Notes about issues and solutions detected while testing the upgrade of sites to Tiki14

logos squashed or too small [fixed]


1.2. RTL language is broken

Temporary solution for monolingual Tiki is to modify your themes/css/yourtheme.css by adding “direction:rtl” to:

  • .container
  • @media (min-width: 768px) {

more to come...

    • confused Should this (or something) be committed to SVN now and fixed before the release? Is there a bug report? I found at least one developer who made an "RTL for Bootstrap" CSS package - looks like a single CSS file. (MIT license)
      • +1 to add morteza/bootstrap-rtl (tested and it works nicely - needs to be put in a condition if $prefs.feature_bidi eq "y") to branches/14.x and remove the obsolete BiDi.css - it more breaks than fixes things

1.3. themes.t.o upgrade


1.4. dev.t.o upgrade

  1. font color red of site title & subtitle as in bg
  2. buttons from search module in topbar take 2 lines even if empty space available
  3. top bar with "All communit sites" menu + Login + Lang dropdown is fixed, and does not resize as in doc.t.o or themes.t.o
    some profile needed to be applied?
  4. App menu #42 Settings item was corrupted somehow, made a clone of it for the record and reset to default

1.5. doc.t.o upgrade

  1. font color green of site title & subtitle as in bg
    • I don't know how to change site title. Site subtitle did change to white with the equivalent approach:
      header.header .sitetitle { color: white !important; /* text-shadow: 2px 1px 0px #143C64 !important; */}
      header.header .sitesubtitle {  color: white !important; /* text-shadow: 2px 1px 0px #BCB923 !important; */}
  2. loooong doc.t.o menu in the side column of doc.t.o
    Code from the module says:
    {menu id=43 bootstrap=y decorations=n notitle=y}{menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage BootstrapTricks"}{menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage AdminGuide"}{menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage UserGuide"}{if $group neq ''}{menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage Author"}{/if}
    • I wonder why there is no title for each of these menus, or how did they survive in 13.x: it's currently unreadable with so many links one after the other
      I added the param "notitle=y" for all of them, but no change, apparently. Therefore, I manually added some name for each menu:
      {menu id=43 bootstrap=y decorations=n notitle=n}
      {menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage BootstrapTricks" notitle=n}
      {menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage AdminGuide" notitle=n}
      {menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage UserGuide" notitle=n}{if $group neq ''}
      {menu bootstrap=y structureId="HomePage Author" notitle=n}{/if}
  3. funky ui after preview on a translate process. See:
    Selecció 999(168)
  4. Plain registered user "xavi" in doc.t.o sees a couple of menu entries under Kaltura:
    • Edit languages : tiki-edit_languages.php
    • Menus : tiki-admin_menus.php
      Maybe the heading "Settings" of higher level should be shown if a user has perms on those 2 items?
      user with admin perms ("xavidp") see's the menu properly.