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Multilingual interface handling has been in in Tiki since the early versions. Therefore, it was possible to use Tiki in any of 30+ languages. Multilingual content handling was added in 1.9.x It makes it possible for a page or an article to have a corresponding page or article in another language.

Tiki is the “reference implementation” for the Cross-lingual Wiki Engine:



 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Interactive translation: Use a color to indicate untranslated stringsMarc Laporte7749Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Translation of this page is incomplete - displays in wrong language.Dominic5840Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Available languages in mode "Restrict supported languages"Frank Guthausen7535Bug::Usability2013-10-282
marclaporte-25 Sep 12
(0) Language picker should be WYSIWYCAMarc Laporte6530Bug::Usability
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Interactive Translation produces WSODXavier de Pedro6530Bug::Error
(0) change_language (Users can change site language) is enabled when feature_multilingual is notPhilippe Cloutier5525Bug::Regression
(0) Using Wiki cache can show the wrong language to other usersMarc Laporte5525Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2013-10-280
(0) Since upgrade from 12 to 15: weird characters in non-english notification emails (wrong encoding?)Xavier de Pedro5525Bug::Error
(0) Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)Marc Laporte3824Feature requestmanivannans2013-10-281
Damian-01 Jul 05
(0) Language field for menus (multilingual menus)Marc Laporte4520Feature request2013-10-280
(0) Use Zend_Currency for currency field type in trackersMarc Laporte3515Feature request2013-10-280
(0) change the table definitions to support the new utf8mb4 characterwaterglass7214Feature requestLouis-Philippe Huberdeau2013-11-299
pascalstjean-27 Nov 13
(0) BiDi.css bug in RTL languageAshkanV10 high10 easy100Patch2014-08-080
(0) thresold...Daniel Germer20Bug::Consistency2009-04-240
(0) Quick Edit module should detect and warn about special characters in page namesMarc Laporte30Feature request2012-03-290
(0) Problem with plugins & russian characters on wiki pageelliot.iat0Bug::Error2008-12-050
(0) Pages with same name not allowed? Mulilingual siteshfalk50Bug::Error
Feature request
luci-04 Dec 08
(0) multibyte-letter-wiki-document-name between double braces are not recognized.yuth1ker50Bug::Usability
Feature request
yuth1ker-14 Nov 08
(0) Only a testing-bug for Umlauts äöüamette0Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
sylvie-19 Mar 09
(0) Locking page removes translate linkGary Cunningham-Lee60Bug::Usability2008-12-050
(0) Logic of language selectionPhil Jollans50Feature request2009-02-080
(0) Activating plugins doesn't invalidate cache and thus, plugin help doesn't appear on next page edit50Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) Locale breaks on script tagspcraciunoiu70Bug::Error2009-06-130
(0) "Change language for this page" in translate this page first stepArnaud HERVE02009-08-250
(0) Translation rightsArnaud HERVE0Feature request2017-07-240
(0) Comment into forums of various languagesArnaud HERVE02009-08-250
(0) Buttons for available languagesArnaud HERVE02009-08-273
gezza-26 Jan 12
(0) "Translation of this page is incomplete." / "translation in progress"Arnaud HERVE30Feature request2013-06-052
Arthur_Mullard-17 Jun 11
(0) Import glossariesArnaud HERVE02009-09-230
(0) Translate in two columnsArnaud HERVE02009-09-230
(0) Page translation module with Reference language (pivot_language) parameter broken on tiki-index.phpPhilippe Cloutier0Bug::RegressionLouis-Philippe Huberdeau2009-10-240
(0) Completely multilingual Tiki not just WikiDominic60Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-08 Jun 11
(0) Custom string translation do not workalain_desilets60Bug::Regression2009-12-040
(0) Side-by-side edit of two languages, with a "translation is in sync" button to save both wiki pagesMarc Laporte50Feature request2012-03-290
(0) Language.php has strange characters codificationtrincio50Bug::Usability2010-01-180
(0) In multilingual provided clearer guidance to user as to what language is most up to datealain_desilets80Feature request2010-01-290
(0) Make preferences i18n-awareMarc Laporte60Feature request2010-02-230
(0) Links to translation(s) in article subpagesduanekennedy30Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) wrong german translation in confirmation mailHobbyBlobby30Bug::Usability
