N.B. This page appears to be mostly about SEFURLs (although that is SEO related) rather than search engine optimization. Another page here Search Engine Friendly URLs has the start of how SEFURLs are currently working in Tiki.


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Discussion on IRC about SEFURLs


Some tips from Dima

Dima is a developer in contact with Regis & Marc and who will join the Tiki community in February 2013

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> Also I'm sending you some seo-recomendations: > 1 ) It would be better to make redirects (for example from > http://info.tiki.org/Join+the+Community to > http://info.tiki.org/Join+the+Community/) All urls should be in one format. > 2) In robots.txt directive Crawl-Delay should be at the bottom of the file > 3) Indexing search should be forbidden by placeing Disallow: > /tiki-searchresults* into robots.txt > 4) <h1> tags should be without any attributes, such as id, class etc. > 5) As I can see, main page is http://tiki.org/tiki-index.php but > http://tiki.org/ redirects to http://info.tiki.org. It's not good :) > 6) Also I've never seen directive Exclude in robots.txt before. >

Huh ? I do not understand this:

Dima wrote:
4) tags should be without any attributes, such as id, class etc.

- why ? — luci


    • http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Text -> OK
    • http://doc.tiki.org/wiki-Syntax+Text -> not OK because of this rule RewriteRule ^wiki-(A-Za-z0-9+) tiki-index.php?page=$1 QSA,L, but complicated what to do with this rule, backward compatibility suggest we keep it. But it's a rule that don't even support non-alpha in pagename