Friendship Network - Actual state

Related files and usage :
tiki-user_information.php / tpl : see User information page, including tracker items, can perform friend actions
tiki-friends.php / tpl : see Friendship Network status and manage requests of friend actions
lib/tikilib.php, lib/userlib.php : some Friends methods to generate friends.php page

Friendship requests taxonomy :
Waiting : request from me towards others that have not yet been accepted
Pending : request from others towards me that have not yet been accepted

Related database tables :
tiki_friends - user (Varchar 200), friend (Varchar 200) is the login name of users - why not ID ?
tiki_friendship_requests - userFrom (Varchar 200), userTo (Varchar 200), tstamp (timestamp)

Job TO DO in order to make the friendship network useful

1. Merge / integrate user information and user tracker information

  • Allow filling of a unique form when registering, containing both user_preferences and the user tracker fields
  • Integration of information showned on tiki-user_information.php - enhance template for a better looking user page
  • Fields of both user_preferences and user tracker can be searched when searching for a user

2. Bottom of tiki-user_information.php could be tiki-friends.php's friend list (if feature enabled)
We should also see the friend avatars in tiki-friends.php (if sub-feature enabled).

  • Have bigger (than default) avatars, but thumbnails of them for forums / list of friends page
  • Show friendship / feedback message if friendship concluded
  • Possibility to edit the feedback (friend receives a notice) or cancel friendship (admin authorization necesary)

3. Use of feedback. User can enter a feedback message when requesting / accepting (not when refusing) request. Then, an email could be sent to the user(s) (if feature enabled) to notify them about the request or response, with or without the feedback message (depending on if feature enabled).

  • put feedback message in table tiki_friendship_requests
  • When accepted, put feedback messages in table tiki_friends

4. Page to administrate Friendship Network (all of theses are options)

  • Word Friend changeable to other word
  • Feedback system on / off
  • Email sent to user on Friendship request on / off
  • Email includes feedback message on / off
  • Email sent to user on Friendship approval / refusal on / off
  • Friends are showned on tiki-user_information.php on / off
  • Thumbnails of friends are shown on / off
  • Avatar restriction (size - pixels, bytes) + thumbnails management

All of the new system text including the "friend" word should be translatable via the normal interface.

Suggested changes to database tables :
tiki_friends - feedback message, timestamp, order(presentation), feedback quality : good, ok, bad ?
tiki_request - feedback message


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robert4dejure-31 Aug 13
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