Tiki 5.1 release process is late again. The idea was to release during TikiFestBarcelona2.




Important To-Do

Other To-Do

  • tiki-install.php has a broken image styles/fivealive/options/blueberry/header.png (when not logged in). Should use same layout as the rest of the installer
  • Tiki logo is not positioned nicely on a fresh install (not enough padding). Click through various *.tiki.org sites to see that there is a small consistency issue.
  • Metrics, Ratings and BigBlueButton deployment
    • Need icons for tiki-admin.php?page=metrics and tiki-admin.php?page=rating and make tiki-admin.php?page=bigbluebutton admin panel
  • replace all uses of img/tiki/tikibutton2.png by a new badge img/tiki/tikibadge.png -> http://branding.tiki.org/Badge
  • ...


  • Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in installer/tiki-installer.php on line 1021 if you enter an incorrect DB name on 1st install

Nice To Have

See Roadmap


Documentation for the end user of the changes and improvements included with this new release:


For a list what is expected, please see Release Roles and put your name below. Ideally at least 2 people per role.

  • Release coordinator: ...
  • Developer(s):
    • jonnyb
  • Packaging:
    • ...
  • Security:
  • Wishlist & testing:
    • ...
  • Documentation:
    • xavi
  • Communications:
  • Community:
  • Profiles:
  • UI & Themes:
    • luci
    • ...
  • i18n:
    • luci: Czech translation