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Ticket ID 4715
Subject Can't delete Plugin Aliases
Submitted by pianoliv
Category Bug: Error
Version 9.x
Feature Admin Interface (UI)

Selecting a plugin alias (tiki-admin.php?page=textarea) and clicking "delete" gives a error (blank page) and nothing happen.

I've had this issue with different tiki versions:
9.4 (production website, using tiki since 2005)
9.4 (test website, fresh install)
9.6 (test website, updated from a 9.4 fresh install)

I could no reproduce it on tiki 9.4 on show.t.o, but I just tried a 9.3 instance, and I get the issue back with the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ParserLib::set_preference() in /var/www/pianoliv-11386-4715/lib/parser/parserlib.php on line 701

Importance 8
Easy to solve? 6
Priority 48
Resolution status New
Lastmod by manivannans
WishList Team - Workflow State 4 - Done - Ready for DEV Team
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk Yes
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x Yes
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
WishList Team - Additional Info for DEV Team Problem still on 9.x version. But bug not exist anymore on trunk.
WishList Team - Last Reviewed 13 Sep. 13 12:26 CEST
WishList Team - Notes to Self

Signature Pascal St-Jean

  • Will investigate if its in trunk or latest 9.x
Created Tuesday 03 September, 2013 11:35:58 CEST
LastModif Monday 28 October, 2013 06:47:34 CET

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