Tiki12 (12.0) was planned for October but released in November 2013. It is a LTS version as per Roadmap and Version lifecycle. The release coordinators are Bernard Sfez and Nelson Ko. Minor release managers: jonnyb, Xavi and luci. Also see Tiki12x Testing.

Release Team Status Update


If you do test, please let us know by updating the following page. If you don't know what to test this page will also help you find the testing gaps

Tiki12x Testing


All regressions have been assigned and being worked on.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do submit a bug report that is flagged as Regression, we would like that report to have the following information

  • What was the last version the feature was functional
  • Give a demo that shows the issue (either using Tiki Show or a link to one of our Community Sites)

Included from Regressions in 12x

 To who find/report a bug:
  1. Test on your website, test on neutral ground demo, test on different version (and log results).
  2. Report to the WishList/Bug Report tracker.
  3. Give short BUT COMPLETE explanation about the problem. (keep the essential remove the rest).
  4. Create an instance so next available Dev will have anything he need to try to solve the issue.
  5. Retest regularly with new release and for each test, confirm your input. Change date and improve explanation.
  6. Answer to the Dev request.
  7. Log any changes and mark as solved IF RESOLVED (pleassssseeeee).


Wishlist items categorised as "12.x Regression" - status open or pending.




Wishlist item categorised as "Blockers" (non-specified versions) - status open or pending.

To do on this page

  1. Modify Blockers reports so it shows only blockers and 12.x (regression).

Postponed modifications (previous input from Marc)

    • Regression 12x (categories 283 + 172)
    • Other bugs 12x (categories 283 + 187 or 174 or 192 or 56 or 57 but not 172 or 265)
  1. Explain for each what category you need to put it in to appear on the list
  2. Get rid of the "11.x Regression" category, which is confusing
  3. Change the name of the page from Regressions+in+11x to 11x triage (or something)



  • Perhaps the Composer issues mentioned by Bernard in live.tiki.org on 2013-11-20 (where is ticket?)

Potential data loss

Decision needed

  • pattern for php console.php
  • Recent changes to the DB error page, which takes you to the installer
    • This is problematic because we no longer get useful error messages (such as MySQL went away)
    • Have been looking at this (for a while) and the only way i can see of even starting to fix this is to effectively roll back r48266, and even then the detailed error messages don't appear (for security reasons afaict), so will leave this alone now...


This is just a checklist the details about how to release are on the page : How to release

  1. Pre Branching operation
    1. Create and update relevant page over all t.o websites
      1. Version page (Bsfez)
      2. Regression page (Bsfez)
      3. Update dev menu (Bsfez)
      4. Update Wishlist categories (Bsfez)
    2. Database and technical checkup
      1. Check _tiki.sql suffixes (Bsfez)
      2. Check Structure (amette)
      3. Check Drop table (amette)
      4. MyISAM and Innodb (amette)
      5. Check SEFURLs (Pascal will coordinate with Nelson and Amette)
      6. Make sure CDN version is in sync with code (Marc)
      7. Review all external links and make sure URLs are still active (amette)
      8. Check JSLint (Jonny)
      9. Check the README file for manual commits (Marc)
      10. Remove any out of sync English strings (Nelson + Olaf)
      11. Generate preference report (Marc)
      12. Check security (amette)
      13. Check that external software library dependencies are up to date (Nelson) See Tiki 12 Composer Dependencies
        1. Integrity
        2. Security
        3. General up-to-date-ness
      14. Check byte order mark
      15. Prevent directory browsing (add index.php) (Nelson checked)
  2. Create the new branch (Bsfez)
  3. Post branching operation
    1. Create new category on dev.tiki.org (for bug reports)
    2. Adding new branch to demo (Sven)
    3. Add the new branch to show.tiki.org
    4. Add link to new branch Daily Build (Ohertel)
    5. Adding new branch to Get code
    6. Update $profilesLink (Bsfez) Isn't it obsolete ?
    7. Make featured profiles for this new version (Greg W / Xavi)
    8. Update Pre-Dogfood Server to Tiki12.x
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Changi)
      2. next.tiki.org (Ohertel)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Changi)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (Changi)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (Changi)
    9. Test min 30mn the website
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Bsfez)
      2. next.tiki.org (pascalstjean)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Xavi)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (Gary)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (Daniel)
  4. Tiki 12 Alpha release (Bernard/Changi)
    1. Calling community to install from scratch and upgrade previous version (Bsfez/Jb)
    2. Updating t.o websites
      1. dev.tiki.org (Changi)
      2. tiki.org (Ohertel)
      3. doc.tiki.org (Changi)
      4. themes.tiki.org (Changi)
      5. tv.tiki.org (Changi)
    3. Test min 30mn t.o website
      1. dev.tiki.org (Bsfez)
      2. tiki.org (Torsten)
      3. doc.tiki.org (Xavi)
      4. themes.tiki.org (Gary)
      5. tv.tiki.org (Daniel)
    4. Calling community to test t.o websites (Bfez)
    5. Moving back next website to trunk
      1. nextdev.tiki.org (Changi)
      2. next.tiki.org (Ohertel)
      3. nextdoc.tiki.org (Changi)
      4. nextthemes.tiki.org (Changi)
      5. nexttv.tiki.org (Changi)
    6. Tiki 12 Beta release
      1. Packaging (changi)
      2. Package testing (Jonny)
      3. Upload to SourceForge.net
      4. Announcement (Bsfez)
    7. Test by test team in coordination with wish list team (?/Pascal)
    8. Tiki 12 release
      1. Packaging (changi)
      2. Package testing (Bsfez/jb)
      3. Upload to SourceForge.net
      4. Security signatures (Pete) http://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/Tiki_12.x_Altair/12.0/Verification/
      5. Announcement (Bsfez)
      6. Add to https://tiki.org/All+Releases
        • Previous releases are missing from that page
      7. Admin panel update notifier
      8. Update lib/setup/twversion.class.php after the release
      9. Special: Restore search feature from profiles (Marc)


