Most Tiki installations are on Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, Tiki runs on more than just Linux. You can run it anywhere PHP can run. However, it is not as well tested and you may run into minor issues.

Starting with 5.x, Tiki is available in the Microsoft Web App Gallery at:
The installation is automated and generally reliable.

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Windows compatibility project 


  • Greg Martin
  • Marc Laporte
  • Jimmy Gilbert
  • Chris Tingle
  • You? We are looking for volunteers.


  1. A large number proportion of forum posts are related to IIS or Windows hosting issues and many more are reported below.
  2. It is thought that most are various symptoms of a small number of real issues. These issues are presumed easy to fix. These problems are typically path issues. This apparently was working well in 1.9.x and possibly some problems appeared in 2.x. So we should test side by side 1.9.x, 2.x and 3.x to detect issues.
  3. Most of the active developers in Tiki use Linux and thus Windows issues are not naturally detected and solved.
  4. There are various hacks/recipes to make Tiki work in various environments. These should be checked and added to the main code base.


Some corporate environments require that web apps run on Windows. So, in these cases, adding a LAMP server is not practical. Tiki gains to have higher adoption by working on more platforms.


Please re-order this list! (It's just a first draft for now)

  1. WinXP + XAMPP works Install Tiki on XAMPP
  2. WinXP + EasyPHP works (Windows Local Install EasyPhp

  1. Win2008 Server, Apache, MySQL
  2. Win2008 Server, IIS, MySQL Windows Server Install
  3. Win2003 Server, IIS, MySQL (I submit that with Xampp there is already a workable solution for Apache)
  4. Win2003 Server, Apache, MySQL (seems to work fine)
  5. Standard shared Windows hosting like GoDaddy, etc.

Keep web.config and .htaccess synchronized 

The web_config file for IIS needs to be kept in sync with _htaccess (for Apache). Most modifications are done to htaccess.

To convert rules from Apache to IIS, see Importing Apache mod_rewrite Rules if you're on Windows and Translate .htaccess Content to IIS web.config for examples.

If you are adding (or otherwise modifying the configuration) for one of the servers and can't do it for the other, add an entry here pointing to your commit that needs to be ported to the other server.

Starting in Tiki11, with route.php, this will become trivial.

Microsoft provides for automatic installs of PHP, MySQL & Tiki. We maintain the Tiki install for them. It's a quick way to get running on IIS.

Improve the documentation 

Specific Windows install guides should be made if necessary



TRIM will work with FTP somewhere during the Summer of 2009. now works with FTP. This will be yet another thing to make it easier to manage Tiki on Windows.

Items on wishlist 



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RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) _htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is forMarc Laporte9 high872
  • Feature request
  • Less than 30-minutes fix
Nelson Ko2012-04-160
(0) 404 Error instead of "Create Page" with unknown Wiki-page-name with IISamette7428
  • Error
  • Usability
Philippe Cloutier2010-03-090
(0) TikiWiki crashing ApacheHamletCygar40HamletCygar2010-03-080
(0) USB key version of TikiMarc Laporte40
  • Feature request
  • Community projects
(0) Images don't appear to some people when using GD on Windows server (weird)Marc Laporte1 low0
  • Error
heer2351-16 Mar 10
(0) Themes don't work on Windows serverGary Cunningham-Lee50
  • Regression
Gary Cunningham-Lee2009-02-130
(0) FCKEditor missing tikiwiki toolbarasphaltjesus0
  • Error
  • Dogfood on a * site
paleogusy-15 Apr 09
(0) twversion.class.php causes PHP-Error in Windows-Server50
  • Error
Chealer9-08 Mar 10
(0) Spelling error in dev Report a Bug page: SEWilco30
  • Dogfood on a * site
  • Consistency
(0) MySQL-Errors approve+stagingwalklife70
  • Error
Chealer9-08 Mar 10
(0) installation issues with v2.0 and MSSQL backendGrayMatter70
  • Error
ragnvald-24 Sep 08
(0) Incorrect base path detected when installing on IIS (Directory does not exist errors)wondertrout60
  • Error
Philippe Cloutier2011-09-231
heer2351-02 Apr 09
(0) Trailing backslash at domain in URLs when installed in DocumentRootstefricht1 low0
  • Error
  • Patch
Philippe Cloutier2010-05-255
Tiamat74-01 Apr 10
(0) Incorrect URLs on IIS installs in document rootthebookdoc9 high0
  • Error
  • Usability
  • Patch
  • Support request
  • Documentation (or Advocacy)
  • Consistency
Philippe Cloutier2010-05-156
AJStevens-16 Dec 09
(0) Wrong path with additional slash on IIS installs in document rootSMaton9 high0
  • Error
  • Usability
Chealer9-08 Mar 10
(0) Button links broken on IIS installationclicc70
  • Usability
  • Support request
  • Consistency
Philippe Cloutier2010-05-252
davenh-04 Jun 09
(0) Tiki Installer Security Precaution on Windows installing in document rootsipiptel80
  • Error
  • Usability
  • Regression
Philippe Cloutier2010-07-096
Chealer9-09 Mar 10
(0) Crash on a replication of site from Unix to Windows - and windows installationBernard TREMBLAY70
  • Error
  • Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
trebly-07 Feb 10
(0) RSS feed broken by backslash if tw in root of subdomainfelix hruschka20
  • Error
  • Usability
Philippe Cloutier2010-05-250