Tiki15 released

Tiki15 was released 25th of April 2016

See Download and Versions for more information, also check the SVN branch for the latest code

What's new

New features that have already been committed and will be available in Tiki15 are being documented in doc.tiki.org and can be found here.

Things that need to be done

  1. Remove the code.google.com (and googlecode.com) libraries from tiki as it's closing down (this month!)
    1. All done apart from simile_timeline

Things that have been done


Things to do next time?

  1. Update Full Calendar to v2.6 and check the resource views in that are what we're using already (if possible)
    Needs to be split as we use the full calendar lib inside resource views currently
    • We need fullcalendar-resourceviews fork of former fullcalendar (1.6.x) to support the working feature of the PluginTrackerCalendar. Fullcalendar 2.x is MIT-licensed, but its Scheduler seems to be tri-licensed (commercial, cc-licensed or GPL'd) the 3 of them incompatible with Tiki's license, so that we can't bundle Fulcalendar Scheduler 2.x within Tiki main codebase, just the standard Fullcalendar code.
      As of Jan 2016, there doesn't seem to be a clear replacement for the fullcalendar-resourceviews library that we use for PluginTrackerCalendar.
      We can add the Fullcalendar standard library 2.6.x for the Calendar visual UI, while leaving fullcalendar-resourceviews in place while there is no replacement for such PluginTrackerCalendar feature.
  2. Fix (old) Microsoft Office mime-types, we use application/msword etc, everyone else uses application/vnd.ms-word


Rough estimate (subject to adjustment)

  • Branching should happen first week of February done 2016-02-02
  • Alpha: 28 Feb 2016, 16:00 UTC (or before)
    join us on BBB at http://live.tiki.org
  • Beta first week of April (possibly Tuesday)
    join us on BBB at http://live.tiki.org
  • Final Release is mid-April




Wishlist items categorised as "15.x" or "15.x Regression" - status open or pending.
Please note: If you wish a bug to be considered as a release blocker please provide a show instance and brief instructions on how to replicate the problem. Thanks



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Leftovers for Tiki15 Beta

Leftovers for Tiki15.1

Tiki 15 minors version releases

When it is released this version will continue its own life and sub-version will be published on Tiki Documentation for Tiki 15.

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