This page is now out-of-date, but has not been removed just so that there is record of this previous work

A page on the testing of version 5 can be found here

Log of Tiki4 testing carried out by eromneg (geoff)

Tiki4 is being tested at where this site is regularly synch'd with the 4.x branch. Please note that this test site uses the wysiwyg editor as the default with the "Wiki paragraph formatting" set to y and the "but still create linebreaks within para" set to n. These settings have been found to be the 'best' compromise but does have the consequence that <br/> tags have to be used when the normal editor is used

This page creates a log of the testing that has been carried out and any issues found. The version that was tested for the logged item is shown in brackets eg (22988)

Anyone who would like access to the test site should contact me.

Blog "comments" issue

With Blogs in v4 if both, feature_blog_comments and feature_blogposts_comments are set ON - but for an individual Blog the "Allow comments" option is NOT TICKED ie $allow_comments is 'n' - why can you still post Comments??

Newsletter (23050)

Sending Newsletters no longer seems to post the mail events to the Tiki Log - which should really be corrected.

Also now that the wysiwyg editor is an option, this means that the edit screen should really be as close to the width of the display/preview area. But tiki-send_newsletters.tpl puts the edit area as the second cell of a table. To change this is an easy edit to the .tpl but as this is somewhat cosmetic and not really a bug I'm not sure whether this edit is 'permissible' during the current 'freeze' - or 'slush' as jonny so aptly called it lol

Blog profile (22988)

9 Nov: Profile site accessed OK (assumed to be still running 3.x) and Blog profile located - did not load the profile however as many of the configs conflict with the current test site. Will look at this again when/if the site becomes available. When the profile site is upgraded to 4, and if the blog test site is still not up, I could create a modified version of the Blog profile that is more consistent with my test site.
12 Nov: test site now seems to be available so a specific test program and its findings are here

Using the wysiwyg editor (23117)

LF issue

No change in the behaviour for LF - as described at the top of the page.

Inserting images

No change in the behaviour when images are inserted with the HSPACE, VSPACE and BORDER parameters, that can be input, being stripped out.

Background color issue

Irritating issue (probably just needs a css tweak in the theme or perhaps the fckeditor specific css) where the background colour of the edit screen changes color when the content is more than the standard edit area depth (see screenshot below)


This occurs with FF, Chrome and Safari but not with IE8!

Looking good otherwise biggrin

Podcast File Galleries (23117)

A previous bug with the podcast directory being dropped from the link has now been fixed but an issue remains that when you click through to the RSS screen using the RSS-podcast button. The file information there does not have the link info. See example at

This seems to be traceable back to feedcreator.class.php where in lines 854 and 857 there are "if" checks on the author and date which may not being set in some instances?? Simply removing these "if" checks does allow the "enclosure" link information to be shown correctly, but since I am not quite sure about the logic here it should ideally be looked at by ohertel.

Tracker Dynamic items list field (23117)

This field type is very useful but does not work reliably. When a new item is first entered it does work OK - but if the record is returned to, to edit it in some way, the current values are not consistently populated in the fields in the update form. This creates difficulties since if the field is not mandatory, and it is being left blank this may not be noticed if the edit is for another field and the record has a lot of fields. The subsequent save then resets the field to blank. Alternatively if the field is mandatory the update cannot complete since the field refuse to repopulate with the current values or to set to new values.

See worked example at

Returns "Oops! This link appears to be broken." to me. — luci

Wiki Plugins (23117)

Might be a problem with THUMB - unless I'm just not using it correctly. Two examples tried at and I just get "No image specified." errors

Articles (23117)

Small css issue with strasa. When listing multiple Articles the "Read more" text overlaps the next Article. Probably just needs a margin/padding tweak to div.article line 1317 of strasa.css or not sure why div.articletrailer has position:relative in line 1022 of layout.css

Everything else seems OK including the articles module.

Calendar (23117)

  • Clicking an event correctly shows the event details in a pop-up box BUT when hovering over an event another different pop up appears with the html for the event detail pop-up in it. (see screenshot below)


NB: Looks like IE8 will not open up the proper pop-up for an event at all - just the html filled pop-up appears - which is obviously a bigger problem.

All the above works fine in 3.x

  • Also even if you tick the box in the Calendar admin for the calendar description to show in the pop-up box it doesn't show (looks like this bug is in 3.x as well)

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