This page is to plan/discuss/review all the features related to history of changes in Tiki:

  • improvements to the wiki (including diff) history feature.
  • tracker item history
  • sheet history
  • etc.

Open & Pending

Closed (solved)


  • It should be easy to see changes by clicking next/previous edit (like Wikipedia)
    • Or even have a play button
    • Perhaps the diff section in AJAX to be faster
  • Wiki editing: Preview with diff, like Mediawiki ->
  • Added things should be in blue (or something) (see Wikipedia) 4.x is pretty clear now.
  • Compare button is not obvious or easy to use/find. Should be bigger and more intuitive as it's the most important action of this page.
  • When comparing 2 versions, it would be nice to see the Edit Comment nearby
    • But this will be tricky when there are more than one...
  • Picking diffs like Wikipedia would be more intuitive
    • Unless someone expresses a use, not let people pick the diff (the checkboxes) right to left. So "from" should always be left choice, and "to" a future version on the right
    • Now, it's possible to compare version 3 with version 3 (shouldn't be possible)
      • Same thing should be done in diff mode (from trunk 2010-01-30)
  • It should be easier to use the various diff styles (perhaps buttons for the most important ones?)

Nice to have

  • Page rename should be in the history
    • Easy?
  • Need pagination because it's very slow when there are hundreds.
    • But picking diffs will be tricky
  • Should be easy to bookmark/email/post a specific diff view now, full URL is always available (even if long)
  • Perhaps a way to merge successive edit by the same person?
    • Jonny added something in Tiki5

Client-side diff options


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