Log of Tiki4.1 testing carried out by kimberlyf

This page creates a log of the testing that has been carried out and any issues found. The revision that was tested for the logged item is shown in parenthesis eg (24054)

Install Bug

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When installing the profile as directed in the instructions (Barbones install -> Apply the Profile) there appears to be a bug. The Company Intranet 4.x Profile actually installs 2 profiles; Company_Intranet (meant for 3.x) and Company_Intranet_4x which results in some duplicate content that is automatically created by the profile. (I.E. Forums)

I have tested this all the way back to revision number 22637-24054.

The only workaround I have found is to install just the Company_Intranet profile instead of the Company_Intranet_4x which is not really a workaround.

Setting up the site for testing (24054)

File Gallery - The profile is suppose to create a file gallery. For the purpose of this test we need to manually create the file gallery. This is already been documented.

Anonymous Testing (24054)

Most of this information does not apply to the Company Intranet Profile. Can I get a confirmation on this and I will cleanup the testing documentation for the profile? Shouldn't anonymous onlt be able to "View" the hompage and nothing more?

Registered Wiki Test (24054)

Click on "Home" and test user permissions.

Documentation Bug? Homepage and Company both have special permissions set on them for "view" only by the user registered. Can I get a confirmation on this and I will update the documentation to 'create' and test the permissions on a user page?

Add new Comment to wiki page

Add comment button is visible but clicking on it does nothing. This is already been documented and I could not get the workaround (update a page that was already commented by admin) to work.


Registered user can view History of userpages, is this expected or bug?

Registered Forum Test (24054)

Updating an existing forum:

Receive error "Notice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST"thread_sort_mode"" encountered the same error on tiki.org as the user registered. I will verify there is not already a BUG filed and if not, file it.

Registered Calendar Test (24054)

Hover over the event in calendar

Nothing happens, intuitively the popout should show. This is already been documented.

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