature requestsylvieg2013-10-280


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) LDAP Group Synchronisation brokenManuel Schneider8972Bug::ErrorFlorian Gleixner2014-09-301
marclaporte-28 Apr 12
(0) Limit number of tracker submissionsduqtape6636Bug::Regression
Less than 30-minute fix
xavi-09 Feb 16
(0) tiki_p_admin_objects enabled for a user, but no key icon appears in file galleryglumdalclitch40Bug::Error2007-07-170
(0) Wiki strucutures show pages, even if user does not have permission to view a pageRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties50Bug::Error2007-11-153
frankb-11 Feb 11
(0) tiki_p_wiki_post_comments is missing for individual wiki pages (tiki_p_wiki_view_comments exists)Marc Laporte0Feature request2007-11-270
(0) the link 'remove from this structure' dont appears for any page in 'assing permissions to page'fffialho50Bug::Error
(0) Add green & yellow permission keys on tiki-listpages.phpMarc Laporte30Feature request2008-02-040
(0) 1-click access to be able to do certain actions (view a page, edit a page, edit user tracker, etc)Marc Laporte60Feature request2010-02-281
marclaporte-15 Jan 10
(0) _categorized-Permissions cannot be assigned when upgrading from 1.9 to 1.10 - cache problemsitko50Bug::Error2008-03-170
(0) Permissions: when assigning permissions to item, an option to start with current general permissionsMarc Laporte60Feature request2010-01-150
(0) Modules use should be restrictable with standard permissions80Feature request2008-10-180
(0) Categories does not restrict visibility on individual imagesChristian Clausen0Feature request
(0) Menu for anonymous user to articlesdsbach0Bug::Usability2008-10-063
SEWilco-15 Oct 08
(0) Trackers need "tiki_p_trackers_view_own" permission to view own items onlyRalph Bolton50Feature request2007-08-122
marclaporte-04 Jul 06
(0) admin user doesn't have permission to edit structures by defaultEricIsGood30Bug::Usability2008-11-010
(0) admin user doesn't have permission to edit structures by defaultEricIsGood60Bug::Usability2008-11-010
(0) When creating a page, how to inherit permissions from source page?Marc Laporte70Feature request2008-11-081
ChadDa3mon-14 Apr 09
(0) General: Use library functions for permissions and featuresRalph Bolton50Feature request2010-01-151
marclaporte-15 Jan 10
(0) File Galleries not visible to groups without permission "tiki_p_admin_file_galleries"UnorthodoxJeremy9 high0Bug::Error2009-09-100
(0) Poll permission granularity not fine-grained enoughamette70Bug::Usability
Feature request
marclaporte-30 Jun 05
(0) Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pagesrodrigososa9 high0Bug::Error
Support request
arild-08 Oct 11
(0) Creator can edit option selected in article type not filtered on for edit permission.Helene40Bug::Usability2008-02-040
(0) Standard permissions for features per groupsjhwheuer30Feature requestjhwheuer2007-07-091
marclaporte-16 Jan 06
(0) "Allow others to post to this blog" should be possible to omit as an option when creating blogsAl40Feature request2008-02-030
(0) Blog local perms are not deleted if group name contains spaces or special characters Xavi (as xavidp - admin)50Bug::Error2007-06-040


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportance Easy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Can't add permissions in 3.2 - carried over from 3.1 + 3.2 upload errors0Bug::ErrorJoyceD2009-11-130
(0) category: lost admin rightstrois140Bug::Error2010-05-163
marclaporte-24 Nov 09
(0) Post comment catgory permissions are ignored02011-10-080
(0) Permissions for perspectives are not workingMarc Laporte0Bug::Regression2013-10-192
marclaporte-18 Sep 13
(0) Quick permissions on a BigBlueButton object permissionsMarc Laporte0Bug::Error2014-06-042
marclaporte-04 Jun 14
(0) Need Forums to Display per Group - Nevermindmorrighu1 low0Feature request
Community projects
(0) admin user loses admin rights after creating a userMarc Laporte10 high880Release Blocker2013-06-170
(0) LDAP password will not be accepted when using > or < in the password stringukoegler10 high0Bug::Error2013-09-110
(0) object/category permission Back btn corruptedGeoff Brickell10 high0Bug::Error2014-07-210
(0) tiki_p_admin_menu: new permission to manage menusMarc Laporte30Feature requestsylvieg2009-09-070
(0) Menu management: add a permission: tiki_p_edit_menuMarc Laporte30Feature requestsylvieg2009-08-020
(0) Object permissions for menus: not functionalMarc Laporte30Bug::Error2011-09-120
(0) tiki-list_object_permissions.php -> Needs tabs for missing featuresMarc Laporte3412Feature request
marclaporte-20 Nov 13
(0) There should be a permission tiki_p_view_slidesamette40Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Errors on top of tiki-objectpermissions.php pageLusserall40Bug::Error
Philippe Cloutier2010-09-1711
