Note: documentation about what Kaltura does should be moved to doc:Kaltura and keep this pages for what we want Kaltura to do in the future as per Where. A generic page about video topics in tiki development can be found here: Video

Tiki-Kaltura integration

The initial integration was started in Tiki4 and improves with each version.

The aims of this project

To bring a wiki approach to video within the Tiki framework.

The goal of this project is to enable videos to be edited within a Tiki page, similar to the text, by multiple collaborators. Editors can add voiceovers, insert clips, cut-and-paste and rearrange clips, add subtitles/other effects. This project will make use of Kaltura platform.

Kaltura can be used as platform for collaborative video editing which allows users to edit videos within a Tiki page.

The functions required for the integration are:

Adding Videos: media-wiki extension allows users to upload video files and configure the player properties like size, alignment. It allows us to embed within the wiki page. We require developing similar extension for Tiki so that users can upload videos from their computers or kaltura network site like YouTube, MySpace etc and embed them in their Tiki page.

User Access Control: Kaltura's Drupal module has this feature. We can set user permissions to view, edit videos. A similar extension for Tiki need to be built, to implement.

Admin Panel: An admin panel can be provided to configure and set up kaltura in Tiki similar to one provided in Drupal module.
These features will be implemented using Kaltura's Sofware Development Kit referring the existing modules.

Gallery Views: We can have modules to show a gallery of all uploaded videos with different filters like Category, Most Recently Viewed, Most Popular, Highly rated etc.

Skin Template: Using The Kaltura Dynamic Media Player a user who wishes to have a Tiki page with a skin can embed any video stream within it. There can be different templates as well. Per example, one can, with ease, quickly copy/paste Tiki syntax code lines within a Tiki Wiki page, insert the said code and embeded a video object such as the ones we find in most web sites (YouTube and Co.)



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