This page contains the information that was originally on the Tiki13 page but that page is now focused on the release

Video introduction

Introduction by Nelson Ko during the TikiFestBootstrap (2013) to the features planned to be introduced in Tiki13.

Bootstrap and dependencies


After Bootstrap is well underway

If Bootstrap takes all our energy, some of these will be pushed to Tiki14

Goals, Recognitions & Rewards

see Goals - Recognitions - Rewards

Must Reads feature

See Must Reads Feature

While doing Goals - Recognitions - Rewards it was discovered that this use case is a separate feature rather than part of the Goals - Recognitions - Rewards feature. So it is being treated as a separate feature.

Notifications Revamp

see Notifications Revamp

Mail Revamp

see Mail Revamp. This will be planned for in the Tiki 13 timeframe but will be executed in full in the Tiki 14 timeframe. Note that some parts will be done as part of Notifications Revamp.

If there is a benefit as part of the other improvements

  • Zend Framework 2.x
    • We'll likely need a replacement for Zend_Mail
  • Smarty 3.2?

Potential new default settings for Tiki13

See New Defaults

Potential new profiles in the Profiles Wizard

See Profiles Wizard

Upgrade Wizard

See Upgrade Wizard