There are variable names which seem to need some adjusting
share_can_choose_how_much_time_access -> share_can_choose_how_many_times_access
how_much_time_access -> how_many_times_access

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How to extend beyond one URL?

  • Images included in a page: needed for wkhtmltopdf PDF generation
  • Files in a file gallery
  • Tracker items in a tracker
  • Items in a category listing
  • etc.

Or make it easier to access multiple URL at once:
An idea: multi-item token access email: find a way to send an email with many links to access many pages and files. Ex.: Extend PluginList with checkboxes


  • Could it be with http referrer? (so any images called from a page or any links in a page are OK)
  • Super token with tiki_p_admin for wkhtmltopdf to get embedded images