SVN updates (for all versions of Tiki) will stop in January 2023. This coincides with when Tiki18 reaches end of life. However, even if you use another version (like Tiki 21x) from SVN, you will stop getting updates because the Git and SVN combined workflow will be retired. You should get your updates from Git. See also: Tiki Version control history.

The equivalent operation in Git is documented at: Backport changes using Git

Example 1: Forward-port from 8.x to trunk

Say you commit a fix to a stable branch (ex.: 8x), and you want to merge that commit to trunk (ex.: future 9x)

In this example, we'll merge the commit in branches/8.x (revision 39486) to trunk.

  1. Checkout trunk -> get code
  2. From the trunk directory (you may have to do 'cd trunk')
    Merge revision from branches/8.x to the current checkout (which happens to be trunk)
    svn merge -c 39486 ^/branches/8.x
  3. Commit
    svn commit -m "[merge/r39486] minor text corrections" youreditedtikifile.php

Example 2: Backport from 15.x to 14.x

  1. Checkout or Update 14.x (using svn up)
  2. From the 14.x directory
    Merge revision from branches/15.x to the current revision in 14.x
    svn merge -c 57822 ^/branches/15.x
  3. Commit
    svn commit -m "[bp/r57822] the original commit message" youreditedtikifile.php

Example 3: Backport from trunk to 19.x

  1. Checkout or Update 19.x (using svn up)
  2. From the 19.x directory
    Merge revision from trunk to 19.x
    svn merge -c 69060 ^/trunk
  3. Commit
    svn commit -m "[bp/r69060] the original commit message" youreditedtikifile.php


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