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Some ideas to improve the Tiki installer:

add phpinfo as one of the steps (useful for troubleshooting)

Tiki 3 Installer Revamp

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  • Tiki 10.0 fresh install
    • tiki-install.php email address field doesn't have validation (at least for non-empty value)
    • "Experiencing problems with the upgrade? Your administrator account lost its privileges? This may occur if you upgraded from a very old version of Tiki." is offered even if it's a fresh install
    • dozens of warnings : PHP (5.3.18-nmm1) ERROR (E_WARNING): File: lib/codemirror_tiki/tiki_codemirror.php Line: 31 Type: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Pre-install script

Install script

All these setting above should also be checked in tiki-install.php and in the Tiki admin panel, because our host could have changed some settings, moved us to a new server or upgraded the PHP version, etc. so it's better to not just have in the installer. We could put all this info and server-related settings here: tiki-admin.php?page=server For example, the "OS" choice here: tiki-admin.php?page=general All done in tiki-check.php, which is in Tiki and available as standalone.

Nice to have (pages from 6 to 10 of that book preview for WebGUI CMS/Groupware made on perl)


Why not using the nice Bitweaver Installer as a base or guide for the Tiki installer? (16 screenshots here showing the whole process) . Xavi

UI Improvements

Here are some ideas ricks99 has been playing with to improve the out-of-the-box experience.

MediaWiki installer

 Plugin Image
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Install with one file

  • Investigate a TRIM-like application that works directly on the remote instance. A small php or shell script which fetches the latest version of Tiki and installs it. (Could be impossible because of limited file permissions that php scripts, with Apache rights, that have limited permissions). mods have this issue.


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