Tiki 17 was released in July 2017. It was branched in revision 62031 (2017-04-02).

What's new

New features in Tiki 17 are being documented in and can be found here.


Wishlist items categorised as "17.x" and/or "17.x Regression" - status open or pending.
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With PluginPivotTable

Open or Pending blockers and regression

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Open or Pending errors

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Activity Stream

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Things that need to be done


  • Admin pages (option orders and sections)
    • Features
    • Wiki


The usual suspects

  • jquery
  • jquery-ui
  • Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap


Experimental Branches

Some branches to be merged back into trunk before branching

And then we really should remove all dead experimental branches this time! done by Jonny (good job!)

Other fixes

  • Search the database for TIMESTAMP fields with default value 0000-00-00 00:00:00 as these break with mysql 5.7+


Experimental / Unavailable / Duplicate check

Experimental and Unavailable are by nature temporary status. Or an option/preference/feature is underwork, under evaluation or about to be discarded or it is complete and good to be flagged as Basic or Advanced preference.
A review is needed to check and the Experimental / Unavailable and what should be done;

  • Changing the flag to Basic or Advanced
  • Remove it (or prepare the removal for the next version)
  • Keep it as it is with verification to the team working on it they are still willing to complete it

Candidate for removal (TBD)

  • #IE Image Fix (Admin -> Miscellaneous) - Correct PNG images alpha transparency in IE6 (experimental)
    • +1
  • Wiki Lingo feature as it is an abandoned project
  • — jcapture-- r61759, r61764r61765
    • TODO: update documentation
  • FAQs
    There has been discussion about this feature being retired, so keep in mind that normal wiki pages can be used to create and display FAQs.
  • Image Gallery
    File galleries should be used instead.
  • Script and process partially done
  • More work need to be done (may be overflown in Tiki18)
  • HTML pages
  • HTML Feed
  • FutureLink-Protocol
  • Reports
  • Group Alert vs Group Watches
    Do we need both of (almost) the same ?
  • PluginSourceForge
    Dev list was pinged 0 answers

Candidate for approval (TBD)

We have also some options, features, etc that are still tagged or placed in experimental section as they are working fine and used by many.

  • jQuery Infinite Carousel (experimental at : "tiki-admin.php?page=features#contentadmin_features-interface )
  • jQuery Sortable Tables (experimental at : "tiki-admin.php?page=features#contentadmin_features-interface")

12 pages link to Tiki17

One tracker item links to Tiki17


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