(0) $prefs.language does not work properly?daav60Bug::Usability
daav-30 Mar 10
(0) Unkown language applied to wiki pages created from structuredsRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties60Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) 5.x: wiki "watch" emails come with iso-8859-1 to me even if chosen utf-8 everywhere in settings; other email okXavier de Pedro60Bug::Usability
(0) tiki-integrator is not aware of character set: remote pages with iso-8859-1 are not properly shownXavi (as xavidp - admin)50Bug::Usability
Feature request
(0) Upgrade 4.1->5.0 - Error : x01 : Fatal error on tra.phpBernard TREMBLAY9 high0Bug::Error
(0) Display of many text after upgrade of a database coded UTF8 defined latin1 as UTF8 codeBernard TREMBLAY9 high0Bug::Error
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
trebly-12 Oct 10
(0) interactive translation on-use-off results in a 10x slow-downGergely80Bug::Error
Gergely-12 Sep 10
(0) TW5.1: database translation does not work for tiki-register.tplGergely80Bug::Error
(0) tiki-register.php and tiki-login.php ironinggezza70Bug::Usability2010-10-260
(0) Translation Drop Down not Available in Wiki Structures and other language anomaliesrodrigososa9 high0Bug::Error
(0) i18n feature breaks wiki feature when language is changed to germanRamirezTerrix70Bug::Usability
(0) I10n: admin pages not displayed properlyDesertWolf70Bug::Error
(0) I10n: create (sub-)page from structure/breadcrumb bar doesn't get into the structureDesertWolf50Bug::Error
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
bruno.rossi-01 Feb 11
(0) I10n: Edit a page in a language different than english results into a broken editpagedisplayDesertWolf80Bug::Error
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Chealer9-17 Jan 11
(0) Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal [MOD] [ADD]Bernard TREMBLAY80Feature requestBernard TREMBLAY2011-01-250
(0) #3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7xBernard TREMBLAY60Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) CKEditor contentsLangDirection by page languageylavi30Patch
(0) Machine Translation broken: results in empty pageRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties70Bug::Regression2011-02-040
(0) Simple and quick way for admin to change or lock HIS language onlyyoni50Feature request2011-02-130
(0) JQuery Datepicker/JS Calender do not appear in other languagesGregor (gta74)0Bug::Usability2011-03-210
(0) The A - B - C... links is not Multilingualyoni50Feature request2011-05-021
marclaporte-16 Jan 12
(0) Module Switch Language changes language of multilingual structureDesertWolf70Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2011-05-160
(0) workaround to open ticket #2188 gdeserres30Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)2011-06-070
(0) Multigual File DescriptionsDominic80Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Tiki 6.x to Tiki 8.x upgrade with Latin-1 to UTF-8 conversionMarc Laporte50Bug::Error2012-01-081
Chealer9-20 Jan 12
(0) maketoc dupicates toc when using "all languages" featuredrsassafras0Less than 30-minute fix2014-04-300
(0) Language code of Simplified/Traditional Chinese are non-popular and caused problemRui Mao0Bug::Error2014-05-230
(0) i18n online translation brokenTorsten Fabricius90Bug::Usability
Support request
Community projects
mikeua-22 Oct 15
(0) Editing a Plugin via plugin helper icon on a translated page looses the translation assigned!luciash d’ being70Bug::Usability
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
luci-07 Feb 18
(0) No need to set page language again and again efter editing Plugintracker icon optionmacnific60Bug::Consistency2018-02-070
(0) Bing Machine Translation does not workRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties10 high0Bug::Error
ricks99-10 Aug 16
(0) Autocomplete is broken on multilingual tracker text fields Jean-Marc Libs70Bug2017-11-210


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Error of file type when uploading custom translationBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist710 easy70Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
gezza-03 Apr 17
(0) Adding a topic to articles conflicts with language switchingMarc Laporte1 low55Bug::ErrorMarc Laporte2006-03-010
(0) rss icons not displayed when switching language (site wide or wiki page translation)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist5735Bug::Error
Developer Training
(0) Tracker field creation failed as special characters are omitted (and not replaced as previously)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist5735Bug::Error
