Goal: make PDFs generated by Tiki via mPDF look nicer, by adding support for Widows and Orphans, and if possible Bottom Balancing, as explained at: https://guide.pressbooks.com/chapter/widows-orphans-and-bottom-balancing/

Tiki uses the Widows and Orphans CSS properties, but mPDF doesn't yet support them. So once support is added in mPDF 7.x, there should be a such pref in Tiki, defaulted to on, and overrideable per page via PluginPDF

Since the mPDF project doesn't (yet) have a wiki, we'll coordinate here.

Widows and orphans

For lines

For headers and following paragraph

Needs to be added. page-break avoid after doesn't seem to be respected.

Regular text

Perhaps try slightly adjusting spacing between letters?

Next steps

  • Scope the project
  • Present plan to Matěj (lead dev of mPDF)
  • Once approved, get to work!
  • Test
  • Document
  • Promote