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Tiki23 dogfood performance

Let's test dogfood sites for Performance so we activate all performance features and we discover gaps to better performance.

  • Let's focus on testing sites with Tiki23 so we are working on very recent code. Let's not test on Tiki22 because it is soon EoL. Once we have done all 23.x sites, we can review TIki21 LTS sites to see if we should backport anything.
  • Let's use a few different services as they each provide different insights

1.1. URLS to test

1.2. Testing services

1.2.1. Yellow Lab Tools 2021-07-23

86/100: 2021-07-27

80/100: 2021-07-29


1.2.2. GTmetrix 2021-07-23
GTmetrix Grade C
Performance 49%
Structure 81%
First Contentful Paint Much longer than recommended 1.8s
Total Blocking Time Much longer than recommended 1.1s 2021-07-27
GTmetrix Grade
Performance 63%
Structure 78%
Web Vitals LCP 1.9s
TBT 291ms

1.2.3. 2021-07-23

Largest Contentful Paint (5401 ms) 2021-07-27
A+ Security score
A First Byte Time
A Keep-alive Enabled
A Compress Transfer
A Compress Images
F Cache static content
X Effective use of CDN

Largest Contentful Paint (5.673s)

1.2.4. Dareboost

After a number of tests, you can no longer do free/anonymous testing (contrary to 3 options above) 2021-07-24