Connect arrived as a new admin panel (tiki-admin.php?page=connect) in Tiki4 and is being extended and improved in Tiki8

The goal is to help connect Tiki community members

Panel/dashboard contents:

Read about Tiki project

  • news RSS feed
  • latest commits
  • latest chat messages

Become a member of

Register site

Share some info about your community. This info is sent to and can optionally be related to voting and usage statistics described below.

  • Keywords
  • Geolocation or a zone covered (where you can draw a zone on a map)
  • Languages
  • Site Title
  • url(s)
  • Admin's username or email (for updates)

Once registered you can see a list of Tiki sites that are nearby, share my keywords and/or languages



RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveCreatedLastModifComments
(0) Please explain GUI dialoghman310 easy30
  • Support request
hman-14 Mar 21
(0) Send info to (Connect) throws error 404: Remote service inaccessible Xavier de Pedro6424
  • Error
  • Community projects
  • Dogfood on a * site
  • Regression
(0) 12.x & 13.x Feature Connect: 'Fill form' button does nothingXavier de Pedro2714
  • Regression


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Feedback about preferences

Three simple voting buttons for each pref

  • Like (general adoration)
  • Fix (interesting but broken)
  • WTF (What's this feature?)

This will be sent back to for statistical purposes, which will serve

Usage statistics collection

As well as the above there will be the option (by default?) to send anonymous usage statistics to This will record over time how your site is using:

  • Preferences
  • Modules
  • Plugins
  • Simple object counts (pages, blog posts, forum posts, comments etc)

This can then be combined with statistics from SVN and the votes as described above to map out which features are being used and enjoyed, which ones need attention and which ones can be removed or tidied up.

Other ways to help


  • security mailing list
  • devel

Connect to the Tiki community

  • via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • IRC chat room (popup or iframe within Tiki)
  • with BigBlueButton

Help Tiki

Perhaps this should merge with Viral Tiki?

To do



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