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Ticket ID 4727
Subject Invalid CSS
Submitted by petjal
Category Developer Training
Version 12.x
Feature Theme: Look & feel, Styles, CSS, Theme Control Center

Thanks, Marc.

I had all the minify's set on tiki-admin.php

I first unchecked:
Minify CSS into a single file (found in performance)
and got:
Invalid CSS property declaration at: . temp/public/minified_b0ce6c498b992dbbce71a8e58b27e5e9.css:4

Invalid CSS selector: input.ui-button
-moz-focus-inner temp/public/minified_9853f6dd93c8f0e01d7638e38b456649.css:19

Invalid CSS property value: #blue temp/public/minified_814bb502a7fbafe471223475b3b5128f.css:1
Invalid CSS property name: -webkit-overflow-scrolling temp/public/minified_6df987c4671ceba4d5b952189c509395.css:1
Invalid CSS property declaration at: . design.css:2528

Clearing caches didn't help. I then unchecked
Minify CSS (found in performance)
and got:
Invalid CSS property declaration at: . lib/codemirror_tiki/codemirror_tiki.css:32

Invalid CSS selector: input.ui-button
-moz-focus-inner, button.ui-button
-moz-focus-inner vendor/jquery/jquery-ui-themes/themes/flick/jquery-ui.css:222

Invalid CSS property name: -webkit-overflow-scrolling vendor/jquery/plugins/colorbox/example1/colorbox.css:9
Invalid CSS property declaration at: . design.css:2528
Invalid CSS property value: #blue temp/public/codemirror_modes.css:94
Invalid CSS property declaration at: ; temp/public/codemirror_modes.css:219

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Marc Laporte wrote:
> I suggest to un-minify and to see where it comes from.
> Then, it is likely worth reporting to http://dev.tiki.org/Make+a+wish
> It will likely be low priority, but easy to fix. And we need easy ones
> that we can give to new devs or students.
> Best regards,
> M ;-)
> On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 11:02 PM, Pete Jalajas wrote:
>> While tracking down that other weird problem, I noticed these in my
>> Chrome Dev Tools window:
>> Invalid CSS property declaration at: .
>> minified_28c0e59edef0064ad5ab707ffc53162e.css:338
>> Invalid CSS property declaration at: .
>> minified_28c0e59edef0064ad5ab707ffc53162e.css:622
>> Invalid CSS property value: #blue
>> minified_28c0e59edef0064ad5ab707ffc53162e.css:623
>> Invalid CSS selector:

>> input.ui-button

>> minified_28c0e59edef0064ad5ab707ffc53162e.css:645
>> Invalid CSS property name: -webkit-overflow-scrolling
>> minified_28c0e59edef0064ad5ab707ffc53162e.css:749
>> I'm using tikinewt theme with shadows.
>> Do I care?
>> Thanks,
>> Pete

Importance 2
Easy to solve? 8
Priority 16
Volunteered to solve manivannans
Resolution status New
Lastmod by petjal
WishList Team - Workflow State 4 - Done - Ready for DEV Team
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk No
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x No
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
Created Sunday 08 September, 2013 05:39:22 CEST
LastModif Monday 21 October, 2013 15:34:56 CEST

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