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1.1.1. At the Bug/wish tracker

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1.1.2. Other bug reports

The following bugs appeared after some tests on :

  • TogetherJS was not working with 2 different usernames even if both had admin permissions. The only way it worked was to all log with the same username
  • Once we logged out TogetherJS was still running in view mode
  • They are graphical issues
    • Mouse trails
    • Some pop ups and the cursor appeared in double under Windows OS
    • Each user could not see its own name on the screen but only the name of the others

Mouse trails
Pop ups and the cursor in double
No username for the active user

Overall the integration with Tiki is not fluid. It works as a layer on top of Tiki (which it is) but to assure a good user experience, we must reduce this feeling to the minimum, in other words make the experience transparent for the users.

1.2. Essential

1.2.1. Wiki

Need to tell Tiki to override collision protection. Turned off in the profiles

1.2.2. Spreadsheets

Don't keep in sync yet. Robert thinks it won't be hard to address
Together Capture 20131103132858 903 0

1.2.3. Tracker text area fields

It works. See doc:Together screenshots (taken with Tracker field textarea) in action with together.

1.3. High

  • Together should know my username
  • Together should give sharing options to the host
    • All users with the link can (this is handy if you want to quickly allow a group to co-edit during a meeting for example)
      • View
      • Edit
      • Comment
    • Users must have a username and permissions related to this username should be applied by default - Observation : Yes but may be we should also allow the option to invite anonymous to view, edit and comment certain public pages if needed. It could be handy in some circumstances to avoid the registration process)

1.4. Nice to have

  • Make a module to avoid module menu page

1.4.1. Slideshow

  • In slideshow view mode, modules disappear and thus, together JS which is in a module, disappears.

1.4.2. Drawings

  • Doesn't work now and Robert thinks it may very well be difficult

1.5. Ohloh

To be tested

  • WYSIWYG-inline