To who find/report a bug:

  1. Test on your website, test on demo, test on different version (and log results).
  2. Give short BUT COMPLETE explanation about the problem. (keep the essential remove the rest) - (give way to reproduce).
    • If it's a security issue, something which prevents the installation or upgrade, or risk of data loss or corruption, mark the issue as a "blocker"
  3. Retest regularly and for each test, confirm your input. Change date and improve explanation.
  4. Log any changes and mark as solved IF RESOLVED (pleassssseeeee).

To who is able/volunteer to fix:

  1. (Please) check from time to time the x.x page regression and bugs report.
  2. Choose in specific bugs within your skill and available time range (estimate).
  3. Be in touch with the person that reported so he can help/update/retest/mark as solved.
  4. If you need to ask another dev something do it (involving back to bug reporter is usually not working - make things worst).
  5. Be sure you comment the log report with step taken and bug fix completion (SVN release, backporting, etc)

Regressions with risk of data loss or corruption

Date or revision number Reported by Description Regression from version number Status
r46351 Geoff use of MOUSEOVER plugin in wysiwyg editor generates a spurious /div tag at the end of the plugin which completely corrupts the page css/layout

When page is first displayed the pop-up contents is shown as the 'display="none" css parameter is not being set

This issue is still there at r46589 - full details being added to the bug tracker so will appear below - please note that this is an issue with the full html wysiwyg editor
Should be solved in r46270 - OK original bug resolved

but new oddity now there
..I am unable to reproduce it

Geoff - 8th July '13: Not solved

Doing the same in Wysiwyg-Wiki worked as expected: wiki ascii editor shows instead of producing the error:

General regressions

Date or revision number Reported by Description Regression from version number Status
r46351 (trunk) Geoff When the SORT plugin is used in the wysiwyg editor the 'sorted' lines of text are all shown on one line ie the linefeeds are stripped out - works fine in the normal editor. Same as PluginMouseover data in WYSIWYG : line breaks are lost from the mouseover data try 46406? another one bites the dust!
r46248 (11.x) xavi Share produces defective message, missing domain in subject and url (only shows "h"). See full report & message in the devel list try r46404?
r46248 (11.x) xavi Tell a friend produces defective token access: when clicking user gets "Your access to this page has expired". See full report & message in the devel list believed to be a problem with sefurl, discussing with LP
r46285 xavi 'Toogle Highlighter' button not shown when editor set to full screen: only buttons shown are Preview, save and Cancel edit. Reproducible here in dev.t.o 11.x (edit this page) This is not a bug, it is by design.
r45792 (11.x) fmg forum outgoing email breaks by Zend lib PHP fatal error (double subject), 'PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception...' more forum of devel list Tiki9.5 works, probably due to composer/Zend organization switch cannot be shown at demo.t.o

Unclosed items specifically categorized as regressions in 11.x

Add one: and add to the "11.x Regression" category.

To do on this page

  1. Make 3 reports/sections on this page
    • Blockers+11x (categories 262 + 265)
    • Regression 11x (categories 262 + 172)
    • Other bugs 11x (categories 262 + 187 or 174 or 192 or 56 or 57 but not 172 or 265)
  2. Explain for each what category you need to put it in to appear on the list
  3. Get rid of the "11.x Regression" category, which is confusing
  4. Change the name of the page from Regressions+in+11x to 11x triage (or something)

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