Since Tiki4, Tiki can handle video through Kaltura (see its documentation: Kaltura ).

There are a few things to improve in the way Tiki handles videos.

For instance, imagine a user records quick screencast with video and audio (for instance, using gtk-recordmydesktop and pavucontrol under GNU/Linux-based distros) in an small .ogv video file of 3 Mb. (ogv is one of the free/open video codecs, recorded by most FLOSS end-user friendly video-apps. by default)

If the user wants to upload it to its Tiki and have something similar to what you get when you upload it to external sites (youtube,, etc: some controls to play, pause, show in full screen, etc), it's not an easy task for that person. The user can upload that file to Tiki (with a lot of clicks, but this is another story). And once uploaded, there is no easy way to embed that file:

Cortado java applet

One simple workaround for .ogv videos seems to be to use the cortado java applet (for those browsers which doesn't support html5).


<video src="" width="352" height="288">
  <applet code="com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class" archive="" width="352" height="288">
    <param name="url" value=""/>

(code seems not to work anymore)

Video for everybody

"Video for everybody" seem to have come to a simple solution for most use cases and devices.
Implementing this approach could make tiki a better handler of videos?

  • maybe by means of some plugin allowing to write that html code for the user?
  • the easy solution would be to request/suggest the user to make the conversions to .webm, .mov & .ogv where necessary, and offer him/her a single form to upload up to 3 files linked to each other?

What people really want

When it comes time to video people are impatient, they want everything to work right away. They just bought a vacation camera and the pray for


Device to computer

Once the user has shot a movie, he wants to plug the device in his computer and be able to do anything he want. If there is a way to bypass this step, then tests should be considered with all the devices available on the market

Device to Tiki

Once the computer has stored his movie, the user wants to

  • Add captured vido to an album
  • Upload the album to a tiki page
    • Show the album
    • Organise the album
    • Send videos from the album by email
    • Take back the videos from the album
  • Create a video montage
  • Have no problems to resolve


People using video albums want to quickly have their video montage uploaded to:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Etc

A web page showing their video

Specially with the venue of HD cameras where companies make their installation CD so convivial, users needs have become extraordinarely simplified.

  • Step one: Shoot
  • Step two: go home and edit
  • Step three: Diffuse

A picture is worth a thousand words

With the advent of social media, one needs not to be surprise when seeing a school student filming an interview with an adult for a web blog video project.

That's learning 2.0!

This capture screen bellow let's us understand how easy things are with moving pictures. Consider the second part of that screen image as a user Tiki page.



-- website is gone


MPEG-DASH players