At TikiFest CEST 2015 it was discussed to move away from as they are being perceived as bad effect for Tiki's reputation. Finding SVN hosting nowadays is tricky, git is becoming ever easier to use and GitHub is the defacto standard for modern Open Source projects.

Target date

Not set yet, sometime after Tiki15 is released.
In the Roundtable Meeting July 15 (15-072015) it was questioned, if after 14.1 would be even better.
At TikifestHU2016 milestones were discussed and created


  • Milestone 2 - Migrate repository from SVN/ to GIT/
    • Users will all be the same (becasue we stay on sourceforge)
    • Remove all the experimental branches
    • Release and merging scripts will need fixing or rewriting
    • Check that we have git commit emails (
      • Most likely via git post-receive hook (but please double check, if there isn't a special feature)
    • Mirror back git to svn , otherwise SVN-upped Tikis in the wild will not update automatically
    • Review (former statistics and migrate when necessary
    • Set up commit announce bot like or others to be found e.g. on

  • Milestone 3 - Migrate repository from GIT/ to GIT/GitHub
    • Contact all people with access and ask for their github identifier ?
    • Mapping users and transfering credit to people's GITHUB accounts see
    • Create
    • Manage openhub statistics. They currently get data from and they should get it from github. History should not be lost
    • Find something to do with account so it remains alive in order to not give an excuse for grabing it for spamming and malware distribution purposes
    • Still distribute released packages on (in addition to distributing on github)

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