Bsfez-07 Feb 18
(0) i18n forumsMarc Laporte20Feature request2007-03-080
(0) Smarty cache is not automatically updated after a modification of language.phpshigerusz330Bug::Usability2007-08-120
(0) When restricting available languages in admin->i18n, wiki edit page still shows all languages Michel Van Eeckhout30Bug::Error2007-06-120
(0) translation to portuguese (PT)myoli0Patchmyoli2007-07-161
CriaCAC-11 May 11
(0) Spellcheck dictionary should be install via mods, in many languages.Marc Laporte60Feature requestMarc Laporte2007-08-130
(0) php option "...&bl" does not work with "structure"nuhets0Bug::Usabilitynuhets2008-02-212
nuhets-21 Feb 08
(0) wiki: automatic description of changesMarc Laporte30Feature request2008-04-160
(0) Using "best language" breaks links when generating webhelpRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties70Bug::Error2008-05-210
(0) Reporting spelling corrections as a non-developerademoor1 low02008-11-241
marclaporte-29 Aug 09
(0) Problem in adodb when using Chinese characters in browser titleoutcrop9 high0Bug::Usability2011-10-081
arild-08 Oct 11
(0) Editing a wiki page: Footnotes and Comment are unclear labelsMarc Laporte40Bug::UsabilityLuis Henrique Fagundes2006-01-251
fmathias-25 Jan 06
(0) Translated pages should not be orphansMarc Laporte20Bug::Usability2005-06-282
Bsfez-14 Apr 16
(0) spellcheck should get lang from wiki page lang, not from users' Xavi (as xavidp - admin)60Bug::Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) Right-to-left directional languages broken in 1.9DR4Abbas Mousavi30Bug::Regression2008-12-010
(0) Blog local perms are not deleted if group name contains spaces or special characters Xavi (as xavidp - admin)50Bug::Error2007-06-040
(0) Set default language in editormarbux1 low0Bug::Usability2007-06-030
(0) tiki export trackers with accented charactersMarc Laporte1 low0Bug::Error2007-01-050
(0) smarty_tiki/modifier.duration*.php are not internationalizedmstef40Bug::Error2006-08-180
(0) Use of variables in text areas ex.: wiki pages (lang, page, etc)Marc Laporte60Feature requestsylvieg2013-06-051
marclaporte-25 Nov 07
(0) Special characters in newsletters & email notifications when copy-pasting from Microsoft WordMarc Laporte50Bug::Usabilitysylvieg2007-12-311
marclaporte-13 Aug 07


 RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) User information link is broken if language is not english (user preferences -> tracker)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist810 easy80Bug::Usability2013-11-031
pascalstjean-10 Sep 13
(0) Action buttons missing in 3 themes (Coalesce, Strasa, Ohia) when translating wiki pagesOlaf-Michael Stefanov10 high880Bug::Error
Jonny Bradley2013-11-211
jonnybradley-01 Nov 13
(0) Recaptcha V2 should be displayed in the same language than the Tiki selected languageBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist10 high880Feature request2016-12-131
marclaporte-12 Dec 16
(0) Installer does not set language on new installRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties9 high872Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) wiki shows no preview in translate edit mode8864Bug::Usability
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) Localized Installation with Admin Wizard ends in error 500Xavier de Pedro8864Bug::Error2013-09-150
(0) http://i18n.tiki.org/Status shows fatal errorXavier de Pedro9654Bug::Error
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-19 Oct 13
(0) next.tiki.org : Greek characters become question marksMarc Laporte10 high550Bug::Regression2014-07-213
marclaporte-21 Jul 14
(0) Using Google Machine Translate breaks theme columnsRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties7749Bug::Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Less than 30-minute fix
pascalstjean-21 Nov 13
(0) i18n.t.o unusable: Fatal error Class Table_Plugin not found (plugin fancytable)Xavier de Pedro8648Bug::Error
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
marclaporte-23 Sep 13
(0) Search results (for wiki pages) does not include &bl when using multilingual & best language optionsRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties5840Bug::Error
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) 12.x: site lang doesn't change to lang B through i18n admin panel if that admin has selected language A as user preferenceXavier de Pedro5840Bug::Regression
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
xavi-22 Nov 13
(0) Installation step 'Configure General Settings' looses i18n language choiceXavier de Pedro4832Bug::Usabilitymanivannans2013-11-070
