Flagged Revisions

For the documentation, see Flagged Revisions & Wiki Argument Variables


Improvements needed to facilitate the use of Tiki for the ISO9001 quality protocol.
See also profile ISO9001 and wish5112

See: https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=3&comments_parentId=54311
New wiki argument variables added in trunk (for Tiki14):

  • currentVersion
  • currentVersionApprover
  • currentVersionApproval
  • currentVersionApproved
    See: r53372, r53373

Tiki9 Flagged Revisions

Flagged revisions could use a little TLC. See http://doc.tiki.org/Flagged+Revisions#FAQ Here are some notes that are hoped to make that TLC easier for a newb.

  1. How are they implemented in the database?
    See the Database references table below. When you approve a Flagged Revision, a record is appended in tiki_objects_attributes, with itemId=tiki_history.historyId, type="wiki history", attribute="tiki.history.moderation", and value="OK". Then follow table.fields tiki_objects_attributes. itemId => tiki_history.historyId => tiki_history.pageName and tiki_history.version, which are two fields which match those in tabe tiki_pages.
  2. There is no way to list all current pending Flagged Revisions.
    1. A simple way to implement that might be to modify tiki-listpages.php by adding another Filter, very similar and following the tiki-listpages.php and tikilib.php code paths of "exact_match", selectable by a checkbox, labeled something like "Flagged Revisions pending approval". See tikilib.php function list_pages(). Need to define $mid = "where" clause, and "elseif ($type == 'flaggedrev_pending')".

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