This page is to discuss, improve, and likely streamline (merge?) all share ("push"-type) functionality in Tiki. Watch this is a pull mechanism and will likely stay independent.

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Current Tiki features



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RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) Facebook Sharing is not working (tiki-share.php)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist10 high550
  • Error
(2) Share access rights when using Share or Tell a friend fails in both cases with SEFURL enabledXavier de Pedro7428
  • Error
  • Regression
  • Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Jonny Bradley2020-03-221
jonnybradley-18 Apr 16
(2) Share a wiki page should share the body of the page only, and not all the other module zones5525
  • Usability
Roman Zakharenkov-08 Jul 16
(0) Share doesn't include the token unless subscribe notification is checkedXavier de Pedro5525
  • Regression
(1) Share fails to send a link through an inter-tiki messangerRoman Zakharenkov5525
  • Error
(0) Share feature allows access 1 time less than value set in threshold Xavi (as xavidp - admin)5525
  • Error


Most services offer a http-based api either useable with javascript (no need for frameworks) or php, where we can use the http classes

Feature requests

  • URL shortener (Implemented in r28263)
  • Useful because

Existing services

Why a new "Share" feature

  • Every user can authorize the site with oauth for twitter/facebook so they need not to log in to each of the sites to push a message out on these channels.
  • Instead of having a man in the middle doing the service for us (and the statistics/tracking), we can do it here