Tiki Test Plan for new site admin

As discussed at Roundtable Meeting 2021-11, and in the context of How to Have Fewer Bugs in Tiki, this is an action item that will have a real-world, future-proof impact on reducing bugs for new Tiki admins that use features that are not used a lot by the active Tiki developer community

For each major version going forward, use and improve a test plan on the pre-release versions.

This process will be done by junior developers. This is to catch regressions and make sure they don't get added to an official release. This process is not there to finish unfinished features.

This is for commonly used featured (like adding a logo). This test plan will be supported by EvoluData via the participation of a junior developer. Things that are more "niche" should be added to another test plan (which can be handled by another entity).

1.1. Fresh install

On the pre-release of the latest stable version (ex.: 24.0, 25.0, 26.0) on a environment which respects the Requirements
Use a Tiki official release from https://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/ and not from Git (Git is for developers)
There is release meeting and test conducted together and live so emergencies can be fixed right away, it would be nice to have more hands and testers, they are announced on the devlist.

1.2. Use a Wizard

(not used a lot by senior devs)

1.3. Apply a profile

(not used a lot by senior devs)

1.4. Admins first moves

(not tested a lot by senior devs)

  • General setup
    • Browser title (save & check)
    • Admin mail (save & test) - (just the simple action, may be server related)
    • Setup logo and Tiki title (save & check)
    • Change theme (random or specific checking ?)
    • Test layouts (Single, Classic, Bootstrap)
    • ...

1.5. Set up menu

Everyone needs this

1.6. Test basic and default features

  • Wiki
    • ...
  • File gallery
    • ...


  • Unified Admin (promising but not stable enough as of 2021-11-22)