(0) rtl in codemirror 3.16: scrollbar on the right should disappearXavier de Pedro4832Bug::Usability2013-12-050
(0) Flag image broken for some some countriesMarc Laporte3927Bug::Regressionmanivannans2013-11-120
(0) Ease contributions of translations for people that don't use SVNMarc Laporte5525Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(1) Main app menu in side column not translated anymoreXavier de Pedro5525Bug::Regressiongezza2014-05-252
gezza-18 May 14
(0) Wysiwyg Editor not loading for users with Chinese as preferred languagekong5525Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)Jonny Bradley2015-09-084
jonnybradley-08 Sep 15
(0) Tiki-install uncomplete translationBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist3824Bug::Usability
Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) profiles wiki handler: translations param doesn't work. To reproduce, see and apply profile: 'Consensus Forums'Xavier de Pedro4520Bug::Error
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Less than 30-minute fix
(0) WYSIWYG: links to wiki pages with accents get corrupted (UTF-8)Marc Laporte5315Bug::Error
Bug::Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
(0) Working on Japanese Translations1 low02008-10-052
marclaporte-10 Jul 07
(0) Switch lang module for anonymous yields blank page + critical error with registeredXavier de Pedro9 high0Bug::Errorsylvieg2007-04-090
(0) WebHelp: Missing UTF-8 charset support in Index menualain7500720Bug::Usability
marclaporte-10 Apr 07
(0) Wiki editing: Preview with diff, like MediawikiMarc Laporte9 high0Feature requestJonny Bradley2010-10-070
(0) i18n: "Best language" feature applied to short list of 2 or more preferred languages (user profile)Marc Laporte50Feature requestLouis-Philippe Huberdeau2013-11-290
(0) Translate this page (create and associate to translation set in 1 step)Marc Laporte60Louis-Philippe Huberdeau2010-01-150
(0) Duplicate entire structure for translationRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties50Feature requestRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties2008-12-164
marclaporte-10 Mar 08
(0) listing file gallery contents broken in Catalan Language since 1.9.8beta???Xavier de Pedro60Bug::Usability2010-03-310
(0) Watch item on trackers sends messages in the language of the tracker poster.Marc Laporte20Bug::ErrorPhilippe Cloutier2016-07-101
Chealer9-31 Dec 10
(0) sefurl conflicts with best languageMarc Laporte30Bug::Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
SEWilco-16 Jul 08
(0) DB error with new 1.10 install or upgrade over 1.9.9fruman449 high0Bug::Error2008-02-060
(0) If you use the Spell Check feature without having loaded the dictionary-error message is misleadingDumarest60Support request2017-03-230
(0) Default site language should be included in choice of user can switch langNelson Ko40Bug::UsabilityNelson Ko2013-10-200
(0) postgres7 error: operator does not existgsorce50Bug::Error2009-08-080
(0) Wiki: Minor edit :: need mouse over to explain what it's forMarc Laporte40Bug::Usability
Documentation (or Advocacy)
Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties2008-04-240
(0) multitiki not working if adding "?lang=ca" to tiki-install.php script => multitiki not i18n readyXavier de Pedro20Bug::Error2009-09-240
(0) Custom language translations in the database and administered via web interfaceMarc Laporte9 high0Feature request2010-09-220
(0) Add Google Translate supportMarc Laporte80Feature requestmarta.stojanovic2010-01-140
(0) Once a page has been assigned a language there is no option to unassign the languageMarc Laporte1 low0Bug::Usability2012-01-160
(0) if use a chinese character in a page's name, can't use (()) to refer to that page.markqiu9 high0Bug::Error
Marc Laporte2017-06-182
outcrop-03 Jun 09
(0) Language problems with mail notifications in trackerpkdille60Bug::Usability2013-08-252
Chealer9-31 Dec 10
(0) switch_lang module doesn't work when "detect browser language" is enabledLuHe9 high0Bug::Error2010-10-152
rodrigo-15 Oct 10
(0) add language selection list on Installer pagebaijianpeng9 high0Feature requestbaijianpeng2009-04-180
(0) Tanzania missing in country tracker listRagnvald Larsen20Bug::ConsistencyJean-Marc Libs2008-10-060
(0) feature_wiki_minor_editMarc Laporte80Feature request
(0) Character substitutions in page names, search engine, usernames, etc.Marc Laporte60Bug::Usability
Feature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
(0) drawings seem not UTF-8 compatibleAbbas Mousavi30Bug::Erroramette2010-04-070