Lusserall-15 Sep 10
(0) Item Link in Tracker Does Not Obey User Permissionsmplawner4416Bug::Consistency2013-01-210
(0) Users able to post to all blogs - confirming and extending previously reported bug by otherszorp50Bug::Usabilityzorp2008-07-220
(0) How to force the login processllamonica50Support request2009-04-180
(0) Missing Permissions assignment feature for NewslettersOlaf-Michael Stefanov50Bug::Error
Philippe Cloutier2010-10-291
marclaporte-25 Jan 10
(0) To post image in Blog you need tiki_p_upload_picture (in Wiki perm section)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist510 easy50Bug::Consistency2016-02-282
Bsfez-10 Sep 13
(0) Mark blog entry as private doesn't workGary Cunningham-Lee50Feature requestluciash d' being2008-04-247
oys-25 Nov 09
(0) Redirect after login back to the HomePageBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist5525Bug::Regression2016-06-031
luci-23 Nov 14
(0) Link from objectpermissions.php to doc help page has wrong URL / Alias issuemacnific510 easy50Bug::Error2015-11-070
(0) Remove requirement of global tiki_p_view wiki pages in order to allow to manage one local structureXavier de Pedro5840Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) respect/obey object permissions (beyond global) with plugin pivottableXavier de Pedro5525Bug::Consistency
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) Share page bug Marc Laporte60Bug::Error2008-07-130
(0) Users (without admin perms) are able to create blogs in other user's namezorp60Feature request
ang-29 May 08
(0) Split tracker admin/edit permissionGeoff Brickell60Feature request2013-08-220
(0) blog doesn't respect feature_tell_a_friend=njoerg60Bug::Usability
Feature request
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
marclaporte-15 Jan 10
(0) Tiki permission bug for page names using norwegian characters60Bug::Error2011-09-060
(0) Permission on Newsletters using Group PermissionsKarsten Wemheuer6530Bug::Error
Feature request
xavi-12 Sep 12
(0) Per user/group newsletter administration (adding category or object permissions)Torsten Fabricius6318Feature request2017-10-230
(0) User "Admin" does not have permission to admin polls after feature activationdthacker7749Bug::Error2013-06-050
(0) Permissions : advanced feature: level configuration : it should be impossible to create blank levelMarc Laporte70Bug::Error2010-01-150
(0) group category permissionsjianl70Feature request
Support request
mrisch-08 Aug 08
(0) Bugs need permission to be viewedtobi_h7856Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
tobi_h-17 Jan 10
(0) Exclude certain content from search results70Feature request2010-01-150
(0) Permissions Not Applied Correctly70Bug::Usability2011-10-080
(0) When upgrading old version of TikiWiki to 7.2, admin login no longer has admin permissionsMarc Laporte702012-04-161
xavi-12 Oct 11
(0) tiki_p_remove_files permission not working in file gallery. jcarter70Bug::Usability
Support request
jcarter-11 Dec 13
(0) Lock feature doesn't work you can always post on a locked threadCyrille80Bug::ErrorBeestje2009-04-212
Beestje-21 Apr 09
(0) New permission to administer modules (tiki_p_admin_modules)Marc Laporte8648Feature request
Less than 30-minute fix
Pascal St-Jean2010-01-250
(0) Adding a page to a category breaks permissionsprisma80Bug::Error2008-04-131
walklife-10 Apr 08
(0) Group inheritance of permissions brokenPhilippe Cloutier802011-03-061
mrisch-06 Mar 11
(0) Do not display [comment] link, when no perm to post comments and no comments posted yetluciash d' being8756Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
kimberlyf-14 Jan 10
(0) Permission inheritance (default category) are not checked prior creating a wiki pageBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist8864Bug::Error2018-02-061
pascalstjean-29 Oct 13
(0) Quick Permissions "advanced" setting removes all permsJonny Bradley8540Bug::ErrorJonny Bradley2017-06-180
(1) Permissions for most features can no longer be setBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist8540Bug::Regression2017-12-054
Bsfez-05 Dec 17
(0) Error in permissions of the file galleries and other objectsandeezet80Bug::Usability
Support request
(0) When assigning tiki_p_search permission to a group, all other "tiki" permissions are also assigned9 high0Bug::Error2008-04-040
(0) Anonymous users can create page without permissions after broken sql page shownliquidape9 high0Bug::Error2008-10-040
(0) WYSIWYCA for all permissions : feature_check in Table: users_permissions Marc Laporte9 high0Feature requestMarc Laporte2011-02-081
marclaporte-11 Sep 10
(0) Mass assignment of permissions, especially for wiki pagesMarc Laporte9 high0Feature request2010-02-160
(0) Wiki Permissions inheritance is brokenmheller9 high0Bug::Regression2011-04-070