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Work done upto mid-April 2014

The following developments were completed as part of a specific project so that they are available for Tiki 12 onwards.

Proper documentation will be added to in due course but these notes summarise the key new features

Please add any comments/suggestions if you are interested in making further contributions:

  • allow import of map path/zone tracker data from a file instead of hacking db if a file exists and the existing SVG draw method of data entry is not appropriate - this was originally intended to populate a "Geographic Feature" tracker field - so a check on file size would have been needed but a more flexible method has been used with a Files field so the data is held in a File Gallery.
    • work done: from 12.1 a new "Index As Map Layer" option (defaults to No) added to the Files tracker field for an uploaded file (scroll to the end of the Options list to find this new one. A drop down list allows the selection of the file format to be either geoJSON or GPX - however the map projection must (at present) be EPSG:4326. This new capability overcomes the previous limitations with the Geographic Feature field. A tracker should either have the Files field or the Geographic Feature field.
  • have more admin control over individual path/zone display characteristics ie line colour, type, thickness etc
    • work done: from 12.1 the properties element of the XML-like structured file uploaded to a File Gallery and used in the tracker Files field as discussed above can have a wide range of parameters that can set the stroke-color, stroke-width etc for the individual display object.
    • work done: some javascript customisation has also been developed that allows the hard-coded openlayer's dot-dash spacings to be customised
  • allow POI's icon positioning to be at different image edge positions - the system used to just position an icon at the centre of the image which is not appropriate for many 'pin' icons
    • work done: from 12.1 POI icons now positioned so that the location point is the bottom middle of the 'pin'
  • show 'hand' cursor icon when a POI/Zone is hovered over to indicate it is clickable
    • work done: from 12.1 this now happens
  • have more 'admin' control over what is shown in the POI/Zone pop-up box
    • work done: the bubble/dialog (popupstyle parameter options - in map plugin) content could always be highly customised using /templates/object/infobox.tpl and /templates/object/infobox/trackeritem.tpl - and these can be placed in the /templates/style/yourstyle/ folder so that they are just used with your theme and will not be overwritten during an upgrade
  • and to control popup width/height etc
    • work done: new data-popup-config parameter added so that pop-up width/height can be set
  • allow displayed objects to be filtered using checkbox selections
    • work done: method developed combining customised modules and a 'helper' javascript that allow custom sets of checkboxes that correspond to tracker field items to be ticked on/off which triggers a map refresh that shows/hides the selected map objects
  • investigate how path/zone data in different 'projections' can be used without conversion to Google Transverse Mercator (SRID 900903) by observing more of the OpenLayer options - nothing done here in this work effort other than EPSG:4326 being the default map projection for uploaded path/boundary data


  • (clean up all map data which is causing JS error) (Marc)
  • Make default be Mapquest OSM to reduce load on OSM servers (Marc)


Issues on Demo site

Issues on


UI improvements

To document

  • How does tracker fields 12,13,24 as data shown in the popup?
    • Just add as tracker fields popups

Nice to have


like or or

The TimeMap also supports clusters



Wishlist for maps

Wishlist for Google Maps

  • tiki-admin.php?page=gmap and all Google Maps stuff should be merged into the new system

Interested community members

  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau
  • Marc Laporte
  • Nelson Ko
  • Hardy Haardt
  • Geoff Brickell
  • you?

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