draft notes about profile manager feature.


Installation profiles is a feature that existed in Tiki for many years. It worked well to use but creating a profile was not easy enough as you needed to run a shell script (mk_profile.sh). Thus, we only had a handful of profiles, none of which were pro-actively maintained or very useful. In June 2008, Louis-Philippe Huberdeau took up the challenge and you can follow progress on http://profiles.tiki.org The old mk_profile.sh script will be retired.





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Export current configuration via GUI(to make it easy to create some)

  • Settings
  • Groups but not users
  • Permissions
  • Default home page
  • Default settings for new forums, image galleries, etc

What about?

  • Custom menus (ML: very good idea because some profiles (ex.: corporate site, events) have consistent base menu
  • Forums, etc. pre-created
  • Help data (like in wiki page)
  • Tracker definitions and some wiki pages to use
  • Workflows?

More ideas

  • dthacker was suggesting a "Profile Snapshot tool"
  • Maybe use TikiTests as a Wizard to setup features? (and have built-in test!)
  • Reset to defaults (ex: after upgrade). So everything should be in lib/pref (vs sql)
  • Content of default home page.
    • split plugin and modules in a wiki page
    • directly tiki articles as home page
    • etc.

  • Potential issues

How to combine 2 profiles? Need to cumulate settings but what if in contradiction?

For information about how to develop Tiki Profiles go to http://profiles.tiki.org/Profile+Developer+Documentation

This page is intended to collect related pages with development notes, ideas and discussion for individual profile development wile not "polluting" the actual Profile installation pages being developed on http://profiles.tiki.org

Developed Profiles


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