Tiki can be used to track issues thanks to its Trackers feature. The Tracking system for Tiki issues itself uses Tiki as engine.

This page contains notes on how to make Tiki trackers a better help desk solution.


user is now able to see all trackers assigned to him: tiki-my_tiki.php

However, when clicking, he can't access unless he has tiki_p_view_tracker

We don't want to give tiki_p_view_tracker because person should only see their own.

Ideal case:

  • User submits a bug/issue tracker (with tiki_p_add_tracker)
  • User & admin can comment on tracker item.
  • User can't see others.
  • An email is fired off to both admin & user when something changes (or a comment)

Should a comment re-open the bug? (closed -> open)


Mail-in: recognize "from" email and assign action to the correct user
Tracker mail-in (in addition to forum, wiki & articles)
Make a Profile: Issue_Tracker


Issue Tracker