Tiki 11.0 was released in July 2013 (originally planned for end of May June 2013). We'll get back to the normal cycle, as per Roadmap and Version lifecycle. Bernard Sfez is release coordinator. To help, please see how to release.


We started the release process of Tiki11 during the TikiFest.
We want to have a discussion with all the Dev-List members about release last version of Tiki11 + some back port (11.1, 9.7LTS, 6.13LTS).

Release 11.1, 9.7LTS, 6.13LTS

Discussion to be held at Tiki Live https://tiki.org/live.
==> Plugin has been moved to a new page that will be published soon.

Step Planned Who is in charge Comment
Branch bsfez
Alpha bsfez
Beta Mid June bsfez
Release Start July bsfez
Website Actual Target Who
themes 11 11 Changi - Gary
tv 11 11 Changi - Daniel
dev 11 11 Changi - Bsfez
doc 11 11 Changi - Xavi
community 11 11 Changi - You ?
stats - Changi - Changi
info 6.10 stay on 6.x LTS
profiles 9.5 stay on 9.x LTS
branding 9.5 stay on 9.x LTS
code trunk
i18n 11 11 - Olaf, Sven (?)

Note: a complete list of t.o websites and who do what is available here : http://tiki.org/Domains


For a list what is expected, please see Release Roles and put your name below. Ideally at least 2 people per role.

  • Release coordinator:
    • Bernard Sfez (bsfez)
  • Release assistants
    • jonny B
    • You?
  • Packaging:
    • Changi
  • Test team:
    • Bsfez
    • Geoff
    • luci
    • pascalstjean
    • You?
  • Documentation:
    • Xavi
    • You?
  • Communications:
    • Rick (usually - ok?)
  • Profiles:
    • You?
  • UI & Themes:
    • You?
  • Community
    • Marc
    • You?

Other roles to be ideally filled: Security, i18n, Infrastructure, Legal - add yourself to the list above if you can help in any of these, or other, areas.


  1. Give the release a name. Proposals:
    1. Agena (the 10th brightest star in the sky in May)
    2. Porrima (names of two ancient goddesses of prophecy)
    3. Vindemiatrix (signifying the Grape-gatherer)
    4. Vega

I would have like Apollo (in reference to Apollo 11) but Apollo is an Asteroid.

  1. Check the status for each Pre-Dogfood Server and fix all bugs
  2. Fix all bugs reported at Regressions in trunk
  3. Start branch 11 from trunk
  4. Move some tiki.org sites from branches/10.x to branches/11.x/
    • tv.tiki.org
    • themes.tiki.org
    • dev.tiki.org done
  5. Fix bugs uncovered by the upgrades above (which we should have caught in the pre-dogfood server)
  6. Release an Alpha
  7. Move some more tiki.org sites from branches/10.x to branches/11.x/
    • doc.tiki.org
    • tiki.org (Community)
  8. Release a Beta at the end of the TikiFest before mid June 2013
  9. Release Tiki 11 end June, start July 2013

Regressions and blockers

Regressions and blockers, things that prevent release process to keep going on are logged at Regressions in 11x.

Upgrade issues


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