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While Tiki has a "friendship" feature, it is so basic, that it is practically "missing". What is missing is proper Social Networking with "transactions" between community members (Ex.: hospitality exchange network, carpooling, dating service, etc) with reputation system. Something like LinkedIn, Facebook or the www.phpbeer.com project.


  • Yan Levasseur
  • Marc Laporte
  • luci
  • Shawn Adler
  • Alexander 'amette' Mette


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Examples of Use Cases

  • Use Tiki to build a SN Community website
  • Use Tiki to connect with other SN websites and services
  • Job board
  • Dating site
  • Hospitality exchange
  • Car Pooling
  • Business Directory - Offer Personal Services (programming, consulting, etc) & also with the ability to market products with links to other shopping carts and websites where visitors can click through and buy from this vendor online.
  • Exchange market of offers and demands (objects, and knowledge; with no money): http://intercanvis.net

please, feel free to brainstorm your Ideas and Wishes what Tiki should make possible with SN here:
Social Networking Ideas

Current features in Tiki

Missing in Tiki

  • "transactions" between users and a rating system of how each transaction went.
    • Maybe reuse/refactor Mod CC, which records transactions between users indeed?.
  • "connectors" - easy possibility to connect with other social networking web sites, apps and services

How To Implement It

  • Use the Trackers feature to extend a user SN information and Pretty Trackers Smarty tpls or wiki pages templates to display it nicely on the site
  • Extend current Tiki features to support SN connectors, e.g.
    • My Tiki (could serve as Profile Dashboard)
    • User Bookmarks (could connect and synchronize e.g. with Magnolia)
    • ...
  • Use Profiles to Install pre-configured SN ready Tiki
  • ...

See also

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Social Networking

Open Hub

http://cc.tiki.org - http://doc.tiki.org/Mod+CC

https://www.ohloh.net/p/shindig (OpenSocial)


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