Working off as a baseline, I have created a table below to keep track of each dependency and state.

Notes: more info: (BUT seem not to work reliably)

Minor release deciding factor:
- Security fixes only is mandatory to update
- Other updates are to be made only if very certain it is not going to cause any problems

CurrentLockedDependencyChangelog URLChanges commentsSuggestionsPeople who know or use
1.2.0 (Aug 1 2013)1.1.0 (Aug 25 2012)mikey179/vfsStream like a bunch of fixes and some minor improvementsIs this a testing thing? Can someone who uses this, LP perhaps update this and check?LP? (Apr 11 2012)phpseclib/phpseclib new features and minor bugfixesIt should workLP? is the version right after 3.6.2This is an IE compatability thig. I think there is no risk not updating until trunk like this should be upgraded, will it potentially cause regressions, possible, but seem to be something that need to be fixed in 12 Problem is that if used in wysiwyg could cause issues... , esp. seem a risky update indeed problems have been reported (Jonny)Do not upgrade, Looks like bunch of minor bug fixes Could try and see if console still worksLP?

UNKNOWNdev-masterjquery/jquery-s5 Experimental feature - leave as is
UNKNOWN3.1 jquery/jquery-sheet Experimental feature - leave as is couple of features but mainly fixes that seem usefulJonny to inputJonny 1.3.2. is the last of the 1.3 seriesMajor upgrade probably more work than will be justified given Bootstrap replacing jquery-ui
1.01.0jquery/jtrack to date Jonny uses thisJonny
1.9.4 (Nov 15 2013)1.9.2 (May 23 2013)jquery/plugins/anythingslider fixes but seem like nothing criticalNot critical to update
0.10.1jquery/plugins/brosho Up to date like could be useful fixes...Cannot upgrade without testing though, not sure if worth the risk I looking at the correct plugin?
1.4.37(2014/2/11)1.4.31(2013/9/25)jquery/plugins/colorbox like just minor fixesWorth a try? Who can test?
0.990.98jquery/plugins/media but this one is pointing to master so it's actually updated...
UNKNOWN1.2.1jquery/plugins/migrate-minsee migrate
0.10.1jquery/plugins/pxem in themegenerator (just 1 small function)
1.11.1jquery/plugins/reflection-jquery to date
UNKNOWN1.10.2jquery/jquery-minmin version of jquery do not upgrade
UNKNOWN2.3.0simile_timeline/simile_timeline Experimantal feature? do nothing?
3.223.19codemirror/codemirror and some new featuresRisky to update?
2.62.6 to date
UNKNOWN4.3.0ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/divareasee ckeditor/ckeditor
UNKNOWN4.3.0ckeditor/ckeditor/skins/kamasee ckeditor/ckeditor like useful fixes but what abt testing?Well, Citadel Rock has one site to upgrade abt April/May that might want some of the fixes? Upgrade then? ANybody else can test?
5.185.18adodb/adodb to date Used in Metrics Dashboard - does it work?

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