This is was now done via the integration of jCapture in Tiki. (which has been removed because it's a Java applet and we need an HTML5 alternative)

Use case: I want to record a screencast via my browser and make available on my Tiki-powered site. Ex.: report a bug, create some documentation, etc. This will be useful to embed images & videos in wiki pages and make Tiki more like Wink, a Tutorial and Presentation creation software (very nice but not open source)


Using Record RTC - Tiki23+

Using jcapture

Basic desired features

  • Select part of the screen
    • Pick still image or video done
    • audio recording (yes/no) --done
    • webcam (yes/no)
  • Pause during recording done
  • Replay before uploading done
  • Convert to .SWF done or .FLV (which can played by
  • Upload as a file to Tiki done or Kaltura
  • Embedding as wiki syntax or in WYSIWYG (CKEditor)


  • Be the same tool as for ScreenCapture (still images) Done
  • Voice recording (but we can do this after with Popcorn Maker) done
  • Add basic annotations (but we can do this after with Popcorn Maker)
  • Encode as WebM before uploading (to save bandwidth)
  • Save as
    • Animated gif
    • Flash Done
  • Capture webcam



Perhaps in the future, BigBlueButton (they already have an applet for desktop sharing) or Kaltura (this totally fits in their use case) will offer this, but until then...

This one has great feature set:


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Non-web browser options



Last resort

If we can't find something FOSS & Wed-based, we can look into using Jitsi (as part of Tiki Suite) (See also what is being done on the side)

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