We start the release process of Tiki12 end September.
Our plan was to release somewhere around the 10 of November a few days before the TikiFest Bootstrap (http version), and we released 12.0 by the end of November.

Step Planned Who is in charge Comment
Branch 30 of September Bsfez
Alpha 11 of October Bsfez
Beta1 24 of October Bsfez
Beta Early November Bsfez
Release 10 of November Bsfez
Website Switched Target Who
Themes Changi - Gary
TV Changi - Daniel
Doc Changi - Xavi
Dev Changi - Bsfez
Community Oliver Hertel - Torsten
de (German) Oliver Hertel
I18n 6 November 2013 13.0svn-r48346 Changi - Olaf, Sven

Note: a complete list of t.o websites and who does what is available here : https://tiki.org/Domains or http://tiki.org/Domains

Todo for 12.0

  • Remove all functions that are marked as deprecated in PHP 5.3 and 5.4
  • URL Rewriting Revamp: adding to Tiki log or error log so we catch them all through usage
  • Improve Composer
  • New install step: "setup your environment" for Wysiwyg (proposed by arild)
    • This developed into the Admin Wizard.
      • Yet to be confirmed for release. In reliability test. Confirmed, stable.
      • Page content still under review. Reviewed (and updated) by a bunch of people.
    • A User Wizard has also been created.
      • Yet to be confirmed for release. No objections, as is, for 12.0.
      • Review page content. First stage done. Further review by others may be welcome.
      • Find other trigger points, for 12.1+
        • Default installation homepage
        • Entry in Main App. Menu added (just above MyTiki). Out of MyTiki since MyTiki is disabled by default in new installs.
  • Inline Editing
    • Menu update
    • Page "edit locking"
    • Problems with pages in wiki format
  • Create/Update Featured Profiles for Tiki12

Todo for 12.1+

  • Add some other trigger points for the User Wizard
    • Menu entry under MyTiki? (but what to do when MyTiki section is not enabled (default pref)?) Undone, but link in the homepage, and at end of the Admin wizard. (Xavi)
  • Add a few screens of the Dev:Profiles Wizard (Featured, Useful, Demo), from the initial Tiki Setup Screen.
  • Backport menu icons from trunk (Xavi)
  • Maybe backport Jquery Spreadsheet 3.0 or 3.1 once it's proven to be stable in trunk?

Discussed by LP, Pascal, Marc and Bernard for 12 and the future

  • Elastic Search
  • Social
  • Wrapper activity Stream
  • Analytics
  • Azure / Google AppEngine
  • BBB & 0.81: more serious integration (and simpler/easy stuff for 11)
  • Config Management
  • Non disruptive preps for Bootstrap 3 (like layouts for wiki pages)
  • Menu revamp (drag & drop)
  • NLP progress (with Alain & Matthieu)
  • Realtime
  • Recurring Paypal
  • Theme multilingual improvement (rtl specific folder per theme - with Bernard & Olaf)
  • Cleaning the notifications (Tracker Notifications among them) - LP scope start T12 T13.

Potential new default settings for a future version of Tiki12

See New Defaults

Potential new profiles in the Profiles Wizard

See Profiles Wizard

Bugs, Regressions

Report here WishList Dashboard
Listing of the 12.x regressions


Please describe what features you've been testing
Tiki12x Testing


  • Release coordinator:
    • Bernard Sfez (bsfez)
  • Release assistants
    • jonny B
    • pascalstjean
    • You?
  • Packaging:
    • Changi
  • Test team:
    • Bsfez
    • Geoff (eromneg) - limited time available, but will test as much as possible
    • You?
  • Documentation:
    • Xavi
    • You?
  • Communications:
    • Rick (usually - ok?)
  • Profiles:
    • Xavi
    • You?
  • UI & Themes:
    • You?
  • Community
    • Marc
    • You?

Other roles to be ideally filled: Security, i18n, Infrastructure, Legal - add yourself to the list above if you can help in any of these, or other, areas.

Tiki 12 minors version releases

When it is released this version will continue its own life and sub-version will be published on Tiki Documentation for Tiki 12.

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