The "Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM)" will go into maintenance mode, and the code will be forked and revamped to become its replacement, now known as the "Tiki Manager".

TRIM is an acronym for the Tiki Remote Instance Manager

See also TIM and Tiki Console.

Some of the wishes below will likely be handled by Monitoring and Configuration Management and Systems Orchestration

State as of October 2018 

State as of April 2017 

  • After a pretty calm period in 2012-2013-2014, there has been a recent increase in activity in 2015-2016-2017:
  • Has quite a few features but mostly used for backups
  • Use at your own risk. However, it was demonstrated to work on different hosts, so somewhat usable.
  • It is somewhat usable in "ideal" conditions (ideal PHP configuration, certain tools must be installed on the server), but not yet robust to deal with various server configurations.
  • It is not yet fully documented. It is a wizard-like app, so if you are familiar with shell scripts and installing/upgrading Tiki, you should be OK. However, it is not robust to user errors. For example, if you mistype your database username, the script could just die instead of giving a second chance.
  • A revamp is being contemplated: TRIM Revamp


Who is behind this? 

  • Marc Laporte
  • Jonny Bradley
  • Louis-Martin Richard (tester)
  • Philippe Back (plans to add a nicer front-end GUI)
  • amette
  • Rodrigo Primo (added WordPress support)
  • You? (We are looking for Beta-testers!!)

Nice to have 

  • If TRIM tries to make an instance where there is a directory "images", it will causes conflicts and create problems.
    • TRIM could check that no conflicting directories exist




RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) TRIM: make compareMarc Laporte428
  • Feature request
marclaporte-19 Oct 18
(0) TRIM: make update reports svn: invalid option: --allow-mixed-revisionsluciash d' being πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ1 low88
  • Less than 30-minutes fix
  • Bug
marclaporte-11 Oct 18
(0) TRIM make clone (mirror) and make cloneandupdate or cloneandupgrade (pre-dogfood server)Marc Laporte326
  • Feature request
marclaporte-19 May 17
(0) OpenSourceCMS type demo to test/develop and show off profilesMarc Laporte8756
  • Feature request
  • Community projects
  • Dogfood on a * site
luci-22 Oct 18
(0) Creating a new SVN/GIT instance using the web manager doesn’t work ( CLI worked)Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist5525
  • Error
  • Consistency
(0) TRIM and Tiki closer interop brainstorming: make TRIM available via Composer?Marc Laporte5315
  • Feature request
marclaporte-19 Oct 18
(0) Enable .htaccess or its nginx equivalent on show instances for SEFURLs demonstrationsluciash d' being πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ0
  • Feature request
(0) TRIM fails with PHP parse errorluciash d' being πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ70
  • Error
  • Regression
luci-11 Oct 18
(0) TRIM: make instance fails with PHP Fatal errorluciash d' being πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ50
  • Error

Closed issues 


Feedback on fresh install of TRIM as of 2016-04-04 

  • "make instance": should offer to create a username and db from root access done a long time ago
  • TRIM should warn if not on PHP 5.5 CLI (for Tiki 13.x+)

Feedback on fresh install of TRIM as of 2016-02-12 


  • make access should cd to the right directory done
  • default web root should be /var/www/virtual/ instead of /home/root/public_html done, depending on OS
  • backup format should go from 1_2016-02-12_04-19-40.tar.bz2 to 1_example.org_2016-02-12_04-19-40.tar.bz2 done
  • If TRIM fails (ex: to login, to backup, etc.), an email alert should be sent out.


The command line TRIM is useful, but the web GUI never got the attention it deserves. It needs a revamp to

  1. Bootstrap UI in standalone version
  2. be re-architected to run in a Tiki
    • Use Tiki groups and permissions
    • Site list to be connected to trackers to track meta-data
  3. as a ClearOS app to manage 1 or many Tiki instances

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